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Detailed Tutorial to Crop a Video in KineMaster

“Create. Edit. Share. Transform your videos with KineMaster! Powerful tools, easy to use.” – a few words we read when we come up with the official web-site of KineMaster, a mobile video editing application.


Scrolling down, we see a rich list of all the features KineMaster offers to its users, such as: Assets, Projects, Backup and Share, Blending Modes, Reverse, Chroma Key, High Resolution, Video Layers. Simply put, on KineMaster, you can download projects, add more than 2 500 effects, use powerful tools, add cinematic color, etc…


This many features make you think – how come it is possible to do all that on a mobile phone? How come Kinemaster is not only a software you can download, pay for, and use on your computer, which, on its behalf, should also be a powerful one? It would be a logical question, but remember, we are in 2022 already, so, no limits are put to the technology of today! On Google Play Store, in the description of the abovementioned app, it reads: “KineMaster makes video editing fun on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook!” – So, why not use this opportunity, to explore new ways of making our content better and as appealing as ever for our viewers?

Even though Kinemaster deserves a bigger article with more explanation of each tool, for now, we will only be focusing on cropping a video in this app. First off, why crop a video at all? – well, sometimes we have a wonderful footage but the aspect ratio just doesn’t work for us. It might be because we want to upload our clip on a platform needing a specific aspect ratio, or, we just need to crop and pan (which means to move around within a clip or an image) because we don’t like some things shown in the original video – we might as well need to zoom in and out, in order to get the best out of our footage. For whatever reason, when you need or just wish to crop a video, it should not be a big deal, and let’s see how KineMaster makes it a good and easy experience.

So, the first thing we do in almost every situation is to access the platform or an application itself! – you guessed it right, download KineMaster from Google Play Store! Once you have it on your phone, open it and enjoy the introduction of the app itself.


The interesting fact you will notice is that the layout of the app is horizontal, not vertical, unlike in most cases. So, it makes you feel like you are at least close to what video editors who work on their computers represent. The interface of the app is quite enjoyable for your eyes, as it is kind of fun, as well.

It is needless to say that, if you are going to do a specific “operation” to the video, such as cropping, you will already have figured out which one of your footage you want to crop and pan. So, it’s wise to jump on the button which says: Create New.


This will take you to the editor. Even though in the media section you will find the video you want to work on, but you might be struggling to notice a Crop button. It is because unfortunately, it’s not possible to crop your video right away in KineMaster – first, you will need to add a background, for example, a black one.


Then, you will go back to the menu and find Media section again to add the video clip you want to crop.


After adding it to the editor, you need to tap on the video file which has appeared in the sequence – this will show you different features you can use on the right. You have to scroll down a little and Voila! – here you find Cropping. After having clicked on that, a little cropping window will appear on the screen.


You can resize the clip, and in order to crop the video, turning on the mask option is needed.


After you have finished cropping and resizing it to your liking, you need to click on the icon on the top right, and it will take you to the Save and Share page.


There, you will choose the Resolution and Frame rate, and Save as Video.


You can check your new cropped video on your gallery.

An easier way to crop video in Wondershare Filmora

An alternate way of cropping your video would be Filmora Video Editor , which is a software you can download and install on your computer and use its features only then. You can also try your hand at this very handy computer program which has an easy and user-friendly interface.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Frist, as mentioned, you need to download and install Wondershare Filmora X. To add your files, you will need to click on Import Media Files Here.


You will choose your clip(s) you would like to crop and then drag and drop it in the sequence.


Above your video in the sequence you will see little icons and find a Crop one.


After clicking on it, a new window will open – it’s for Crop and Zoom, where you can choose a needed ratio or do it manually (for it, you have to select Custom first).


After clicking OK, your video will be cropped as you like. Then, you can proceed with Exporting it – click on Export, choose your preferred settings, and save the video at last.


So, in this article, you have learned how to crop a video using a mobile app KineMaster, as well as using a software – Wondershare Filmora X. of course, there are many other ways in which you can crop your video and make the best out of it. The technology and innovation gives us the opportunity to have great results with as little work as just a few minutes. You might need to crop your video for your channel on Youtube, or for your page on social media, or an official web-page of your company; last but not least is cropping and editing your video for your own pleasure, which is also a great way to interact with the virtual world around us.

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