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How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Slideshows are acceptable ways to easily sum up your amazing trip or excellent events instead of showing-off whole bunch of photos to all your surroundings. You can easily pick up beautiful moments in order to put them all together to easily create some beautiful videos.

For making a slideshow on iPhone, you can add a slice of music, effects and other ingredients to make it looks amazing. The Photo Slideshow iPhone Maker is a kind of app that can easily create beautiful music videos from you existing pictures and this also comes with amazing qualities to enhance your appearance on the go. With a rich music library and amazing effects, you can differently apply background music to your slideshow or video. With just a drag & drop facility and some tools to define your slideshow making, it is an easy process to consider.

Part 1 How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most amazing devices that are capable of doing so many things, like making a picture slideshow or quickly adding pictures to turn up the normal pictures into life-long memories, you can do a lot of things. In case you are looking for a way to make a slideshow quickly then Photos app in iPhone can help you a lot. On the other hand, if you need something else, you can take help of other apps on the market once after downloading any one of your choice.

How to Make Slideshow on iPhone

Here, we are talking about making slideshow on iPhone to collect tons of memories and later on sharing it with your friends of family members. Right from adding music, converting the transitions or quickly polishing any existing video, here is how you can easily make a Slideshow on iPhone with Photos app:

Open Photos app & then select desired album that you want to use in your slideshow.

Tap on pictures you need to start making a slideshow.

After selecting a starting picture, tap on Share-button on the bottom left.

Scroll down, and choose Slideshow.

Your slideshow will automatically starts playing.

In order to further edit the settings of your slideshow, tap on the screen & then tap pause icon at bottom centre of your screen

Tap Options to refine your steps of how to create a slideshow on iPhone.

Then edit Theme, Music, and choose speed of the slideshow.

After making desirable changes, tap done and enjoy playing it.

If you want to share the slideshow created, tap on the pause button again & then select AirPlay-icon in upper-right corner of your screen.

Tap on the name of your device you would like to Air Play the slideshow to.

Once you are done with playing a slideshow, tap done in upper-left corner in order to end your slideshow.

Your device can save these settings automatically if you want to your album as the slideshow. For more glory, you can add filters in a polished manner to finish the steps to create slide show on iPhone.

Part 2 How to Save Slideshow on iPhone

Once after creating the slideshow with your iPhone device, if you want to know how to save a slideshow on iPhone then you need to be little tricky because there is no way to save the slideshow created by directly using the Photos App. You can instead make use of iPhone screen recording feature to save it when your slideshow plays. You can later on trim the desired video with perfect start & end. With the photos app, you can only save your memories as a slideshow and it is just like a curated collection of pictures with ‘Year in review’.

How to Save a Slideshow on iPhone

Here is the complete assistance on how to save slideshow on iPhone:-

Tap done on the top-left corner with your project

Tap Share icon.

Select the Save Video option.

The iMovie will easily export as well as save desired slideshow in Photos app.

Part 3 How to Share Slideshow on iPhone

In order to create as well as share the desired slideshow of your photos in the Apple’s Photos app, you just need to choose shots from the device and add some special themes with the selected fonts & background music and at last share final product with your friends. The photos app of your iPhone mainly offers slightly two different kinds of slideshows with regular one allowing you to easily change theme, duration of the music added to a certain number of choices but on the other hand memory movie can allow you to modify the theme to tweak music, font, length and music at no worries.

How to Share Slideshow on iPhone

This is how you can share a slideshow on iPhone:

If you want to know how to share slideshow on iPhone, tap share icon at the corner, and then use share screen feature to choose the desired destination like Messages, OneDrive, YouTube, Mail, Facebook, and others. The Photos application will then automatically export the desired movie to the services like: Facebook.

At last your app will preview its slideshow & then lets you easily include text, location, tag people, etc. Now, you are finished with the process to share the slideshow, tap on the share & explore your slideshow easily.

Part 4 How to Send a Slideshow on iPhone

If you are curious to know more about the process to send a slideshow on iPhone device then it is the not so difficult. With some consistency in your slideshow you can export your video to share with your loved ones in a smooth manner. Besides various transitions & effects, one can easily add stickers, text, before sending the video with share option. If you want to send the completed slideshow then quickly tap on the share icon and then choose any destination like Messages, OneDrive, YouTube, Mail, Facebook, etc. this will automatically export deliver the slideshow to your friends.

How to Send Slideshow on iPhone

Part 5 Free Slideshow Maker for iPhone

On next we are heading towards the process to find out few amazing free slideshow makers for an iPhone. There are multiple apps are present in the market, out of which you can choose the one as per your need and comfort. So let’s begin with the discussion of each & every app, one by one:


The highlighted features of Vimory

A unique Slideshow Maker



Giving you a feature to directly export the slideshow to Social Media

Output at 4k

Animated slideshow making

Some incredible effects

Superfast image editor

Comes with stylish text and transitions

The Vimory offers you multiple ways to make some beautiful videos through the pictures one can easily add music track right from the app. It is the fantastic app for creating a slideshow on iPhone with significant effects, pretty amazing frames, fashionable filters and compelling music.


The highlighted features of PicPlayPost

Ability to Createalmost 30-minute slideshows.

Built-in live video wallpapers.

Record the slideshow video in HD with 1080P & 4K HD option.

Trim, slow-down, speed up the videos

Full featured editing capabilities

Entirely known for an ability to import the photos, add multiple texts, stickers, slide transition, &choose some amazing background music. This comes with an option to share your creations to your device gallery, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Photos, and many more.

03Slide Lab

Highlighted features of Slidelab

A complete Slideshow Editor

Easy to import Option

Music Tracks

Comes with many video Tracks

Audio Editing 

One of the most amazing apps to turn your pictures into a realistic slideshow containing music, an extensive collection of multiple transitions to avoid sudden-jumps, in-app music library and an option to choose the in-app purchase in order to remove watermark.


Some of the most amazing features of iMovie:

Ability to customize the movie studio logos, credits and cast names.

Adjust the titles by changing the font, colour, location and size.

Enhancing your movie by slowing-down or speeding-up desired clip.

Easily add picture inside the picture, green-screen,& a split-screen effect.

One of the finest Photo slideshow maker through iPhone, iMovie is the fantastic slideshow maker. As compared to various other apps on the market this comes with useful features to make the slideshow simplistic yet attractive. Its frills-free interface can easily charms-up your slideshow making experience.

05Viva Video

The highlighted features of Viva Video

Great varieties of Video Editing Tools

Amazing Trendy Frames


Edit any Music

Sticker &typing option.

Straightforward and easy to understand

Wide range of audio tracks, effects and themes

This app is mix of free and a paid subscription and with the later one you can add some amazing effects and themes with professional editing features.

06Movavi Clips Easy Video Editor

The highlighted features of Movavi

Edit any footage on a handy timeline

Intuitive interface

Movie maker without any ads

Quick & precise

Ability to trim and cut audios

This app is available for both iOS &Android users. If you want to know how to make a slideshow on iPhone with this app then interestingly it is very easy for you to do that.Movavi can deliver you amazing video editing experience and usually comes with some fine quality of effects and themes.

07Magisto Video Editor and Maker

The highlighted features of Magisto

Easily create a moving photo slideshow or a video collage

Ready-made templates

Video Editing features like: cut, merge, trim, or reorder.

Customization options available with editing of text, fonts, orientation, colors etc.

08MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

Easily Adjust Slideshow-timing

Access few exclusive video-templates.

Create GIFs as well as looping videos.

Fine collection of templates

Built-in music-options

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor can be used for making high quality videos and editing them. The styling, custom options and ease of adding effects in the video make this app popular. The application is well equipped with a wide variety of slideshow making tools.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Key features

Audio mixing feature

Tilt shift

Multiple video clips layer facility

Adding and editing text feature

Preview frame wise

Video stabilizer

In terms of true quality of artificial intelligence technology, this app is the finest one on the list of all the apps for making an iPhone slideshow. If you are curious about the process to create slideshow on iPhone thenfinally you are getting rich collection of features in it like: stabilization, object-detection option, stylish effects, filters, and many more to outshine any average looking slideshow or a video collage.You can easily make collage or a short movie with Magisto video editor with great combination of special effects, graphics and filters.

Ending Thoughts

Make use of some user friendly or light apps to create a slideshow of small sizes

You can move further onto heavy duty apps for making long videos

Some apps are having a possible number of features to offer you affordable options

However, other promising apps like Filmora can give you amazing options to create some logical slideshows for any occasion and at no hidden cost. You can make use of Filmora to adding plenty of designing features to your video.

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