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How to Speed up a Video on Splice

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 03, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
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The availability of video editing apps enables you to turn your device into a compelling tool to make video tweaks. Several editing abilities are available, ranging from adding overlays, text, music, and changing speed. The latter carries more weight, especially when dealing with a wide range of scenes. You can either slow down or speed up your video with a click of a button. In this article, we focus on how to speed up video on Splice and its alternative.

how to speed up video on splice

Can I speed up a video using Splice?

Yes, Splice is a state-of-the-art tool that comprises several editing features, including speed up and down controls. It works with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads and is a sure bet to edit your videos on the go. The Splice app is generally useful for social media influencers who want to market their products and hold online tutorials, among other functions.t

Splice's video speed control features

Among the features of Splice, is the ability to speed up or slow down your video. A splice speed ramp is the rate of acceleration or deceleration of a clip. This technique smoothly adjusts the video speed to the desired pace.

Some other features of the Splice

  • You can also add music to your videos. Music attracts attention, thereby keeping them glued during the video playback.
  • The trim and crop features let you cut out unnecessary footage from your video for a polished finish. Likewise, you can use the app to remove some segments that you don’t want to feature in your video.
  • It brings you exclusive effects that widely enhance your videos. Adding certain elements, like overlay text, and changing speed, among other aspects, is a great way to enrich your video.
  • Utilizing the social media platform is Splice's most influential feature. It facilitates the online sharing of videos once you have edited and completed the creation process. You can easily upload your video to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, among other platforms.

Alternative: Try out Filmora V11's Speed Ramping

An alternative to Splice video in Filmora V11’s Speed Ramping. Filmora brings you ramping features to make breathtaking videos.

  • Filmora brings you six preset speed effects to create professional speed changes such as flash in, bullet time, montage, etc.
  • This tool helps you to maintain the original audio pitch when changing the video’s speed.
  • Filmora also supports customized speed ramping templates for a unique speed ramping effect.

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How to use Filmora to speed up video

Filmora is a sophisticated tool that quickly solves any editing functions for you. It has an intuitive interface, accommodating both professionals and beginners. It is a quick solution to speed up your video for a fast-track action. Follow these steps to speed up the video with Filmora to produce high-end quality videos.

Step 1. Launch Filmora and open the video
First, open the Filmora app on your device, then search for the target video to speed up. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the videos onto the interface.

Step 2: The speed
Working Vary with the video from your timeline Right-click on the video, and a menu will pop up immediately. Then tap on "Speed and Duration" and select the number of times you want to speed up your speed. These range from X2, X3, X4, X5, or any other speed rate of your choice.

change video speed with Filmora

Step 3: Modify the Duration
Specify the duration of your video; it will take Remember that the duration should be less than the original one if you aim to speed up the video. Then click on the "OK" button to preview the video.

Step 4. Save and export your video
Finally, it’s time to save and share your video. Click on the "File" tab and go to the "Save Project" option. Give your project a name then, tap on the "Save" option. Then use the "Export" feature to export your video to other media sites.

Using Splice to Speed Up a Video

Before you speed up a video on Splice, it is better to know how to use the Splice app and make impressive videos.

1) Starting a video project

Ensure the Splice app is installed on your device. Then choose what needs to be the first part of your video. This could be a title screen, or you could add a video first. To create a title screen, click on the "Title" button. Then type in the text to use as a title. Likewise, you can select how long the title screen should show in your video by adjusting the "duration" slider. Next, continue to add content after your title or the video you used.

2) Add videos

Check for the video to add to your project and click on the "+" button. You should notice the "Albums" screen show up and your videos will be visible in the "Camera roll" section. Choose the video you want to edit and click on the "Done" tab. Next, your videos will upload into the project, and be brought back to the main screen where you can view the project.

3) Edit your videos

The Splice app is rich in various editing tools to change your video into any enticing piece of work.

To trim and cut video: To trim your video, just tap on your video and drag the edge clip to the portion you want to trim.

Meanwhile, to cut your video, tap on the video and locate where you want to cut the clip. Check on the "yellow" line as it is the guideline for your clip. Then tap on your clip once more and hit the "Split" tab to separate the video into two.

To add video overlays, first, insert your video into the timeline. Then press and hold on to the media that you want to add as an overlay. Next, drag the clip to the "Drop here to turn into an overlay" tab to add it.

To add text: Adding text to your video allows you to expand on it more easily. To do this, tap on the "Title" icon at the bottom of the timeline. Then double-tap on the media screen and type in the text you want to add.

To add music: For music, tap on the "Music" icon found at the bottom of the timeline. You can extract music from the "Splice" gallery or import your music from your device.

Add filters and other effects: You can also add filters to your clip. Just click on the "Filter" icon found at the bottom of the timeline. Then choose the filter of choice you wish to add and, finally, adjust the filter level.

4) Save and export your video

After a successful edit, it is time to save your project onto your device. Splice lets you choose an output format to save your file into. Once saved on your computer, you can now share it on social media sites.

• Remember, you can do more with Splice, such as speeding up your video. This section walks you through simple ways to speed up video for a professional look.

Here are the steps to speed up your video on Splice

Step 1: Choose a video
You first need to select the video that you need to speed up. Go to the timeline and select the video to add to the timeline. You can select the video from the Splice gallery by importing it or dragging and dropping the video onto the timeline.

speed video up using splice

Step 2: Select your speed
It is the speed rate that determines how fast or slow is your video. For this, you should select a fast speed. To do so, first, choose the "Speed" tab from the bottom toolbar. Then tap the "Speed Effects" option and specify your speed as X2, X4, etc.

speed video up using splice - select speed

Step 3: Begin the effect
Identify where you want to start the speeding effect and position the yellow line at that point.

speed video up using splice - set effect

Step 4. Add a speed point
Just tap the white "+" button to add a speed point to your video.

Step 5: Determine an endpoint
Now position the yellow line once more at the point where you intend to end the effect. Next, click on the white "+" button again and you will have specified the endpoint.

Step 6. Set the desired speed
Finally, choose the segment whose speed you wish to adjust. Use the "Slider" at the bottom to set the speed you want for your video. Then save and share your video.

speed video up using splice - set desired speed


● Video editing entails many aspects. Speed control is one of the major specifications of a successful video. Speeding up your video will fast forward to the selected portion and, thereby, eliminate repetitions or non-important sections of your video. This article covers how to splice and speed up video and also perform other video edits.

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