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Best 10 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Story Slideshow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated May 20, 24
Best 10 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Story Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Instagram reels and stories have turned into convenient ways of exploring your video creation skills with fun. Read further to know about the top 10 apps to create amazing Insta story slideshows!

Part 1 What’s Instagram Story Slideshow

With the growing influence of social media on the global life and work culture in today’s times, each and every event on such platforms becomes the new trend of the current IT impacted society. Speaking in the light of the newest developments, Instagram story slideshows have become the latest talk of the diverse range of social media communities across the web.

Since its entry into the communication galore, the Instagram application has emerged as an absolute favourite of social media freaks, thanks to its already captivating features. Moving ahead with its customary user appealing efforts, the latter has recently introduced the slideshow feature to upgrade and improvise its content stories and reels.

Working with the same, you can now integrate your otherwise simple and elementary Instagram stories into awesome slideshows. This visibly means that your conventional stories and reels on the app are now going to get that missing spark with a plethora of customizable motion graphic features. An Instagram story slideshow can work to earn you a huge number of followers, thus uplifting your social creativity quotient and entertainment appeal.

These creative 15 second snippets are appreciably the most amazing trends to increase your audience backup as a market organization, business enterprise, an influencer or as a rising star, all because of an excellent content presentation strategy and catchy outlook. Try hands at using this high end graphic presentation utility to attract the most awaited jaw dropping appreciation of your social media posts.

Part 2 How to Use Instagram Slideshow

Now that you are aware about the excitement and social buzz that your Instagram story slideshows can create with an immediate effect, the aforesaid reason is sufficient enough to motivate you towards diving deeper into the interesting ways of working with the feature to your maximum advantage. Adhering to the concern, let us proceed with learning about the most appealing trends to use an Instagram slideshow in the following section:

Stepwise Tutorials and Visual Guides

The utility of Instagram slideshows to merge multiple images and videos together has blocked the interruption of additional feeds amid the content presentation, thus giving you the liberty to post a set of related videos and stills in one go, which can be of great help when you encounter a need to share tutorial videos, recipe follow ups and alike content that essentially requires a sequential presentation.

The Instagram stories slideshow can be useful to DIY creators who wish to demonstrate or guide their followers to create stunning examples of self-designed masterpieces. Posting step wise guides with clear cut instructions to work upon or use something, like that of a new product, can also be catered with an Instagram slideshow story.

Instagram Slideshow Tutorial Guide

Product Advertising and Sale

If you are looking for impressive and cost effective solutions to launch your products among potential customers, consider taking the help of Instagram slideshows. The feature is known to deliver excellent results in the brand promotion of some particular products, such as jewelry and apparel design.

Jewelers, furniture retailers and textile designers can work with the slideshow to upload a series of images and videos for a clear and vivid demonstration of the product. Considering the fact that such commodities may greatly differ in their visual and actual appearance, the products can be shown through a variety of angles to facilitate viewers with the most comprehensive and an almost exact presentation of the different aspects that a product claims to have.

Instagram Slideshow Product Advertising

Part 3 Top 10 Apps for Making Instagram Story Slideshow (iOS & Android)

By now, you must have had a comprehensive understanding of the significance of Instagram story slideshows in uplifting different aspects of your content delivery, along with effectively addressing your diverse and large scale information sharing needs. Moving ahead with our discussion, let us browse through some of the best software solutions to create the most appealing Instagram story slideshows in the following section:


Starting with the list the first application to look forward on creating over the top Instagram story slideshows with utmost ease. The software package is loaded with an extensive range of editing effects and filters, audio-visual transitions and supplementary design elements, that promise you of a high resolution, professional quality slideshow output.

Working with the software, you get the flexibility to conveniently customize the sequence in which the images would appear in the slideshow, with allowing a maximum screen display time of 3 seconds to each image. The created slideshows can be easily shared on various media handles and platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

While you can undertake a free trial of the tool, a paid subscription of the same costing $ 4.99 is required for accessing the complete range of features associated with the program. The software is however, exclusively compatible with iOS supported devices.

SlideLab Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


This one is an excellent video editor and graphic designer tool, which you can use to create and share amazing slideshows to complement your Instagram stories and feeds. Working with the aforesaid software program, you don’t need to worry about the concerns of device compatibility, as the program works well with your favorite MacOs and Windows supported systems and devices.

Talking of the specific features that the software promises to offer, you can use its built in camera to capture high resolution videos and supplement them with over 60 high end customization utilities, like sound effects and transitions, along with dubbing the video. The basic version of the tool is available for free usage and allows you to choose between the Pro and Quick modes, respectively for a high flexibility and an escalated automated response.

The free version is however, known to leave watermarks on the created videos, is stuffed with frequently appearing ads and permits a 5-minute presentation time. You can escape these hustles anytime by subscribing to the paid version of VivaVideo for $ 2.99.

VivaVideo Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


The InShot image and video editor program is another potential candidate to be employed as an Instagram story slideshow creator. The software’s effect library is packed with a heap of conveniently usable design elements and features to create the most beautiful Instagram slideshows. The app can be put to use for efficiently designing Instagram stories to address personal and professional concerns.

Some over the top features of the tool include, the flexibility to crop, trim, cut and merge video files, and uplift them with a range of effects, filters, transitions and backgrounds. The exclusive audio flexibility of the software allows you to add upbeat sound and music, while enabling a choice of fading music in and out.

The software additionally permits to adjust the speed control of your videos, making them run in a slow or fast motion as per the content requirement. There are also a variety of graphic elements, like, texts, emojis, stickers, etc., which you can add to your images and videos to make them more pronounced.

InShot Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


Enjoying the highest user ratings on a number of leading software review platforms, the StoryArt software package lands among the most popular and preferred applications to work with creating slideshows for Instagram stories. The most appealing features of the software program include, an extensive range of more than 200 premade slideshow templates which can be directly edited to create amazing Instagram feeds and stories.

Other attractive features of the slideshow creator tool include, a plethora of design effects with varying diversities of fonts, colors, filters and around 20 elusive background themes, that are updated weekly with new additions. The program comes with a clean and responsive interface, is free to use and conforms with Windows and MacOs devices.

StoryArt Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


Unfold is quite a reliable software tool for creating elegant Instagram story slideshows from a storehouse of preset design templates, while adding a series of inline video and image editing effects to the same. The tool’s slideshow creator package comes with a mix of free and premium features, and does not require the account creation formality to begin working.

Major attractions of the program consist of 25 free and more than 60 premium slideshow design templates, 5 different font styles and upgraded text customizations, high resolution slideshow output and a direct share facility. You can prefer to download the software application from the various iOS and Android app stores, and work with the same on your preferred laptops, desktops and smartphones, without worrying about device compatibility.

Unfold Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


Canva is conveniently counted among the best Instagram slideshow maker tools and has the possibly the vastest inventory of over 60, 000 beautiful premade slideshow templates to create the mot captivating Instagram stories. Working with the tool, you are granted the liberty to select from a hoard of around 1 million stock images to set the most perfect background for the slideshow being created.

Additional features of the software comprise of high end image customization effects, fonts, transitions, texts and filters, with a never ending variety of frames, textures, icons, badges and stickers. If this is not enough, you get to access a diverse library of high end design elements, like, photo vignette, design grids, image enhancer and photo blur, to compliment your Instagram slideshow stories with the most cherished visual effects.

Talking of the platform cohesiveness, you can work with the tool through its desktop download as well as a free installation from any of the Android or Apple app stores.

Canva Instagram Story Slideshow Creator

07Adobe Spark

This one is a family of graphic design software and tools that conveniently boasts of its extensive credibility towards facilitating the creation of high resolution and engaging image and video slideshows to uplift the conventional feeds and stories of Instagram. Post the creation process, you can add a diversity of audio-visual effects, like, animations, sounds, fonts, text layouts, cutouts and design elements to further enhance your graphic artwork.

The application greets you with the most pleasing and easy to use workspace, which would never require you to be a graphic design expert to start working on the slideshows. If you are into creating video centered Instagram story slideshows, you can choose to work with animated videos and prefer to select the media from your device gallery as well as the software’s huge in-house video collection. The tool’s template library is a further amusement, with a countless number of story and message centered themes.

Adobe Spark Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


If you are explicitly keen on creating video and photo collages for a jaw dropping Instagram story, consider working with the aforesaid application without a second thought. What’s more exciting is that the software comes with a huge set of over 300 pre made design templates to exclusively craft beautiful slideshows for Instagram stories on any iOS and Android device.

Talking of the app’s set of editing features, apart from being packed with multiple text fonts, over 60 image filters and 90 slideshow backgrounds, the most striking characteristic of the tool is, it permits you to clip an object from an image and remove the latter’s background. Other utilities of the software comprise of a real-time selfie camera, that clicks and automatically beautifies the captured image, beauty enhancing features that can apply and remove makeup from profile shots and selfies.

PhotoGrid Instagram Story Slideshow Creator


The next entry in the list is the Typorama software tool, which you can use to create text based slideshows for your Instagram stories. The software’s fonts library is full of elusive typographic designs to choose the best one that suits your content style and arrangement within the slideshow. When opting to work with this feature of the software, you will only need to select a suitable background and begin typing. That’s it!

Extending the text styling credibility of the tool a bit more, you can select from over 50 different typographic layouts and more than 100 typeface and font choices, a huge collection of story based quotes and a diversity of shadows, distortion effects and gradients to improvise your text. The program additionally consists of over 1000 stock templates, image filters, overlays and correction tools to enhance your slideshow background.

Typorama Instagram Story Slideshow Creator

10Microsoft Hyperlapse

This one is an advanced slideshow creator program that allows you to design Instagram stories slideshow in time lapse. You can work with the tool to modify the slideshow speed up to 32 times ahead of the normal and create time lapse stories for a maximum of 20 minutes directly on your smartphone.

The app specializes in creating high end video slideshows for Instagram stories and feeds, while showing a great compatibility with high resolution videos. The working interface is super easy to understand and use, without requiring any over the top technical expertise. Feel free to use the app on any iOS or Android supported smartphone.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Instagram Story Slideshow Creator

Part 4 Tips for Enhancing Your Insta Story Slideshow

By far, you have come a long way reading through the credibility, usage and tools to create Instagram story slideshow free of cost as well as though paid subscriptions. In the following section of this article, let us keep our focus on learning about some of the most amazing tips and tricks to upgrade your Insta story slideshow to the next level:

A Compact Photo Album

Do you land among those social media freaks how want to share just every moment of your day with your peers, or are you confused on selecting the best photos and videos of a cherished event, vacation or bringing home a new utility and end up posting a heap of media on your social media handles?

If your answer is a guilty ‘Yes’, you can try on giving up the habit now by creating an Instagram story photo slideshow to share mini album of your most loved images from the event or vacation. You can use the feature to create a collection of amazing videos as well and share it too with your friends on social media without the guilt of becoming a feed-hog.

Want a practical experience of using Instagram slideshows? See through the following tutorial to understand the exact creation process:

Step 1: Choose the First Image

Begin with selecting the first image for your slideshow, just as you would ideally do for a normal, single image Instagram feed and long press the same.

Step 2: Confirming the Selection

Navigate to the bottom right corner of your selected image to locate a button similar to a photo slideshow. Tap the button to see a ‘1’ inscribed in a blue circle appear on your chosen image.

Step 3: Make Further Selections

You can now proceed to select other images or videos for the slideshow, in a similar fashion as the first one. You are allowed to include a maximum of 10 media files within the slideshow.

Step 4: Customize Your Creation

Tap the ‘Next’ button when you have finished making the required selections. The editor interface will now open to let you customize the selected images with a series of effects and filters, both one at a time, as well as the entire set altogether. You can also work with modifying the order of appearance of the photos and videos if required.

Step 5: The Final Touches

Once you are done with the editing process, continue to follow the remaining steps, as you would do to create a normal Instagram post. You can include captions, locations and tag your peers on the platform.

Step 6: Time to Share!

Your Instagram slideshow is ready to be posted. Upload it either to your feed or story to receive a hoard of likes and comments!

Animated Text Overlays

If your Instagram story slideshows are missing out on the visual spunk, try complimenting their images and videos with animated transitions and text overlays. Short and quick animations are the best ways to enhance a slideshow story with an eye catching effect. Applying a variety of text overlays would help to keep the audience curious about the next visual delight.

Prefer a Vertical Aspect Ratio

While the landscape mode tends to ward off certain portions of the visual media from a slideshow being played across multiple sized screens, using the portrait mode with a vertical aspect ratio suits best to almost every screen size. Taking care of this fact will ensure that your audience does not get distracted with the semi visible contents of the slideshow story.

Choose Your Editing Effects Wisely

Regardless of the slideshow creation tool you prefer, there are a diversity of effects, templates, design elements and filters to uplift your craft with the perfect look. However, you should be cautious enough while making your choice so that the balance of colors, fonts and themes is affordably maintained, lest you would end up with a messy and loud Instagram story slideshow, that would not gather much appeal.

Creating Instagram Story Slideshows with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the undisputed leader in creating awesome slideshows for Instagram stories, packed with a diverse number of graphic design tools. Beginning to discuss about the reserve of features that the software promises to offer, the app’s template library is a trunk of the most expressive and elegant slideshow backgrounds, themes and images.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Moving further, the app has recently added the 1:1 aspect ratio to its image and video resolution alternatives to exclusively adhere to the slideshow design concern, allowing the perfect display of your craft across a variety of screen dimensions. Filmora, an advanced version of the basic Filmora editor program is known to most effectively cater to the concern of creating Instagram story slideshows.

Working with this slideshow creator program, you can explore your editing skills to your heart’s content and supplement the images and videos of your slideshow with the most expanded range of audio-visual effects, seamless animated transitions, text overlays, thematic backgrounds and creative image filters. The app comes to you absolutely free of cost and welcomes you with a pleasing and clean interface, and is compatible with all of your Mac, iOS and Windows supported devices and Android smartphones.

Ending Thoughts

Instagram story slideshows are the newest trends of professional and commercial information sharing and personalized fun and entertainment.

When looking through alternatives to create Instagram slideshow online or through an application software, there is a heap of creator tools.

Pick the Wondershare Filmora slideshow creator program to design the most sparked up slideshows for your Instagram stories.

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