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How to Use iMovie Text Effects

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Text is included in every film and television program. Being a Apple device user, you may already have heard of iMovie text effects. Let's say you want to give your video a cinematic atmosphere. If so, iMovie is a platform deserving of providing such ease. Both iOS and macOS users may access the iMovie animated texts. Additionally, there is no lag while editing 4K movies at 60 fps for iMovie text animations. Even while text is often the simplest part of a video, it often has the most effect.

Fortunately, adding text to video is simple thanks to programs like iMovie. Without taking a lot of effort to understand how to use, iMovie provides a ton of helpful tools that will advance your movie creation. You can use iMovie add text without effect as well. In addition to that, you to add words and subtitles, iMovie also lets you import sound effects, change the playing speed, and control the backdrop of the movie. The upcoming sections explains how to use iMovie on both Mac and iPhone devices to add iMovie text effects to videos. Learn to find out how.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to Add Text Effects in iMovie on Mac
  2. Part 2. How to Add Text Effects in iMovie on iPhone/iPad
  3. Part 3. iMovie Alternative to Add Text Effects to Videos

Part 1. How to Add Text Effects in iMovie on Mac

Although the options are rather limited and the results are monotonous, the procedure with iMovie is straightforward. iMovie allows you to add many types of text templates to videos; each text template has a set location and a motion effect. Here's how to add text to an iMovie project to make a boring movie more enjoyable.

But before that, for instance, you need to know the iMovie text effects. Basically, the Title Text is positioned in the center of the screen. Other forms include Credits Text and Third Callout. While Credit Texts are often positioned in the center of the screen, Third Callouts such as when writing a new speaker's name are typically put at the bottom and to the left or right of the screen. iMovie is able to add text, whether it be for the opening or closing credits, a character's name at the bottom of the screen, or anything else.

Steps to Add iMovie text effects:

The Apple website's official store offers iMovie. The objective whenever iMovie text effect is added to a video is to provide information without detracting from the story. Before following the instructions below to learn how to add text to a video, you may download and install the program on your Mac. If you haven't already done so, go over to the Mac app store and download the free version of iMovie.

Step1Open iMovie and start a new project.

When iMovie is running, choose the Projects tab to bring up the Projects browser. Next, select Create New and Movie. If you're a regular user, you may also access an active project as shown below:

start new project imovie
Step2Add in your media

When your project is ready, click the Import Media option to add videos, audio, and photographs. After that, drag the imported video to the iMovie timeline (the bottom window in the interface.

add in your media imovie
Step3Add Text in Video

Here comes the main part, select Titles above the browser to launch the text window the top window in the iMovie interface. After that, you will have a wide range of choices to make. By gliding your cursor over a text style's thumbnail, you can get a preview of that text style.

add text to imove

Once you've selected your favorite, you can drag it to the desired location in your video or double-click it to add it.

Step4Create Your Own Text

Additionally, you may create your own iMovie text effect including font style, size, color, and alignment. To make the text editable, double-click the text box and then input your words. Then, using the toolbar above the browser, you may change the font, text size, alignment, character formatting, and color until the text is the perfect size and color.

create your own text imovie

Tip: By dragging the text overlay to a different area, you may further modify your text and position it so that it appears in the proper location in your video. You may also lengthen or shorten the text overlay box in the timeline by dragging its right or left corners.

Part 2. How to Add Text Effects in iMovie on iPhone/iPad

Amazing movies may be captured on your iPhone, but what do you do with them afterward? How can you modify these films a little bit more than merely cropping them or joining a few pieces to create a single video? iMovie is useful in this situation. There is no better moment than the present to indulge in its pleasures and embrace your inner Hitchcock. We demonstrate how to use iMovie on an iPhone for the first time in this post.

Steps to Add Text Effects in iMovie on iOS Device

From the Apple App Store, download the iMovie app on the iPhone. Please follow the instructions below to learn the easiest way to add text to a video after starting the video editing program on your smartphone. It's simple to add text with iMovie on the iPhone (or iPad). You may follow the simple instructions listed below:

Step1Launch iMovie App

Open iMovie on your iPad or iPhone, tap the "+" symbol to upload the video clip, then choose "Movie" from the pop-up menu.

create new project imovie iphone
Step2Add Text

You may add text by tapping the text button denoted with a "T" at the bottom of a clip in the Timeline of your movie if you wish to do so.

edit text imove iphone
Step3Animate Text

To enter the desired material, double-click on the text box after choosing the appropriate text style. You have two choices for positioning the text on the screen of your film in this instance of iMovie for iOS; choose either Center or Lower.

animate text video imovie iphone
Step4Share or Save

Lastly, save or share your iMovie animated text by clicking on the Share button as shown below:

share save video imovie iphone

Part 3. iMovie Alternative to Add Text Effects to Videos

One of the popular video editors, iMovie, allows adding text to video simple. You may easily add a title, subtitles, or captions, as well as credits, to your movie using iMovie. However, a novice user could find iMovie's editing interface a bit confusing. Be at ease! With just a few simple steps, you can easily add text to videos using Filmora, a free and efficient video editor.

For both audio and video editing needs, Filmora comes with a ton of incredible templates that may help you achieve the majority of your editing objectives. You also receive a ton of useful features, such as split-screen, movement following, green screen, and much more. This editor's Keyframing tool helps you insert personalized actions between segments. Additionally, you may upload your final edited movie to your preferred platform with quick rendering and 4K quality.

Free Download
Free Download

How To Add Text Effects in Videos Using Filmora

Step1Download and open Filmora Text Editor

To take use of the simplest and most efficient text editor as iMovie alternative, you must download this on your computer using the official webpage. Afterwards, install this program, so start the downloaded file from your computer and follow the simple instructions to complete the installation.

download and open filmora text editor
Step2Import your Media

To import the necessary video clips or photographs, just choose the Import Media option on the Filmora editing interface. The files may also be simply dragged and dropped into the interface.

import media
Step3Add Text Effect

The finest feature of Filmora right now is the ease with which you can do sophisticated video editing. You may change the audio as well as add effects, transitions, elements, annotations, split screens, and more. Select the appropriate text effect after clicking the Title tab. Drop it into the timeline by dragging it there. The text should be moved to the appropriate video scene. Double-click the text on the timeline to open the window where you may change the font, color, and content of the text.

add text effect
Step4Add Transitional Effects

While enabling you to add a large number of clips to its editor, Wondershare Filmora also enables you to best improve your dull and uninteresting content. Within this software's timeline, you may apply a variety of visually appealing transitions to your video recordings. Select the Transition menu, which offers a number of effects available for you to pick from, from the menu bar on the left side of this program to access the transition effects library.

add transitional effects
Step5Export and Publish

When you're through with the editing aspect of Filmora, you have a wide range of choices to choose from when exporting your screen capture and webcam recordings. Now, just export to your computer by clicking the Export button at the top of the software's user interface as seen in the example below.

You can now choose your preferred platform quickly by doing as follows to post your masterpiece immediately to YouTube or Vimeo or any other popular site.

The Bottom Line

Importing images, audio, and video for your movie is straightforward using iMovie. Additionally, you may add a variety of effects, sound effects, transitions, and title styles to your movie. Bring up iMovie. One of the greatest editing tools available is this entertaining and effective software. Additionally, users may quickly add subtitles to iPhone videos using iMovie. In this article, we have described text effects and shown how to apply them to iMovie on both a Mac and an iPhone.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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