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Top 10 Best Free Easy Movie Makers in 2022

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May 13, 2022• Proven solutions

As digital cameras are becoming more powerful and more accessible, the demand for movie makers that are easy to use continues to be on the rise, since capturing the video is only a half of the video creation process. Combining multiple video recordings and arranging them in a particular order, stabilizing the footage, removing unwanted segments of video clips, applying visual effects or performing a color correction are some of the most frequent reasons why video-making enthusiasts choose a particular video editing app.

As a video editing beginner, easy to use and free are two of the most factors you should consider. In this article, I've picked up 10 best lightweight movie makers that you can use for free on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Quick Navigation: Best Free Easy Video Editing Software and APPs on Desktop & Mobile Phones

  1. Filmora – Best Lightweight Movie Maker for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and macOS
  2. Video Editor - Best Free Online Video Maker
  3. Windows Movie Maker - Best Easy to Use Movie Maker for Windows 7/8
  4. Photos App – Best Easy to Use Movie Maker for Windows 10
  5. iMovie – Best Lightweight Movie Maker for macOS and iOS
  6. Kdenlive – Best Open Source and Easy to Use Movie Maker for Linux OS
  7. Clipchamp –Best Online Easy to Use Movie Maker
  8. FilmoraGO – Best Free Movie Making Apps for iOS and Android
  9. KineMaster – Best Movie Making Apps for Social Share
  10. GoPro Quik – Free Movie Making Apps for iOS and Android
  11. Magisto – AI-powered Movie Making Apps

Part 1: Best Free Easy & Simple Video Editing Software for Windows and macOS [2021 List]

There is no need to spend huge amounts of money on professional video editing software if you just want to polish your videos quickly before sharing them online. In fact, each of the movie makers, we listed below is so easy to use that you can start making videos right away even if you have no previous experience. So, let’s get started.

1. Filmora – Best Lightweight Movie Maker for Windows 7/8/10 and macOS

Price: Free trial available, $79.99 for a lifetime license

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Making a video with Filmora is simple, as this movie maker enables its users to import virtually any type of footage in just a couple of clicks. There are one hundred tracks available so you can combine audio and video files effortlessly or add visual effects to them.

Filmora also offers full support for 4K videos , which means that you can use it to edit footage captured with GoPro and other action cameras.

In addition to huge effects and transitions libraries, the Filmora movie maker also features a rich selection of royalty-free music and audio effects you can use to create soundtracks for all of your videos. Filmora can be downloaded for free, but you must purchase one of the available subscription plans in order to gain access to all features it has to offer.

Filmora9 Main Interface

To improve your video editing and create a more stunning video, you can use the package Filmora & Filmstock video templates”, click the image below to see how to make your storytelling more engaging.

 Filmstock Stock Media Library

2. Free Online Video Maker

Price: Free, subscription plans start at $2.99 per month   free online video editor is an all-in-one toolkit which allows you to edit, convert and compress multimedia files, including images, videos, and audio files. It is free to use and works on most web browsers to help you do almost every simple to complex post-production tasks in a simpler way. At the currently writing, it is totally free to use and leaves no watermark at the exported video. The integrated video editor allows you to:

  • Perform basic video editing procedures such as trimming, splitting, cropping, rotating, and flipping.
  • Create videos in different aspect ratios easily with the presets such as 9:16, 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9.
  • Add subtitles to video automatically with auto-subtitles
  • Export the final output at 1080p resolution for free without watermark. online video editor interface

The best part is most (not all) tools that offers don’t require you to sign up and sign in to your Wondershare ID before using it. Furthermore, the footage that you export using contains no watermarks regardless of your subscription type whatsoever.

3. Windows Movie Maker - Best Easy to Use Movie Maker for Windows 7/8

It has been nearly twenty years since the first version of Windows Movie Maker was released, but even after all that time this video editing software is still frequently used by inexperienced video editors. Sadly, Windows Movie Maker was discontinued back in 2017, although you can still use it to edit your videos if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on your PC. 

Windows Movie Maker Interface

Windows Movie Maker lets its users capture new footage or process the pre-recorded videos. Besides trimming and cutting tools Windows Movie Maker is also equipped with effects, transitions and credits animations. Its interface is quite intuitive, so you won’t need too much time to figure out how you can start exporting your projects to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

4. Photos App –Best Easy to Use Movie Maker for Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker was replaced on Windows 10 by the Photos App that offers only the very basic video editing tools. Even so, you can use it to create slideshows, short slow-motion videos or add customized text overlays to the footage.

Windows10 Photos Adding Text Interface

Moreover, the app provides a variety of filters that enable you to enhance the colors in your videos effortlessly, while the 3D effects the app features can be used to simulate rain, fire or even rainbows. The Photos app supports nearly all popular photo and video file formats, but it doesn’t offer support for 4K videos, and you can neither edit or export videos in 4K resolution with it.

You can check more details about How to Edit a Video in Windows 10 Photos

5. iMovie –Best Lightweight Movie Maker for macOS

This movie maker is an obvious choice for all novice video editors who want to process their footage on Mac computers. iMovie supports a wide range of video file formats including 4K resolution files which means that you can use it to edit and export high definition videos.

iMovie adding titles interface

Importing videos into the movie maker or arranging video clips on its timeline is a quick and effortless process that doesn’t take much time, and once you’re done performing the basic video editing tasks, you can create the opening titles, apply filters to the footage or create a PIP effect.

As a finishing touch, you can use the iMovie’s music library to create a soundtrack for your video.

Check the ultimate guide about How to Use iMovie to Edit Videos

6. Kdenlive –Best Open Source and Easy to Use Movie Maker for Linux OS

Even though editing videos in Kdenlive is by no means difficult, a certain amount of video editing skills is necessary in order to be able to utilize all the options this open source movie maker offers. You can import virtually any audio or video file into Kdenlive and use it in a project, so you don’t have to worry about re-encoding videos. 

Kdenlive interface

In addition, this Linux-based movie maker grants you the access to effects and transitions libraries you can use to manipulate your footage as you see fit. A wide range of add-ons that contain title templates or render profiles and speed up your workflow can be downloaded and installed directly from the Kdenlive movie maker.

7. Clipchamp - Best Online Easy to Use Movie Maker

Price: Free, subscription plans start at $6.00 per month

Clipchamp is an online video editing platform provides that services to users with different levels of video editing experience. In order to start making videos on Clipchamp, you must first create an account and select what type of content you want to produce with this online movie maker.

Clipchamp editing interface

Once you’re signed in, you can either start making a video from the videos you recorded by yourself or from the stock footage that the platform offers. You can also add transitions between clips, create opening titles or end credits in just a few clicks.

However, if you opt for the free version of Clipchamp you will only be able to export videos in 480p resolution.

Part 2: Best Free Easy to Use Movie Making Apps for iOS and Android OS

Editing videos on a laptop or desktop computer requires time, regardless of how minor the edits you want to make are. Movie making apps for iPhones and Android devices provide a simple solution to this problem and enable you to edit your videos minutes after you recorded them.

Let’s take a look at some of the best movie making apps you can find at GooglePlay and AppStore.

8. FilmoraGO

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Download filmoraGo  Download filmoraGo

Wondershare’s FilmoraGO unites simplicity and effectiveness. The app’s interface is easy to get used to, while its features are designed to help its users create stunning videos. You can use the app’s Crop&Rotate tools to make square or vertical videos, enhance colors using the Color Correction options and increase or decrease a clip’s playback speed.

Moreover, you can make the cuts between video clips less harsh by applying transitions or add opening titles to your videos in just a few taps. Making in-app purchases is necessary if you want to remove the logo roll or gain access to different visual effects packs.

9. KineMaster

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Making social media videos with KineMaster is fun because the app provides a lot of different video editing tools that allow you to experiment and try out new things. To make things even better, the app’s Asset Store is updated every week so you don’t have to use the same stickers, fonts or transitions all the time.

KineMaster  interface

KineMaster enables you to add multiple layers to a video clip and it features a number of blending modes you can use to create impressive visual effects. Audio editing options this movie making app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices offers are simply stunning since you can record voiceovers, apply audio effects or add music to your soundtracks.

The iOS-based version of KineMaster lets you export videos in 4K resolution and 60fps, while the Android version can only export 4K videos at 30fps.

10. Quik

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS, Android

This is a movie making an app for action video creators who use GoPro cameras to capture their footage. Quik is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to edit videos recorded with GoPro cameras from the HERO series while they are on the go. There are more than twenty customizable themes available, so you can just select the theme that matches the style of your video and then adjust its settings.

Easy to use Quik App

What’s more, Quik lets you select the video’s aspect ratio, making the process of creating vertical videos for IGTV or square videos effortless. Keep in mind that some models of GoPro cameras are not compatible with the app.

11. Magisto

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Android, iOS

This is an AI-powered movie maker that automatically stabilizes footage, crops videos or applies filters and visual effects to them. You just have to choose a Smart Video Editing Style and import the photos, videos, and music you’d like to include in the final cut of the video you’re making. Magisto is going to do the rest for you and you can then easily share your creations to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. 

Magisto Video Editor

The free version of the app offers a rather limited amount of options, which is why you should consider Premium or Professional subscription plans if you are considering using Magisto on a daily basis.

Videos will be more and more popular in the future years. If you're looking for some of the best apps for iPhone, especially the video editing apps for iOS, don't miss The Best and Most Popular iPhone Apps and our picks of the best video editing apps for iPhone & iPad.

Choosing the Right Movie Maker for Novice Video Editors

Finding a movie maker, you really like using can be a bit more complicated than it seems since there are so many different options available. The camera you have, your computer or the genre of videos you want to create should all play an important role during the process of selecting your first movie maker.

In case you’re just looking for a simple video editor that lets you process footage quickly you should opt for iMovie or Clipchamp, but if you would like to have access to more advanced video editing options then Filmora may be one of the best options on the market.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version


Creating video content that can potentially go viral is no longer a complicated process that takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Each of the movie makers we featured in this article offers more than enough video editing tools to create brilliant videos that are going to impress your followers on social media. Which movie maker are you going to be using to edit your videos in 2021? Leave a comment and let us know.

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