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How To Change Text Color In Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Being a Premiere Pro user, you might encounter the situation when a friend or family needs to know how to change text color in premiere. They simply need to clean up the video and put some text to it. Although adding text to Premiere Pro is quite easy, how to change the color of text in premiere pro? We'll demonstrate how to do it using Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, we'll examine how to alter the color of basic template components and assets. So, let's find out the tricks.

In order to know how to change text color in premiere, you need to have a grip on the PR usage, however, if you lack that, here, we will add some lovely colors to the text in order to make it creative, As altering the text's color is simple and entertaining, many Premiere Pro templates lack an integrated feature that makes it simple to alter an element's color. For this purpose, we will also discuss how to adjust colors in Premiere Pro in this guide.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to Change Text Color in PR
  2. Part 2. Alternative Way to Change Text Color
  3. Part 3. Related FAQs

Part 1. How to Change Text Color in PR

Read this step-by-step guide to learn how to change color in Premiere Pro if you've ever been unsure of how to accomplish it. You may rapidly alter the color of any item in the frame by following the instructions below.

Step1Add the Text.

Go to Window > Essential Graphics to add text. To input your text, use the Text Tool (T). This will be one of the layers in your project for text effects. To access its attributes, pick the Text layer on the Edit tab.

Step2Customize the Text.

Locate the "change to color" command in the Effects panel (Shift+7). Drag the matching effect on your video when you see its name in the search window. Open the Effect Controls panel after that.

customize text in premiere
Step3Decide on the new color that you want.

To sample the color you want to modify, go to the Change to Color section and choose the From eyedropper option. so that you may be sure to choose the optimal color average. The color will be adjusted to red by default. Once you are happy with the outcome, tweak Softness and Tolerance (Hue) settings as necessary.

select text color premiere pro
Step4Export the Masterpiece.

In Adobe Premiere, this is among the easiest methods for altering an object's or background's color. It will make it simpler to modify the color of the frame and enable you to build a beginning animation keyframe. Lastly, hit the Export button to save the project in PR as shown below:

export video from premiere

Part 2. Alternative Way to Change Text Color

Learning how to change the color of text in premiere pro is a hard nut to crack. As Premiere Pro offers plethora of color correction tools that can help you transform your Premiere Pro text, yet doing so requires expert knowledge. In order to bring you an easy solution to that dilemma, in comparison, Filmora is a simple option to start with, particularly if you're a beginner. You may use a text effect to make a video appear within the letters of your text for a unique look. Remember the Marvel Studios animation where you could see the movie scenes within the letters at the start of every Marvel movie?

Since the introduction of outstanding tool like Filmora, creating content has become fun and easy. It is now every content creator's desire. Balance your tones, colors, and tints, however. It must be subtle enough to have an impact without being overt or too light. By selecting the fill tab, you may modify the text's color to any shade you like.

Steps to Change Text Color in Filmora

Step1Launch Filmora.

Open the application, then add your video to Premiere Pro. After that, just drag your movie into the timeline you want to fix the color of. Be sure to finish all editing tasks before starting your color correcting procedure.

launch filmora
Step2Add Effects on Text.

You may apply the same color changes to many video segments by creating a new adjustment layer. When you need to apply the same effects to many clips, it saves time. Check the impact on each clip, however, since they can be too little or too much in some.

add effects on text
Step3Lighten up the Text with Colors.

Investigate the filters to give your video more life. For more subtly striking effects, return to Adjust and make color grading tweaks. To bring out the features that have been hidden by background objects and lingering shadows, use the Adjust tool and move the Highlights slider. To get rid of the boring washed-out impression in the video, increase the contrast of the highlights.

lighten up the text with colors
Step4Share the Content.

Select Export from the menu in the top right corner of the screen. Pick the proper video settings from the drop-down option. To relocate the issue-free product to your selected spot within your PC, customize the options from the Media library of software interface, as shown below.

Part 3. Related FAQs

1. How to change font in Premiere Pro?

The text layer that has to be changed should be chosen. By choosing Windows and then Essential Graphics, the Essential Graphics panel will be shown. To change the font to a style that is more appropriate for your project, use the drop-down menu under Text. You currently have a text layer over your video. From this point, you may precisely design your text layer.

2. What is the shortcut to change font color?

After selecting the proper Text tool, highlight the text you want to edit by putting the mouse over it, then clicking and dragging. You may input the new text while the highlighted text is highlighted. As you enter, the chosen text is replaced with the newly added content. To set the insertion point, click. Select the character or characters you wish to alter after that. Enter the desired text color.

3. How to add text effects in PR?

In the Effects & Presets tab, look for and search for text presets. Adobe Search may be used to browse animation presets. To apply a preset, drag & drop it from the Effects and Presets panel onto a text layer. Drag a visual effect onto a clip in a sequence to apply it. Additionally, you may choose only one clip from your sequence to see and modify its effect controls in the Effect Controls window.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this guide would have answered the concern of how to change text color in Premiere. You may now do the assignment with ease by using these basic approaches. Further, with the help of this how to change text color in Adobe Premiere article, it's simple to switch the colors of your texts as there's an alternative and perhaps, the easiest solution namely Filmora available to do the task hassle-free. Let us know if you too find it a handy solution in contrast with Premiere Pro.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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