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How to Choose A Nice GoPro for Vlogging?

Are you a new vlogger? Do you need to find a good GoPro for vlogging? This article provides you with some best GoPro cameras for impressive results.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Vlogging has developed into quite an industry in a short period. We have seen many people building up their image as professional vloggers who have entertained millions of users with their unique content. However, while understanding the dynamics of vlogging, it is particularly important to set up the equipment that would help the user in their vlogging.

This article discusses very proficient equipment, GoPro for YouTubers, which has been considered across various scales for professional vlogging. We shall be providing our readers with an idea of the best GoPro they can be used to cover their vlogs.

Part 1: What Need to Be Considered Before Choosing a GoPro for Vlogging?

GoPro cameras are known for their versatility. While being simply the best tool for vlogging, they are known for offering several impressive features. This, however, needs to be considered before choosing a GoPro for vlogging. Get ready as we are about to figure them out.

tips to choose gopro camera

1. Portable and Easy to Carry

Isn't it great that you are not required to carry heavy equipment everywhere? GoPro cameras offer convenience to their users by providing small sizes and rugged designs. This can prove to be extremely good for vloggers who have rough uses.

2. Multiple Video Features

Are you tired of capturing a simple video? GoPro offers you multiple options while capturing videos, which come in the form of time-lapses. Get creative with the videos that you shoot across your vlogs. Isn’t it great?

3. Affordability

GoPro should never be judged by its size. These tools are considered the most high-end cameras that can be used for vlogging. As they compete for professional cameras, they are considered relatively affordable in their comparison, which makes them a suitable choice in vlogging.

4. Shooting Modes

Have you ever heard about shooting modes? GoPro for vlogging comes up with different modes that can help you manage impressive visuals for your videos. GoPro helps you design content that is visually appealing to the viewers.

5. Quality of Video

Have you ever thought to have video resolutions up to 6K in a small camera? GoPro provides you the opportunity of witnessing history across the cameras with its stunning video resolution features. This is truly exceptional in the video-making industry.

Part 2: 8 Best GoPro for Vlogging in 2022

Once you are aware of what should be kept in mind for selecting a GoPro for vlogging, it is time to come up with some of the best-recommended models according to the use case of the vlogger. Let's get started on this exceptional journey of finding the best GoPro for yourselves. Come right away!

1. GoPro Hero10 Black

Price: $499.99

The first and foremost model that may come into our mind is the GoPro Hero10 Black, which is, without any discussion, the most advanced model in GoPro cameras. Taking the features to the next level, GoPro Hero10 Black is available with a 5.3K resolution, which is the smoothest resolution in videos you can ask for. It provides faster processors than its predecessors, with features that make it the top-of-the-line choice.

You can find improved stabilization across Hero10; however, the price tag across the camera is as much as a mirrorless camera. Absolutely stunning, it is!

gopro hero10 black

2. GoPro Hero9 Black

Price: $399.99

Another impressive model in the GoPro products is the Hero9 Black model, referred to as the previous iteration of the Hero10. Although it is not as remarkable as the Hero10, it takes up videos with 5K Ultra HD resolution, with a 1080p live streaming facility. Talking about the stabilization of this camera, it isn’t as proficient as the Hero10; however, it still performs better than the previous iterations.

A heavier camera's multifunctional characteristics are a few major points that need to be considered for Hero9 Black. Do you wish to buy this?

gopro hero9 black

3. GoPro Hero8 Black

Price: $349.98

GoPro cameras are known for their effective sizes and high-performance results. GoPro Hero8 Black is recognized among the most versatile GoPro for YouTubers, accompanied by the small size. Being the first GoPro camera that provides a microphone to its users, GoPro Hero8 changed the dynamics of video making with its effective features. Users can cover 4K Ultra HD video across the device with a 12MP resolution for photos.

The Media Mode offered across the device makes video enhancement possible across GoPro for vlogging, which is commendable.

gopro hero8 black

4. GoPro Hero7 Silver

Price: $299.99

Are you confused about the GoPro that fits your needs? GoPro Hero7 Silver is the most budget-friendly vlogging camera that can be found across the market. GoPro Hero7 Silver can be your perfect companion in tough vlogs with a rugged outlook and waterproofing. It provides voice control, two-mic, slo-mo, time-lapse across a 4K Ultra HD resolution, which broadens the possibility for the users.

This GoPro for YouTubers is still among the people's favorites, which makes it a consistent choice among newbies. Isn’t it great?

gopro hero7 silver

5. GoPro Max

Price: $549.98

Want a camera that captures 360-degree shots? GoPro Max is the camera that you should look for in the market. GoPro Max is a very impressive up-gradation across GoPro cameras, which came to offer more features to it than before. The two 180-degree cameras provide better stabilization, thus crossing cameras like Hero8 quite easily. The details are extremely proficient in this design with improved mic facilities and other characteristics.

If you wish to shift yourselves from a single-camera device, this GoPro for vlogging is the perfect choice you can come by.

gopro max design

6. GoPro Hero7 Black

Price: $319.99

GoPro Hero7 Black, though introduced in 2018, came out to be a quite advanced version of the previous GoPro cameras. This camera allows 4K video resolution shooting under 60fps, stabilizing for smoothing out shakes and vibrations. The video quality from a GoPro is different from the rest, which makes it basic equipment in vlogging.

This GoPro for YouTubers offered excessive controls to its user base, with commands that were able to neutralize and optimize video enhancement. What a great choice!

gopro hero7 black

7. GoPro Fusion

Price: $279.99

This is a hugely different camera across the complete GoPro series. Fusion is known for many things, out of which the size comes out to be the main reason for its popularity. This iteration in GoPro cameras provides 5.2K video resolution quality under a pocket-sized model. Although it is quite durable compared to the other cameras in the market for vlogging, the price tag across this device is usually not much acceptable for users.

It is a bold choice to have Fusion as your GoPro for vlogging, which also allows adding audio across the 360-degree feature. This is sensational.

gopro fusion

8. GoPro Hero7 White

Price: $274.49

GoPro Hero7 White is a perfect option to start vlogging. Designed for beginners, it provides Full HD video resolution with a touch screen for better functioning. Although the camera is quite downgraded in terms of the features it offers, it is basically offered for catering to user-friendliness.

It also offers video stabilization for introducing users to a certain environment in video editing. With an affordable price tag, this camera can be the perfect start as your GoPro for vlogging. Do you wish to get started?

gopro hero7 white

Closing Words

Got to know about the best GoPro cameras? Are you ready to select your GoPro for vlogging? We hope that this article has featured the most optimal options. Go through this article to get the perfect start for your vlogging journey. However, if you wish to have a good experience with video editing, you should consider working on Wondershare Filmora.

The tool manages all GoPro videos to perfection. It is truly an exceptional platform to work with. Along with that, Filmora provides a list of impressive video editing functions which can be adopted for making the video look professional. That is why this platform is recommended across multiple stages. Surely the best editor you can use!

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


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