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How to Stream AC3 to TV with Chromecast?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

There are many high definition videos that utilize AC3 audio in .mkv format. Although this format sounds great and is widely available in many HD video formats, the main problem that people faced with this is that chromecast simply won't stream audio to the television in this format. Whether you have a newer or an older chromed cast and you are having issues with streaming audio or video, there are some fixes that you can use to get HD chrome cast video on your TV even with HD AC3 audio. There's no reason why you should have to re-download a new file computer just to play it on chromecast. Faster solutions are available and they are very easy as well!

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Part 1: What is AC3?

AC3 format is used by surroundsound audio files on DVD format and Blu-ray. This file format was originally created by Dolby labs for the use with surroundsound systems. AC3 audio format is essential for directing sound throughout a surround sound system and it can carry far more sound added than other formats available on the market. If you are used to getting high quality surround sound and audio format, you most likely are using a file format that contains AC3 sound. The AC in AC3 stands for audio coding and this is what dictates the type of sound that comes out of each speaker and the balance between the channels of the different sounds for your surround sound system

The main problem that chromed cast faces is actually translating all of these different channels and sounds and then filtering them through your TV to your surround sound system. In order to actually get a device like chrome cast to play this type of file it can take a few different solutions to solve the issue.

Part 2:Solutions to stream AC3 to TV with Chromecast.

The two main solutions for chromecasting AC3 to a TV involve either converting the file or downloading a new stream assistance program to support your chrome cast of ice and extra codecs for your chrome cast device. Both one of these solutions is relatively simple and you can have your file playing in just a few minutes even if you don’t have much experience with computers or chrome cast technology.

Solution A:The first solution that has become extremely popular involves converting AC3 code to a format that will be supported by chrome cast. While the conversion of these audio files can sometimes result in a lack of surround sound, this is one of the most effective ways to convert the files and quickly play them. Some of the top programs that you could consider might include wonder share video converter ultimate, Idealshare or Zamzar. While Zamzar is limited to smaller files and Idealshare has minimal output values, wonder share video converter ultimate will give you a massive number of options as well as access to the secondary solutions to play AC three video on PC and simultaneously stream it.

Solution B: With the help of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate you can also play AC3 video and audio files without issue. This is a program that is highly compatible with this type of play and it's extremely simple to perform a stream function directly to the TV. Just by opening up the file and playing it in the media screen of wonder share video converter ultimate, you can enjoy being able to natively chrome cast the same video directly to a device. This means you won't have to convert the file but you will need to have a working PC to stream the file and play it to your chrome cast.

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Part 3:The steps involved to stream AC3 to TV.

To use either one of these solutions you need to first start with downloading Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate . It can be found online for download and it has a relatively inexpensive license code. After downloading and installing Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate you can decide whether or not you would like the full version of the program that includes multiple output files, the option to stream AC3 directly to chrome cast from a PC and more.

stream AC3 to TV with Chromecast

Once the program is installed whoever you can decide whether it's a good idea to convert all of your videos so that they will natively play on your chromecast or if it might be a good idea to simply stream the chrome cast videos directly from Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Just open up the program and then find the wondershare media server aspect of the suite. Open up the file that you think contains AC three audio in wondershare and begin to play the file.

Make sure that your chrome cast has been turned on and that is connected to your home network. From here make sure the computer you are using is also connected to the same home network and able to detect your chromecast. From the same media screen you should be able to see the option to send the streaming video directly to chromecast. With this option in mind you should be able to play AC3 enabled sound and video directly to your chromecast device even without having to convert it and all with the help of the wonder share media server.

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