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Top 8 Augmented Reality Video Games

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Top 8 Augmented Reality Video Games

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Augmented reality video games are the latest sensation in the gamer fraternity. Be here to know everything about the top 8 AR video games of all times!

Part 1 What Is AR in Gaming? Is AR the Future of Gaming?

Before taking a dive into the most appealing augmented reality gaming alternatives, it would be better to have a generalized understanding of the concept behind the AR utility. Sticking to digital terms, augmented reality refers to an enhanced presentation of your real world environment with the use of suitable digital equipments. The most basic example in this regard is using your smartphone camera to view the nearby environment in a considerably upgraded graphic setting through an AR application.

When thinking to experiment with the diversity of graphic elements in augmented reality, you can explore the digital overlays by trying hands at one or more of the following enhancements:

Changing the color perspectives of the screen backgrounds, along with applying suitable filters to produce the effect of high quality chromatic scaling in the graphic elements.

Superimposition of 3D graphic models, images and other elements conveying snippets of digital information.

Add labels to screen elements for precise recognition and convenient location, when using the augmented reality concept for gaming purposes.

Integrate the AR concept to with social media platforms, like using SnapChat and Instagram’s image filters to modify the player’s appearance within the game surroundings.

Moving ahead to the specific discussion on augmented reality video games, the concept was introduced in 2016, with Pokemon GO being the inaugural AR experiment. Since then, the gaming fraternity is dedicated towards providing a real-time perception of different gaming environments with high quality graphic imagery, matchless storytelling and an exquisite range of gaming hardware.

About the latest trends in the domain, you will land across a diversity of immersive augmented reality games introduced by some of the most pronounced game developing companies. These games are a complete entertainment package, where you gave the surety of getting a maximized real-time gameplay experience with enhanced capacities of headsets and motion controls.

Most of the aforesaid games use a GPS tracking system to create a more responsive and realistic gaming environment, allowing the player to undertake a flawless transition amid the real world and its technological replica.

Augmented Reality: The Future of Console Gaming

Talking about the modern day console gaming prospects, a lot needs to be owed to the revolutions encountered in the gaming technology in the past decade. While the integration of augmented reality into conventional video gaming has come up with upgraded concepts of real-time gaming that has definitely given a boost to the present time gaming aspects.

Augmented reality is being regarded as a potential candidate in the domain of computer based gaming platforms, considering the fact that the latter has brought about an integration of real-world elements into gaming alternatives with minimal prerequisites. As of now, AR based games are all set to provide you with the most immersive gaming experience you have ever had.

As far as the future if console gaming in the light of augmented reality is concerned, it would be a rather quick judgment to define the latter’s prospects within any constraints. With the technology being a relatively newer entrant to the world of gaming, the realm of feature-based enhancement is wide open.

All said and done, the bottom line of the discussion is that the future would have a huge storehouse of immersive gaming alternatives, with the most realistic AR approaches, which would further be supplemented by the day to day technological advancements in the IT and communication industry. The introduction of high tech 5G devices will further let players embrace the real world through their console, thus ensuring a perfect synchronization of virtual gaming technology with the real-time environment.

Part 2 What Is the Most Popular AR Game Now?

Since its advent in 2016, augmented reality gaming has mastered the art of ruling the hearts of gamers around the world. Right from graphical enhancement to real-time modulation, and top quality futures to convenient gameplay, AR gaming has everything to keep you glued to your consoles and smartphones for hours that refuse to end!

AR video games are the talk of the trend, and boast of presenting an enormous variety of gaming choices in front of dedicated players. While it is quite obvious to have a tough time choosing your best AR game, you can begin your gaming streak with Pokemon GO, the first and the most popular entry into the series, till you make a new choice.

Diving into the game specifications, Pokemon GO is a location centered, augmented reality game, which is conveniently compatible to any of your smartphones. The game marked the entry of the augmented reality concept into the realm of video game development with its release in July 2016 as a new member of the Pokemon franchise. Talking of the game’s popularity, the latter became successful in becoming an absolute favorite among global gamers and is known to have generated the maximum revenue at the time of its release, taking the credit of being recognized as the first mainstream console game based on augmented reality.

As reviewed by the players, Pokemon GO is loaded with excellent features of storyline flow, game controls and interface mechanics, sociability and of course, the undeniably appealing legacy of the Pokemon brand. Other attractions of the game with special reference to augmented reality include, a free access revenue model and adequate information safety.

Pokemon GO

Part 2 Best Augmented Reality Games (For iOS & Android)

Having discussed enough about the advent and credibility of augmented reality based console gaming, you might easily feel motivated to try hands at the popular and appealing integration of technology and entertainment. Adhering to the concern, let us browse through the most interactive choices of augmented reality infused games that you would love to relish on your iOS and Android devices:

01Knightfall AR

Set in the fictional region of The Knights Templar, this one is a combat oriented AR video game that tasks you with the responsibility of defending the land of Acre against a rival army invasion, while protecting the Holy Grail, which is the most valuable relic of Christianity. When playing the game, you will be grouped into teams of Knights and Warriors to proceed with the quest.

This AR game promises you of an everlasting real-time action gaming experience, where you can fire bullets to kill enemies, collect gold and reconstruct your defense system. You need to win battles, while unlocking features and challenges to proceed through the gameplay. You are also allowed to choose a character in the game’s Photo mode for entertainment purposes.

Knightfall AR

02Zombie, Run!

If you have a soft corner for your morning jog routine, get ready dive into the most thrilling sporty adventure with the aforesaid augmented reality gaming application. The gameplay put you amid a world of attacking zombies, where you are required to run and simultaneously collect specified game items to escape the fatal attacks of the nasty creatures.

You are entitled to enjoy an amplified experience of your regular morning jogs with the game’s motivating narration and complementing background music that boosts your gaming as well as exercising willpower.

Zombie, Run!

03Temple Treasure Hunt

This one is the perfect game for you if the idea of treasure hunting and mystery solving turns you on. Using the concept of geo-location to inculcate the augmented reality characteristic, Temple Treasure Hunt is a simple yet exciting game with a diversity of legends to hear, mysteries to solve and adventures to experience.

As a player of the game, you are allowed to make a choice between assuming the role of either a treasure protector or a hunter. While the former requires you to create challenging treasure tests that would make it difficult for the hunters to locate the same, the latter, on the other hand demands you to hunt the protected treasure to win the game. Regardless of the role you pick, you are required to follow a route map to proceed through the game.

Temple Treasure Hunt

04Jurassic World Alive

The aforesaid game is a treat for those who have always been the secret admirers of the gigantic creatures of the prehistoric period. The thrilling gameplay of Jurassic World Alive lets you have an encounter with the freely wandering prehistoric beings within the modern day civilizations. Packed with well designed graphics, the game is all set to give its players an exciting and unforgettable augmented reality experience.

Landing into the game, you are given the liberty to explore the diversity of elements in the realms of the Jurassic World, while completing the game’s task if collecting DNA samples of the giant mammoths, Pteranodons and dinosaurs. If that is not enough, you are free to create a customized raptor of your own, and share the same while competing with similar counterparts in real-time.

Jurassic World Alive

05Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Who amongst us is not a die-hard fan of the magically fantasizing Harry Potter series! Thanks to augmented reality, the love of the same can now be relished in real-time. Talking of the aforesaid Wizards Unite edition, this one is a fantasy adventure game that requires the players to relieve Harry Potter’s magical universe from the drastic doom that has struck upon the land with an aim of ultimate destruction.

When playing the game, you are supposed to slip into the role of a Wizard and proceed through the game by overcoming challenges and combating enemies. With the integration of realistic graphics, players get to experience wizard magic in true sense.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

06Sharks in the Park

This one is a fun centered augmented reality game, set within an oceanic ecosystem. When traversing through the exquisite regions of the aquatic world, you will come across a hoard of newly found water species, which you need to interact with, in real-time for addressing the different aspects of the game quest.

The game accesses the GPS functionality of your smartphone to help you to walk through the ocean while you are on your expedition of discovering the different forms of aquatic life under the sea. The game further utilizes smartphone sensors for a synchronized movement tracking of the players, which means that your movements in real-time will be exactly replicated in the digital environment.

Sharks in the Park

07Beer Pong AR

This game is conveniently regarded as the digital prototype of board games in the future and showcases the fusion of augmented reality into the already entertaining world of console gaming. The gameplay begins with the players getting a choice to select a preferred set of surroundings for installing the beer. This is followed by throwing ping pong balls from the most suitable angle.

Talking of the games another attraction is the perfect sync between the real and digital worlds and the non-messy post game experience. If you are keen on enjoying augmented reality gaming on an Android phone, Beer Pong AR is possibly the best alternative you can rely on.

Beer Pong AR

08Dark: Subject One

If you are more comfortable in the adventure and mystery centered gameplay genres, consider trying hands at this game in the environment of augmented reality. The gameplay unfolds a horror storyline, where the player being the hero of the game, adheres to the task of searching for his disappeared friend. As the game progresses, the player is directed to a parallel universe, where he is welcomed by terrifying encounters.

Beating through the eerie landscapes and overcoming scary hurdles, the player lands across clues and hints to unravel the mystery of the case. The top class augmented reality elements promise you of an escalated horrid feel all through the gameplay.

Dark: Subject One

09Experiencing Augmented Reality With Filmora

When looking for suitable alternatives to edit augmented reality video games, you can rely on the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor software without a second thought. Right from welcoming you with the most user-cohesive working interface to presenting a diverse library of top class video editing effects, this application has visibly everything that an editor of augmented reality video game will ever need.

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The software program even furnishes you with an additional in-built screen recorder program that allows you to record and edit video games with the most stunning audio-visual editing effects and filters within the app’s editing library.

Ending Thoughts

The advent of augmented reality has put console gaming on a different level with the integration of real-time features.

When looking for the best alternatives for landing into AR gaming, there are a variety of Android and iOS compatible games to choose from.

To address the need of editing an AR video game, you can conveniently seek the help of Wondershare Filmora for the best quality editing output.

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