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[Complete Guide] Windows Movie Maker Download

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 06, 22, updated Apr 28, 24

Microsoft produced the movie editing software known as Windows Movie Maker. You can download Movie Maker Windows 10 or even in previous versions. This application can combine video, sound, still photos, and transcripts to make a customized movie. Its functions are simple to use and enjoyable to explore with, and its XML code enables users to create new transitions and effects or change current ones. It's also simple to upload finished Windows Movie Maker productions to video and social media platforms.

This guide explains everything you need to know about downloading windows movie maker. You can choose to use windows movie maker installation guide as well. With this Windows Movie Maker, you can choose from five different thumb sizes, which is probably plenty, and you can enlarge these clip representations using the zoom button at the bottom. Using the cursor insertion point and edit buttons, you can cut or divide clips. Once you're used to the app's distinct editing method, it becomes pretty simple.

In this article
  1. System Requirements for Windows Movie Maker
  2. Download and install Windows Movie Maker Windows 10
  3. Download and Install Windows Movie Maker Windows 7/8
  4. Best Windows Movie Maker Alternative to Use

Part 1. System Requirements for Windows Movie Maker

Beginners should use Windows Video Maker. Along with fundamental capabilities and workflow components seen in professional video editing systems, it is available for free on Windows PCs. Even inexperienced editors may understand it because to its simple chronology in the form of an understandable interface. Windows Movie Maker allows you to create your own movies. Create professional movies from your still and moving images. To aid in telling your tale, use transitions, sound, subtitles, and special effects.

Requirements Compatibility of Windows Movie Maker
Support System Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are all versions of Microsoft Windows.
Processor 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above such as an Intel Pentium III, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon, or equivalent processor
For Audio An audio capture device to capture audio from external sources
Hardware Memory 300MB space for installation
Graphics Card Super VGA (800x600) resolution graphics card with at least a 16-bit graphics card
Other Requirements 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

Part 2. Download and install Windows Movie Maker Windows 10

Anyone who wants to easily modify movies should use Movie Maker. The program offers every fundamental feature you need to create edited videos. Effects, transitions, titles and credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie are just a few of the features available in Windows Movie Maker. XML code may be used to create new effects and transitions as well as modify already existing ones. An easy-to-use tool for altering audio tracks is Windows Movie Maker. To audio tracks, Windows Movie Maker can add simple effects like fade-in and fade-out.

Steps to Download and Install Windows Movie Maker on Win 10

Step1 Download the File

You may download Windows Movie Maker to produce videos from photographs. Transitions, a soundtrack, title and credit text, among other things, are simple to add to your video. Complete the necessary file downloads by clicking on the download button(s) below. Depending on your download speed, this might take anything from a few minutes to many hours.

Download Windows Movie Maker

Step2 Run the Downloaded program File

The installation launch screen is given in the following image. To install the program, run "setup.exe" by double-clicking the downloaded setup file that you previously downloaded.

run windows movie maker installer
Step3 Set Personalized Installation

Follow the instructions to install Windows Movie Maker. .Net framework is a required for Windows Movie Maker. Launch the Windows Movie Maker Installer program to install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10.

install all windows essentials
Step4 Hit Install Button

Press the "Install" button after selecting Messenger, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker as the apps to be installed. You can now access Windows Movie Maker.

installing windows essentials 2012

Naturally, Microsoft also offered new video editing tools for Windows users once they ceased upgrading Windows Movie Maker. The complete version of Windows Movie Maker 2022 is now installed on your Windows 10 OS computer without any restrictions.

Part 3. Download and Install Windows Movie Maker Windows 7/8

Windows Movie Maker is a user-friendly and effective movie creation and editing software program created for the most recent versions of Windows 11 and Windows 7/8/10. Windows XP and Vista are compatible with the previous version. Only the Essentials package, a free collection of lifestyle and utility software for Windows 7 and Windows 8, which also contains Windows Photo Gallery, allows you to install Movie Maker. The single installer for all the Essentials applications gives you the choice to install all of them at once or just some of them.

Steps to Download and Install Windows Movie Maker on Win 7/8

Step1 Download the Installer

Start downloading Windows Live Essentials Movie Maker 12 by clicking on one of the links below. Windows Live Essentials Movie Maker has a standalone, complete offline installation available here. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 64-bit versions of Windows are all supported by this offline installation solution for Windows Movie Maker.

Download Installer

Step2 Open and Customize the File

Access the "Patch" folder. Apply the fix by running "". Although Windows Essentials installation is requested by the Windows Movie Maker installer, it is not required. You may click "Choose the programs you wish to install" instead to bypass it. You may now view your selections. We just need the picture gallery and the movie creator, so uncheck the boxes next to Writer, Messenger, and Mail. Click the "Choose the apps you wish to install" button after that.

Step3 Hit Install Button

Following this, the installation of Windows Movie Maker will begin when you click the install button. The installation is finished in a short while. After a successful installation, Windows Movie Maker can be added to your taskbar and a desktop shortcut can be made.

select programs to install windows
Step4 Launch the Editor

Free video editing software with a simple UI is called Windows Movie Maker. Click the provided download button to start the Windows movie maker download. The Windows Movie Maker utility download is completely secure and virus-free.

launch windows movie maker software

Part 4. Best Windows Movie Maker Alternative to Use

While there are now several excellent video editors available on the market, we will here suggest Filmora by Wondershare as the best replacement for Windows Movie Maker. Filmora is an extremely user-friendly video editor in terms of UI. It offers a simple user interface that even beginners may quickly grasp. By holding the mouse over any clip in the Media view, you can navigate through it thanks to a handy UX touch.

You may download Filmora for free on your computer running Windows 10 or Windows 11 and it is a very user-friendly movie editor. For novices who want to create explainer videos, training videos, demo videos, and more rapidly, Filmora is a simple yet advanced feature-packed tool. The great video templates make screen recording more alluring. You can make use of annotation tools like callouts, arrows, and drawing gestures to attract attention to essential information. Its structure is quite straightforward and easy to understand since it utilizes the timeline as the editing UI.

How to Edit Videos with Filmora:

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Install Filmora on your Windows PC

You must to download and install Wondershare Filmora on your computer before using it. This TV recorder on the fly may be used for your requirements. You can find every version of the Filmora software, including Windows and Mac versions, as well as the most current version.

You can now install it on your computer once you've done downloading it before you can use it with your laptop. It will bring you to the user-friendly UI of Filmora, where you may use the documentation function right away, as illustrated in the following figure:

install filmora on windows pc
Step2 Import the Content

A significant component of managing your raw footages is the Media library. All of the imported material, including the images, audio files, and movies, are now kept in Import Window. The media files are also included in the Music, Pictures, and Videos sections. This top free video editing program has new built-in sound tracks to simplify your job. As the video backdrop music, you can either choose the built-in music or local audio files.

import the content
Step3 Create the Movies

Finally, you may edit your audio recordings using tools that are completely customizable. Use the editor in Filmora to edit your recorded audio files, using simple to advanced editing techniques. Your recorded video can be improved using Filmora's Editor by adding animated titles, spectacular effects, audio enhancements, and more.

create the movies
Step4 Add Special Effects to Your Video

Wondershare Filmora was created primarily to give your films a polished appearance. You may utilize a variety of its eye-catching and adjustable effects to make your video productions stand out from the competition. In this area, we've covered some of the best effects for bringing life to your dull, unprofessional films.

add special effects to video
Step5 Save or Share the Videos

Finally, you can use the complete Filmora editor as previously mentioned when you've done editing the recorded video. When you want to submit your creative work right away to YouTube or another well-known website, click the Export option and choose the platform where you want to share your video clip. If you like, you may even make changes to the video before uploading it.

The Bottom Line

Looking to create captivating movies from video clips? The best tool for the purpose can be Windows Movie Maker. While Windows Movie Maker allows for basic track editing, such as the addition of fade-in and fade-out effects for audio tracks, yet, using Filmora program gives you a variety of tools to create professional-looking films, including timeline narration, transition overlays, animations, and audio choices. This way, you might use the suggested movie maker to make movies with a professional tool and sharing it with others.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 28, 24
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