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How To Create a Polaroid Collage?

How To Create a Polaroid Collage?

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As it is said that “Old is gold”, the same holds true when it comes to collages. No matter how advanced the technology has become or the design has evolved with collages the old-fashioned polaroid collages are never out of fashion. Polaroid images are small pocket-sized images having a white border developed using polaroid cameras. When it comes to collages, you can develop these images using your special camera and then lay them out in the desired pattern.

With everything taking the digital route, collage creation is no exception and now you can quickly create customized polarised collages using all your favorite pictures. Learn more about polaroid collages, the best tools for their creation, and more in the following parts.

Part 1 How to Create an Impressive Polaroid Collage

Like any other collage, a polaroid collage is one where several polaroid styles images are placed together in the desired pattern. To create an eye-catchy polaroid collage, some of the basic requirements are as follows.

Polaroid Collage

01Use the right tool

First of all, select the right tool that can help you create the desired collage. There are several online as well as desktop programs available for this. Choose a tool that comes with multiple polaroid collage template and offers different editing options. 

02Select a layout/design/template

Next, select the desired layout or the polaroid frame collage template from the available options that match your requirements. 

03Add high-quality images

Now it's time to add the images to the template. To make an impressive collage make sure to add high-quality images. You can either use the images captured by you or can also use the stock images available at different online sites.

04Personalize and customize the collage

Next, it's time to customize the collage. After the images are added, you can further add elements like text, filters, effects, and others to make your collage look more appealing. 

05Save, print, or share the collage

Finally, it's time to save the collage, print it, or share it over online sites, social media platforms, or with your near and dear ones.

Part 2 How to Create a Polaroid Photo Collage in Photoshop

To create an interesting polaroid collage Photoshop works as a good tool. Both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Creative Cloud can be used for creating the desired collage with slight changes in the functioning of both versions. 

01Steps to create polaroid collage using Photoshop polaroid collage maker

Step 1. Launch the Photoshop tool and add the first image. Choose the Rectangle Tool using its icon which is present in the lower half of the Tools panel. 

Create Polaroid Collage Photoshop 1

Step 2. Next, at the left corner of the interface set the Shape option as Tool Mode for drawing the vector shapes.

Create Polaroid Collage Photoshop 2

Step 3. Next, choose the color of the rectangle shape, and to fill this select black at the Fill color swatch in the Options bar. A dialog box will appear to choose the type of fill and here you need to select the Solid Color option. 

Click on the Enter button to close the dialog box.

Create Polaroid Collage Photoshop 3

Step 4. Also, ensure that there are no strokes around the edges, and for this tap on the Stroke swatch box on the right side of the Options bar. A Stroke Type dialog box will open where you need to select the None icon. Click on Enter to close the pop-up window. 

Step 5. When all the above settings are done, press and hold the Shift key and then you need to click and drag the shape to move into the square box. 

Create Polaroid Collage Photoshop 4

Step 6. A newly added shape layer will now appear at the Layers panel. Now you need to make a copy of this shape and then resize it for creating the outer frame of the polaroid. 

The duplicate shape layer will be created and will appear on the Layers panel. Rename these shapes as desired. 

Step 7. Now after selecting the border layer in the layers panel click again on the Fill color swatch and choose the White color (to make it look like a polaroid image). 

Step 8. Next, move to the Edit menu and select Free Transform Path which will create the transform handles around the shape which can also be used for resizing. 

Step 9. A shadow to the border can also be added by clicking on the icon of Layer Styles and then choosing the Drop Shadow option from the list.

Step 10. Choose the image area from the Layers panel.

Step 11. Next, use the Knockout function from the Blending Options. 

Step 12. Now select both shape layers and group the layers by clicking on New Group from Layers in the menu. Give a desired name to the group. 

Step 13. Next, click on the Background layer and choose New Fill or Adjustment Layer. 

Step 14. Tap on the Polaroid layer group from the Layers panel and select it. 

Step 15. Go to the Edit menu and select the Free Transform option. 

Step 16. Now when all the major work is done, it's time to create a duplicate layer group to create a new polaroid. 

Create Polaroid Collage Photoshop 5

When multiple layer groups are added your polaroid photo collage will be ready.

Part 3 How to Make a Photo Collage Online

Creating a polaroid collage using Photoshop is quite complicated and a lengthy process. So, if you are looking for a simpler and quicker way to create the desired collage, we suggest using an online tool. Fotor is one such decent tool that works from your browser and comes with several pre-designed collage templates including polaroid. 

The interface of this polaroid collage app is simple where you just need to select the polaroid-based template from the available options, add images, customize the collage by adding a text, filter, or any other element, and then download the created collage.

The interface is simple and user-friendly and the process of creating the collage is fast. 


Part 4 Best Place To Get Stock Images For Your Polaroid Collage

To create an eye-catchy collage, the images added also need to be interesting. Besides your local pictures, you can even get stock images available at several sites. One such tool for stock images that we recommend is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. Though this is an advanced video editing tool supporting a wide range of functions, it also comes with a library of images and other media files that can be used.

You can search from a vast collection of images in different categories and genres to be used for your collage. Additionally, the software also supports a split-screen feature where multiple videos can be played that appears like a video collage.

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Ending Thoughts

Polaroid picture collage is one of the most interesting ways of making a collage.

Photoshop is a great tool for creating a polaroid collage like a pro.

Online tools like Fotor and others are simple and user-friendly and come with pre-designed templates for creating a polaroid collage.

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent software to search for stock images and other files, editing videos, and also create a video collage. 

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