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10 Best Suggestions for AI Video Interviews

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 25, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
10 Best Suggestions for AI Video Interviews

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Artificial Intelligence is the replacement of human processes by machines and computer systems. It can replicate intelligent human behaviors, including facial expression recognition, problem-solving, and learning.

AI video interviewing, an increasingly popular assessment tool driven by artificial intelligence, is being incorporated by many large companies that receive thousands of job applications. AI electronically analyses many aspects of a video interview, including the candidate's body language, facial expressions, word choices, and tone of voice. It can also track eye movements to determine whether candidates are looking at resources around them.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, many tech companies and individuals have taken a likeness of it and have grown to utilize it to carry out tasks. Reconsider your position as applicants get selected by assessing their performance in the AI-based video interview against a large inventory of facial and linguistic information.

Part 1 How AI is being used in a job interview.

In most cases, an AI video interview is the initial stage in the hiring process, in place of or in addition to a typical cover letter and CV. It functions similarly to a face-to-face interview. Candidates get a series of job-specific interview questions, after which they have to record their responses on video with their smartphone or computer.

You'll have a few minutes to answer each question as a candidate before going on to the next. Each exam takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be in any location convenient for you, whether in your living room, a quiet coffee shop nook, or somewhere else.

Each interview follows the same format, ensuring a similar experience for all individuals seeking that particular position.

The algorithm (also known as an assessment model) will assist the recruiter in making a more informed judgment if AI is in the process. It accomplishes this by identifying which candidates are most likely to succeed in the post based on data sets that predict job performance.

Part 2 How to Ace an AI video interview.

Planning ahead of time might make you feel less anxious and appear more confident, at ease, and relaxed. Here are some ideas for using artificial intelligence in video interviews.

It would help if you first determined whether you are going for an AI-based video interview, i.e., if you get an invite to a pre-recorded video interview via a platform. Massive firms are now using this type of interview to interview many possible employees without bias.

01Prepare for the interview differently.

Prepare for the
        Interview Differently

When in an AI interview, you need to prepare differently. It's not the same as a human-to-human interview. There will be no feedback from the person at the other end of the interview. Research the use of AI in interviews to know how it works. Remember to research the company in question as well.

02Go straight to the point.

Go Straight to
        the Point

Remember that you're having an interview with a robot and not a human, so skip the small talk and hit the nail on the head. It is better to state your point clearly and straight to the end.

03Find a suitable environment for your interview.

Find a Suitable Environment

Most artificial intelligence video interviews take place through your webcam in the comfort of your home. So, it's essential to use an appropriate background. Your interview background should be clear of objects and distractions. It should also have enough lighting and be free from background noises since AI algorithms are designed to scan your environment and make deductions about you.

04Dress well for your interview.

Dress well

There won't be a human at the other end of the camera, so there's no need to dress up, right? That's wrong. You still need to dress well when attending a formal human job interview. Wear business casuals with plain colored clothes.

Another reason you want to dress professionally is that it can increase your self-confidence, making you relaxed and feel good about yourself.

05Practice before the interview.

Practice Before the Interview

To ace an AI interview, practice in front of a friend or mirror in advance of your interview. You can do a mock interview or record yourself to identify likely mistakes and correct them. Practice by recording yourself and then replaying the video to see where you are making mistakes and need improvement. 

06Share your real-world experiences and provide proof.

Share Real World Experience

Use real-world experiences to showcase your skills when responding to questions during an AI interview. To determine and ensure candidates' suitability, AI looks for specific soft skills like communication, the ability to take the initiative, and lots more. So, talk about them, use a practical example to illustrate your skills, and generally talk about your interview experience.



Wear a pleasant smile as you answer. It is easy to forget to smile when focusing so hard on the questions, but remember to relax and act natural. Facial expressions such as smiling are criteria that artificial intelligence interviewers watch for. Remember to smile, nod, and Use Gestures During Your Interview to show that you are attentive.

08Maintain eye contact and a neutral voice tone.

Maintain Eye
        Contact and Neutral Voice Tone

During an AI video interview, maintain eye contact with the camera and gaze squarely into your webcam. Ensure your camera is at eye level, so you don't have to strain to see into it. Avoid looking away all of the time; this can give the impression of being distracted and unfocused. Speak neutrally or brightly. Remember that the AI analyzes your speech tone and mannerisms. As a result, speaking in clear tones can help you succeed.

09Maintain proper body posture and even talking speed

Maintain Proper Body Posture and talk speed

Ensure to carry yourself the same way as you would in an in-person human interview because a human interviewer will watch your interview at some point. You emphasize more confidence when you sit up straight, Sit with an open posture, avoid crossed arms or legs, keep your chin towards your stomach, and do not hunch your shoulders or recline on the chair. Appear in control, natural, and ready to handle any question. Try to keep your talking speed at a conversational rate, and avoid talking too fast or too slow because it might come off as you being nervous or unsure of yourself.

10Make use of keywords

Make Use of Keywords

The use of keywords is essential in any job application process. Meanwhile, AI algorithms pick out keywords in a candidate's response during an interview. Stand out during an AI interview by using phrases that explain what you can contribute, echoing the exact language of the job posting. Before the AI-based video interview, carefully go through the job description and note what keywords the company uses to describe the role on the company website or job posting page. Be sure to use their words specifically.

Part 3 Role of AI in a video interview

AI in Job interview

AI electronically analyzes many features of a video interview. It asks all candidates the same pre-determined questions and then explores how they answered them. Some AI models grade candidates' responses. Many significant companies use AI video interviews or algorithm-based interviewing. Candidates are compared to previous success stories to select the best candidate for the job. The software analyzes the applicant's performance to the last job for applicants deemed suitable for the position. It compares the inputs to the company's ideal candidate profile and ranks you accordingly. The AI interviewer will most likely use speech analytics software to break down the candidate's speech into parts and deduce numerous interpretations. It then uses semantic analytics to determine grammatical proficiency. It also indicates your emotional condition based on the time of your voice.

Part 4 Role of AI in video making

In video production, artificial intelligence has proven faster and more efficient than humans. It's also more cost-effective and time-saving than hiring a video editor. It allows you to edit more films in a shorter amount of time. It streamlines your job by taking care of most of the burden, making video editing simple even for beginners. AI makes suggestions that the user may not consider, making video production more accessible and engaging. Automating color correction and scene recognition in films improves the visual experience and aids in the formulation of personalized messaging.

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To help simplify the artificial intelligence video interview act, you can use fantastic video editing software. This video editor employs AI in video editing and so can ensure cost-efficient video making.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the most outstanding AI-powered video editing programs available. It can simply erase video backdrops without using a green screen or chroma key, and it also allows the insertion of borders, glitch effects, pixelated, noise, or segmentation video effects with its new AI portrait add-on.

Ending Thoughts

After reading this article, you know that AI-based video interviews will gradually take over the human interview process and the video-making industry. So, gear up for AI video interviews and be prepared for your next meeting. The future is revamping. 

Besides, video making is seamless and easy when you have the right software. The Filmora tool has proven to be one of the best AI updated tools for video editing professionals and beginners.

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