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Separate audio from video in DaVinci Resolve [Step by Step]

The DaVinci Resolve is an excellent software for editing videos; that’s why it attracts users. They also enjoy using it due to its simplicity and availability of features. One of them is separating the audio from the video that most people are looking for. It is easy to extract from this software. But, to avail of this feature, you need to follow proper steps, and this article is all about it. There are also details regarding the Wondershare Filmora as the most appropriate alternative and simpler solution provider.

How can you separate audio from the video clips in DaVinci resolve?

The DaVinci resolve is the complete package to solve your different issues. It is a solution provider regarding the editing of the videos, extraction of audio from videos, matching, correction of the colours and many more. It also includes modification of the lens that helps analyse and correct the distortion. Even the lens analysis is also available to deliver high-quality results. 

Step 1: Launch the DaVinci Resolve in your system after its installation. Import the media file from the library in your timeline from which you have to separate the audio.

separating the audio from the video

Step 2: Select the Edit tab in the timeline of your project if it isn’t selected by default. You need to choose the video clip by pointing the cursor or dragging the mouse towards it.

separating the audio from the video

Step 3: After its selection, untick all the clips, and this step is for separating the audio from the video just from one file. Click the video file for deselection.

separating the audio from the video

Step 4: Now it is easy to select the video and click on it. Select the audio and video clips separately. Simply edit, delete or move your audio whenever you want it to.

An easier way to separate the audio from the video

However, the DaVinci Resolve is the software of advanced level and the best choice for professionals. But its pricing that is $299, is quite disturbing for most of the users. So, they are always searching for a suitable approach and reasonable as well. And that is the first and foremost Filmora Video Editor . You can split the audio and listen to your favourite track on any media player.

All the tools are readily available, and they are used without facing any issue. After editing and applying all the effects, it is easy to upload on social network platforms. it is very simple to create fast or slow-motion videos with speed controls. This software is highly supportive of editing videos of any kind. There is no need to look for the reasons to choose Wondershare Filmora; instead, it is not to choose it for editing tasks.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Extracting the audio from videos
  • Controls available for videos and audios
  • Number of ways to split the clips and screens
  • All the functions are performed by just drag and drop
  • Sharing of the videos unlimitedly on Vimeo, YouTube and others
  • mixing the audio and removing the noise

To extract the audio from the video clip in Wondershare Filmora, go through the following easy steps and get your task done.

Step 1: After completing the installation of Wondershare Filmora, selection of the ratio is required whether it is 4:3 or 16:9. It is your choice and dependent on the requirements of your project. Import the video from the folder of your computer when you will click “Import”. As the default, all the files are all together in one place with no gap.

separating the audio from the video

Step 2: This step separates the audio from the video in a single click. You need to right-click on the video from which you have to split the audio and select “Detach Audio”. Instantly, an audio file will appear on the screen on the audio track. Yes, you have received the original audio final from the source file.

Successfully the audio is separate from the video. Wondershare Filmora also offers to replace the audio file you want to add to the video. It can provide a few instructions, some narrations or personal, funny tunes for sharing with family and friends.

Step 3: After step2, it is simple to delete the audio clips or video that isn’t needed anymore and add your own choice. Click on “Export” to save the audio file into the new MP3 file and select “iPod” presenting to play. Even, you can save it as your project file on your system. After the completion of exporting the audio track, load the project file again with the video frame and export it as the new file of your video.

separating the audio from the video

Wondershare Filmora is the most user-friendly editing software for all. Whether you want to make complex or straightforward videos, all is done in just a few steps. The best part of this software is that all the features are easily accessible to all types of users. It is very simple to start and show your creative skills and share easily if you are unfamiliar with video editing.

There is a massive range of tools in Wondershare Filmora that you are looking for in any video editor. 800+ video effects are built-in, such as effects for the text, transitions, filters, stickers, motion graphics, and overlays.

In Wondershare Filmora, there are templates for the spilt screens as well. It is best for you to handle your YouTube channels or your Instagram account. It doesn’t record screen only but as well voice-over. Even capturing the videos from frame to frame is also possible. So, what are you waiting for? Download Wondershare Filmora today and start your editing done in just a few clicks.

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