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Best 16 Motion Blur Apps for Videos & Photos

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

The blur observed in moving objects captured through the camera is called the motion blur effect. This, in particular, occurs due to the movement of the camera, subject, or both elements combined. People observe this effect in their real life through their eyes; thus, the motion blur effect is put into practice to give the clip or photo a touch of reality.

It is essentially used to display the message of speed or show the fast progression of time. Any object moving through a fast motion can be accompanied by the motion blur effect. There are many applications available to cater to this purpose. In this article, we will recommend some top-notch motion blur apps that will help you achieve this feat in no time.

In this article
      1. CapCut
      2. NSMB - Motion Blur Video
      3. BlurEffect - Blur Photo & Video
      4. Snapseed
      5. Picsart Photo Editor & Video
      6. Blur Video and Photo Editor
      7. Blur.r Photo, Pic.ture Motion
      8. Motion Blur Photo Effect
      9. Motion Blur Photo Editor
      1. Wondershare Filmora - The Best Motion Blur Effect App on Desktop
      2. Vegas Pro - Create Natural-Looking Motion Blurs With Ease
      3. Adobe Premiere Pro - Professionally Edit Motion Blur Videos
    1. Lunapic
    2. Aspose
    3. Kapwing
    4. Flixier

Part 1: Best 9 Motion Blur Effect Apps for iPhone and Android

Name Price Support System Motion Blur for Photos Motion Blur for Videos
CapCut $0.99 - $74.99 Per Item iPhone/Android Yes Yes
NSMB - Motion Blur Video Not Provided Android No Yes
BlurEffect - Blur Photo & Video Full version: $39.99
Premium - Monthly: $3.99
Ad-Free & Watermark-Free: $14.99
Up to 5 Minutes & Watermark-Free & Ad-Free: $19.99
Premium - Annual: $19.99
iPhone Yes Yes
Snapseed Free iPhone/Android Yes No
Picsart Photo Editor & Video Ad Remover: $5.99
Girl Minisketch: $1.99
Food: $1.99
Cartoon Animal Package: $2.99
Grunge Stickers: $0.99
Girly: $0.99
Horoscope: $1.99
Cute Thanksgiving: $2.99
Happy Thanksgiving: $2.99
Aliens: $0.99
iPhone/Android Yes Yes
Blur Video and Photo Editor $0.99 - $99.99 Per Item Android Yes Yes
Blur.r Photo, Pic.ture Motion Monthly Subscription: $ 11.98
Weekly Subscription: $ 6.98
One Week Subscription: $ 3.98
Yearly Subscription: $ 94.98
iPhone Yes No
Motion Blur Photo Effect Premium Access: $7.99 - $29.99 iPhone Yes No
Motion Blur Photo Editor Not Provided Android Yes No

There are many motion blur effect applications available in the market, providing direct services for iPhone and Android users. However, finding the best app for this purpose is essential, which is why we came up with a list of the best motion blur apps that can be used on iPhone and Android.

1.     CapCut

While it is known as an easy-to-use application, CapCut stands among the most premium mobile applications that help you create professional videos that can be posted on social media platforms. CapCut comes up with a dedicated motion blur effect that allows users to create stabilized videos with complete control over the speed of the video.

Following other adjustments in the video, CapCut is a complete tool designed to create advanced videos, including different effects such as motion blur.

capcut motion blur app

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

Key Features

  • You can quickly put transitions between the video and the clips to blend in perfectly.
  • Video clips can be animated with the help of zoom-in and out effects, providing all major professional touchups a video can have.
  • Execute a perfect motion blur video with the help of the multi-track timeline for arranging and previewing clips.
  • It provides the option of including music clips and sound effects on the videos from the vast collection.
  • It supports exporting videos in 4K and 60fps with Smart HDR technology.
  • Won’t work perfectly if the RAM and hardware of the phone are limited.

2.     NSMB - Motion Blur Video

The motion blur effect is a great feature that can enhance the quality of the video and make it look realistic if used properly. NSMB - Motion Blur Video is an Android motion blur application that features the option of creating such videos in a matter of seconds.

With no particular learning requirement, NSMB makes the process look easy. You have to set the intensity of video, and that's all you need to do within this application.

nsmb motion blur app

Download: Google Play Store

Key Features

  • While the platform is easy-to-use, the interface is quite simple to understand, with no confusing structures.
  • The platform comes up with an intelligent motion blur that automatically executes the process.
  • It works with Android devices from Android 5.0 and later, making it a compatible tool with all major Android devices.
  • You can set the resolution of your exported video to 1080p, which is a Full HD result.
  • Set an appropriate fps value for your exported video with the available options.
  • Long rendering times, which are not optimized and take up time.

3.     BlurEffect - Blur Photo & Video

BlurEfffect - Blur Photo & Video is another great iOS application that provides the option of adding motion blur effects. This tool is built to include the blur effect to perfection in general. With defining blur options, you can create motion blur effects easily on your added videos. The functions are diverse and quite effective if appropriately observed.

blureffect motion blur app

Download: App Store

Key Features

  • As the name exclaim, it works perfectly for photos and videos, likewise.
  • The paid version of the application can save videos up to 1080p in quality.
  • It provides the feature of managing the strength of the "Auto Blurs" feature for controlling motion blur.
  • Multiple effects are available on the platform, including normal blurs, pixelated and dotted blurs, etc.
  • It also provides the option of trimming videos before adding the blur effect to them.
  • The resolution of the video is lowered after blurring it out.

4.     Snapseed

Google presented a great and quick photo editor for users confused about finding their perfect option. Snapseed was designed as a professional photo editor that allows users to add multiple touchups to the photo that is being edited.

While it backs itself up with Google Photos, this professional photo editor is enhanced and interconnected. Snapseed makes photo touchups simple; however, it does provide advanced functions that can help create motion blur pictures.

snapseed motion blur app

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

Key Features

  • It combines with 29 different tools and filters, which also includes creating motion blur pictures.
  • 38 predefined text styles are available in the editor for creating the text of different styles and forms.
  • Create effects with multiple exposures brought with HDR Scape.
  • Enhance a specific photo element with the help of the Face Enhance feature, which adds focus to the facial features.
  • You can selectively retouch the photo and manage its exposure, saturation, and other elements.
  • The application has no undo button, making it challenging to manage edits.

5.     Picsart Photo Editor & Video

Picsart is a renowned photo and video editor available on App Store and Play Store. This exceptional editor covers a creative set of features combined with artificial intelligence to present some of the best options for retouching photos and videos. If you seek to create a motion blur effect with this application, it surely won’t disappoint, presenting a high-resolution result.

picsart motion blur app

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

Key Features

  • It helps users customize photos and videos with customizable brushes, layers, and drawing tools.
  • Present a realistic display of motion blur with the help of the multiple effects and filters used for blending in perfectly.
  • More than 60 million stickers are available in Picsart, which can be effectively used within any editing media.
  • You can easily share the edited content with your friends through the platform.
  • It provides multiple video effects and trendy filters to make video editing easier.
  • There is a lot of lag in the application while editing the video.

6.     Blur Video and Photo Editor

This is one of the motion blur apps that provides a simple set of options for managing and enhancing the videos and photos on your Android device. Motion blur can be confusing if not managed properly; however, Blur Video and Photo Editor provides a simple platform to include the blurry effect and make the moving object look perfect in the preview.

blur video and photo editor

Download: Google Play Store

Key Features

  • You can blur out the background of the imported photo or video while adjusting the intensity with the help of an easy tool.
  • It also allows you to pixelate the unwanted sections and portions of the media files.
  • Define more than one area for blurring with the help of shapes.
  • It features the intuitive option of blurring out an object that is moving in the video.
  • You can track an object with a simple definition of the area within the platform.
  • The user interface is not exceptional, with buttons that are not even usable.

7.     Blur.r Photo, Pic.ture Motion

Not many tools provide a simple and customized set of options for including motion blur within photos and other media. Blur.r Photo, Pic.ture Motion has been tangibly designed to improvise a perfect motion-blurring photo platform. While it provides a quick set of tools to work with, the results are exquisite and better than most in the market.

blur.r photo pic.ture motion app

Download: App Store

Key Features

  • Set the intensity of the blurriness and size on the photo with custom tools.
  • A complete set of sharing options is available on the platform, which is covered in a single click.
  • For detailed blurring, you can consume the option of Zoom and Pan the photo.
  • You can easily undo and redo actions on the edited photos to avoid repeating actions and wasting time.
  • Use different filters within photos to edit them to perfection.
  • It does not allow for adjustment of the intensity of the blur, as stated in the services.

8.     Motion Blur Photo Effect

While finding the perfect motion blur effect app on iPhone for presenting realistic effects in photos, you might come across Motion Blur Photo Effect, a perfect motion blur photo application for iOS users. The tool is known for its fast processing and quick execution, with an easy-to-use interface for creating perfect blurred pictures.

You can find multiple features and effects in this application that relate to motion blur, providing a diverse range of options when seeking this effect.

motion blur photo effect app

Download: App Store

Key Features

  • Protects the user's privacy while maintaining its policy of avoiding illegal breaches.
  • Emphasize the light spot in the background of a picture with the help of the Bokeh effect.
  • Get a complete set of blur effects to include in the photo, which features advanced functionality.
  • You can find different types of blur effects, such as Zoom Blur, Motion Blur, and Mosaic Effect, to enhance the motion blur.
  • It is extremely simple and quick in procession.
  • It does not provide motion blurring for videos, making it restricted.

9. Motion Blur Photo Editor

Adding realistic effects to images is important if your work involves professional requirements. Motion blur is an effect used in multiple places, which makes it a critical feat to achieve. While obtaining the effect, the simplicity of the procedure holds importance. This is why Motion Blur Photo Editor gives the perfect result with explicit functions and features to enhance the motion blur effect.

motion blur photo editor

Download: Google Play Store

Key Features

  • Make your images look realistic with the help of magic effects.
  • Manage different elements, including the text and other features, such as the brightness of the tool.
  • It allows you to share the rendered result on different social applications.
  • Features support for Android devices with OS 4.2 or above.
  • The process of including motion blur in photos is quite basic.
  • An outdated application, which was last updated in 2019.

Part 2: 3 Motion Blur Apps for Mac and Windows

As you have consulted the motion blur apps for iPhone and Android, you might require something more professional. For this, you first have to shift onto a computer or Mac that provides you with a perfect platform for creating content. Let’s find out some top-notch motion blur effect apps that you can use on your Mac and Windows:

1. Wondershare Filmora- The Best Motion Blur Effect App on Desktop

Free Download
Free Download

Not many tools provide a complete set of tools to manage the videos on your computer and create the best version out of them. Wondershare Filmora is a complete package for creating a motion blur effect on a video.

With a quick and effective toolkit available on the platform, Filmora turns out to simplify the process, thereby making the process look basic. Filmora unleashes the creativity of a beginner, helping them create a perfect video with its intuitive and impressive interface.

Supported System

  • Windows, Mac, and iOS


  • Month Plan: $19.99
  • Annual Plan: $49.99
  • Perpetual Plan: $79.99

Key Features

  • It provides support to a variety of file formats which allows you to recreate motion blur out of any video with ease.
  • The variety of video transformation features offered in the tool is exquisite, where you can manage motion tracking, stabilization, and several other video parameters.
  • Use effects and transitions to create the perfect motion blur video for yourselves.
  • You can find the support of resolution up to 4K in the video editing platform.
  • It also features the option of enhancing GPU acceleration for faster encoding.
  • Puts a watermark on the export video for the free version.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Motion Blur Effect on Filmora

We will now discuss how you can create a motion blur effect on Filmora, the best app for motion blur, using the right tools. First, look into the steps provided below for a better understanding:

Step 1 Add Video File to Platform.

Launch Wondershare Filmora on your computer and select “Create New Project” to open a new canvas. Click on the "Arrow" icon to import the video or photo.

import the media file
Step 2 Cut Down Sections of Clips.

As you add the media into the timeline, lead to the point where you want to add the motion blur. Select the “Scissors” icon for splitting the clip and repeat this for every point where you want to add the effect.

split the media file
Step 3 Include the Blur Effect.

Access the "Effects" tab and look for the "Blur" effect. Add the blur effect by dragging it into the timeline on the split part of the video.

search the blur effects
Step 4 Change Parameters to Smoothen Results.

Adjust the parameters of the added effect to make it smooth. You can also access the "Dissolve" option in the Transitions. Add the motion blur effect and perform other vital changes in parameters that are required.

add the dissolve transition
Step 5 Export Video File.

Afterward, select the “Export” button and define the desired resolution and frame rate to conclude. You can also share your video on your social media accounts.

export the edited video

2. Vegas Pro - Create Natural-Looking Motion Blurs With Ease

Vegas Pro is an impressive video editing platform that provides the option of creating motion blurs that look completely natural. It does not edit a specific element in the video but allows you to make changes in any other element that can be used to define motion. Motion blur can be added and edited to a fraction of a second with this platform.

vegas pro interface

3. Adobe Premiere Pro - Professionally Edit Motion Blur Videos

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great tool for improvising professional videos. With quick edits, you can come across every second of the video and present the perfect editing model with the help of the advanced toolkit. The major issue with such platforms is the high learning curve that prevents many users from considering this platform for tasks like executing motion blur in videos.

adobe premiere pro interface

Part 3: Best 4 Online Motion Blur Tools

Many online platforms feature the option of introducing motion blur effects on videos. While we point out the best ones in the list, you should carefully assess them all to know more about them:

1. Lunapic

Lunapic is a great option for introducing motion blur into pictures. Being an online tool, it is pretty straightforward with its functionality, as you will only have to adjust some settings in the picture to edit it. Lunapic, being an online photo editor, provides different editing functions and tools in its interface. The result of motion blur turns out to be excellent in terms of it being an online tool.

lunapic online motion blur app
  • You can scale the image before putting a motion blur on the output.
  • Add different shapes to highlight the image that is being edited.
  • It provides an outdated interface when compared with other online photo editing tools.

2. Aspose

This excellent photo editing platform provides you with a dedicated function of adding motion blur to an image as a filter. Aspose allows adding files from the computer and Dropbox while providing a straightforward process of putting motion blur into a photo. You have to adjust the filter parameters to create the perfect picture.

aspose online motion blur app
  • You can also detect objects within the image with the help of the “Object detection” feature.
  • Create Photo Book Maker along with including motion blurs on the image for managing a collection of pictures.
  • It does not offer any adjustment sliders and options while performing motion blur.

3. Kapwing

As an online tool, Kapwing provides many features that can be used to edit videos. Its ability to blur the videos is exceptional and tends to offer great results with the least of parameters. Users who are uncomfortable with editing videos on professional tools can consider this an alternative.

kapwing online motion blur app
  • No spam and ads are present in the tool while protecting the user's information.
  • The tool provides AI-Powered features, which can be easily used to manage videos.
  • It does not maintain the quality of the videos after exporting the edits.

4. Flixier

For quick motion blurs, people can use Flixier to create motion blurs with its pixelating technology. Along with other features for managing videos and enhancing their outlook, Flixier can be used for editing videos quickly. You can easily attach the effect while setting up its time parameters and other functions.

flixier online motion blur app
  • You can integrate the features used in Flixier for creating videos for your YouTube channel.
  • Works on low-powered devices, including Chromebooks and old devices.
  • There are not a lot of features available on the online platform, limiting its use.

Last Words

This article has provided an overview of the best motion blur apps you can find in the market to create a realistic effect on your photo or video. As the article covers all kinds of compatible devices, it turns out to be an informative article to go through. Ensure to fill in all the details and see which application serves the best purpose.

For iOS and Android devices, CapCut turns out to be a great option to work with. Filmora has shown promising results with its Mac and Windows version, and Kapwing presents an excellent interface to edit videos regardless of being an online editor. Wondershare Filmora provides the best features for creating motion blur pictures and videos if you tend to work on your desktop.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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