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Top 10 Intro Makers for PC in 2021 [Online and Offline]

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Whenever you create a video to convey a story, or for business, retirement, movie, and more, the first thing you concentrate on would be the intro. Here we provide you with the ten best intro maker app for PC, and in addition, we have given you few tips to create an eye-catching intro.

Part 1: 4 Best Intro Makers for PC [Offline]

1. Filmora and its Template Mode

Filmora is one of the best intro makers download for PC as it simplifies the advanced features to save your time and effort. It offers a template mode from where you could select the perfect template outline and edit using options like change background, split-screen the video, and add- transitions, filters, motion elements, and titles found exclusively in Filmora Template Mode.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


  1. It supports custom animation, motion tracking, and audio ducking.
  2. This tool allows faster editing of the video using hotkey commands.
  3. It has a speed control option along with a color grading feature.


  1. Add effects and filters to the video at ease with Filmora.
  2. Plenty of presets and add-on filters are available.


The free trial version keeps watermarks on the created video.

2. Movavi

Movavi is an intro maker free download for PC, a perfect tool to create an intro video using your creative ideas. It has a simple interface with intuitive control to make fun, professional videos. You could get titles, transitions, stickers, and more created by professional designers in the effects store. The footage thus produced will be processed and rendered at high speed.


  1. It offers special effects, animations, and ready-made intros.
  2. It supports chroma key, stabilize, and stylize options.
  3. It allows inserting a picture in a picture and voiceover.


  1. It takes only 20 minutes to create a video.
  2. The refined user interface is easy to use.


Bit slow when working on heavy files.

3. Light works

This intro maker download for PC comes with a powerful timeline wherein you could drag and drop the images or videos needed to support all files no matter what format it is in. It also allows you to share your work with your partner with selective access. You could find more options under editing, effects, color, and audio.


  1. It supports texts, transitions, titles, and preset effects.
  2. It allows adjusting color, balance, brightness, and tones.
  3. It permits browsing, play, edit, and mix audio.


  1. Flexible editor with customization options.
  2. Free access to royalty-free video and audio.


The free version has few defects when using.

4. Blender

This software is a perfect choice for professionals as it has different inbuilt features which support modeling, VFX, animation, 2D, and 3D. Thus, this intro maker free download for PC will help you to create a perfect intro video. With this tool, you could adjust layouts, colors, texts, and fonts used in the video and adjust the size of the video.


  1. It supports sound synchronization during animation.
  2. It allows combining 2D with 3D in the viewport.
  3. It permits audio mixing, scrubbing, and syncing.


  1. Video editing and composition are smooth.
  2. Film animation is possible using Blender.


It is not easy to use.

Part 2: Top 6 Online Intro Makers

1. Panzoid

Panzoid is an online intro maker for PC. So you don’t require space for installing the application but need only the space for downloading the created video using the available options. It offers three tools, namely, clip maker, backgrounder, and video editor.

intro maker panzoid


  1. It offers 3D video editing and audio tools.
  2. It has its own media library with text overlay.
  3. It permits to perform split and merge video.


  1. Panzoid helps you to create a 3D intro video.
  2. Free unique templates are available for digital arts.


It isn’t easy to operate and use the software.

2. IntroCave

This best intro maker app for PC is an online application to create an intro video for your YouTube channel. It offers multiple templates to choose from, which forms the base for creating video. Create HD quality video using customizing options like logo, background image, title, subtitle, and color.

intro maker introcave


  1. It allows creating intro videos, outros, and logos.
  2. It supports animations like simple fade effects.
  3. It combines text and logos in the templates chosen.


  1. Introcave is easy to use with good templates.
  2. Add external audio files in the intro.


It needs paid version for high-quality video.

3. Offeo

This intro maker for PC online has unlimited assets of templates to create a video. Offeo platform is useful to create stunning and professional videos for all occasions by animating the text inserted and adding transitions to the images and video clips chosen.

intro maker offeo


  1. It allows you to animate the contents with one click.
  2. It supports removing the image background.
  3. It has more than 3000 customized templates.


  1. Time-saving and simple to use.
  2. This online platform is cloud-based.


The maximum time limit for the video created is 3 minutes.

4. MotionDen

MotionDen has a collection of studio-quality designed intro templates to choose from in the library. Once the template is selected, you could preview the template, displaying the number of images and texts needed to use the template. This best intro maker app for PC can also be excellent to create the best outros.


  1. It offers high-quality animation and the best effects for video.
  2. You could create customized and animated video content.
  3. It permits you to add texts, colors, and music to your intro.


  1. Videos can be created and downloaded for free.
  2. It has 27 different categories of templates.


You cannot start to create videos from scratch.

5. Tube Arsenal

This online tool provides customizable templates for YouTubers, filmmakers, video editors, and gamers. The templates displayed are of top quality. You could also use it to create a custom intro, logo animation, lower thirds, and outro. When choosing the templates, you could filter to find the perfect one.


  1. It offers an unlimited download of templates.
  2. It doesn’t require any plugins to create a video.
  3. To use this platform, you needn’t require After Effects.


  1. You don’t want an account to get started.
  2. Both 2D and 3D effects are supported.


You need to pay to download the video created.

6. Placeit

Placeit has thousands of ready-to-use templates to create an intro maker for PC. Also, other than intros, it has premade templates made for mockups, designs, logos, videos, and gaming. It comes with tools like image cropper, video cropper, and video to GIF converter.

intro maker placeit


  1. Placeit has more than 51100 templates.
  2. This platform has a drag and drop interface.
  3. You could subscribe for unlimited downloads.


  1. You can find high-resolution templates.
  2. The search option is made convenient.


You cannot upload custom fonts.

Part 3: How Can I Make an Intro on My Computer?

Here we will give you the guide to creating an intro using Filmora intro maker for PC.

Step 1: Select template

Open the application, and from the various templates available, choose the template you need and click on it to watch the preview.

Step 2: Import video clips

Now, import the media files like images or videos by clicking on the Import file option.

Step 3: Export

Once the images and videos are chosen, click on the Auto-create option to create the video. Preview the video and click on Export to download.

Part 4: Tips for Making an Eye-Catching Intro

In addition, here we give you tips to produce an eye-catching intro.

Tip 1: Try to keep the opening short. Let it not exceed more than 15 seconds.

Tip 2: Don’t forget to introduce the logo of your company or channel.

Tip 3: Give a presentable title so that the viewers will know the video.

Tip 4: Choose the best opener template from the intro maker chosen.

Tip 5: Animate the text used in the intro to make it more attractive.


Thus, the above article explained in detail intro maker free downloads for PC and the online tools to create an intro video. Now, try and make the best intro for videos using the tips and the software discussed.

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