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A Beginner's Guide to Use Lunapic Photo Editor

Perfectly edited photos can exempt you from putting extra effort into delivering your message. This article will describe and provide accurate guidelines about the Lunapic editor to edit your pictures like a pro.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated May 20, 24

A professionally edited photo can easily have an impactful and influencing power to captivate the audience. Lunapicphotoeditor will provide you with similar extraordinary results with the help of its key features and tools. Through this tool, you can save the images in various formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPG, and many more. You can also directly save the edited photo on cloud storage platforms like Google Drive. Are you excited?

As the Lunapic editor is user-friendly, you can share your multiple edited images on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other online sites. You can also enter the URL of any image and start editing it instantly through this editor.

If you have never done photo editing, utilize this article as an ultimate guide to using Lunapic photo editor quickly and through a simpler approach. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Tips and Tricks to Help You Use Lunapic Photo Editor Like A Pro

Read this section to get aware of helpful tips and editing methods that you can utilize while editing any image. Just with a few clicks and swipes, you can use a single image differently by editing it with smart tricks. You will surely learn a lot!

1. Use Auto Crop

 In photography, the subject in your image should be aligned perfectly so that it can attach the attention of the audience quickly. That's why cropping the image is required and necessary to make perfect alignments. Every photo editor has a tool to crop the image, but Lunapic photo editor stands out as it offers an exclusive auto-crop feature. This Lunapic crop option can automatically adjust the ratios by making the picture's subject align in the center.

If you are not satisfied with the auto-crop feature, you can manually crop the picture according to your preferences. Thus, auto-crop helps in situations where you don't have extra time to manage the ratios and borders of the frame manually. This is great!

auto crop lunapic feature

2. Remove Dull Background

Do you know that a tedious and inappropriate background in the picture can ruin the whole artistic element? Make sure that you capture images by considering an appealing yet appropriate background. However, if you still encounter problematic backgrounds in your pictures, you can use the “Auto Background Remover” of Lunapic online and can instantly eradicate the background from the frame.

Moreover, this tool offers Lunapic transparent background that can make the backgrounds of the images clear and translucent. Looks promising!

remove background lunapic tool

3. Utilize Blemish Remover

Do you feel hesitant to post your selfies on your social media account due to the blemishes or pimples on your face? No need to worry, as the Lunapic online photo editor has introduced a beauty tool that can naturally remove scars, pimples, or any sort of blemishes from the face.

Just point out the blemish on your face, and this tool will instantly remove it to make your selfie flawless and beautiful. Truly a great option!

use blemish remover tool

4. Replace Color

Replacing any particular color from the image seems tough and complicated, but Lunapic online has made it possible for its users. For this, just head to the feature of “Color Picker” and select any color from its displayed options. Just by tapping on your favorite color, the tool will automatically apply the color to the image.

color picker tool

For a subtle and softer effect on your image, you can also click on the option of "Change Color Tint," and the Lunapic color changer will again display the color options for you. Keep in mind to select a color that goes well with the theme and meaning of your captured photo. Consider trying this!

change image color tint

5. Add Animation Effects

Have you ever used animation effects from a photo editor? Lunapic online photo editor brings tons of exciting and lively animation effects that you can implement on your photos. Examples of animation effects are polaroid pile, raindrops, old movie effect, snowfall, dissolution, and pixilation.

Just click on your preferred animation effect and make your images lively and high-spirited without using an additional animation tool. Sounds perfect!

add animation effects to image

6. Add Interesting Borders

Without dazzling borders on your pictures, photo editing is incomplete. Lunapic photo editor consists of multiple options for borders that you can choose while considering the meaning and genre of your picture. The options for borders of the pictures include a glass button, picture frame, vignette, cellphone picture, and many more.

You can also manually craft a border for your picture by using its border tool. In this particular tool, you can set the thickness and color of the border by your choice. You can also apply a 3D border to your images for more dimension. Make sure to try it!

add interesting image borders

7. Make Use of Paint Bucket

Are you interested in drawing and painting tools? Lunapic photo editor enables its users to explore and apply paint bucket features to their images. On the paint bucket option, you can choose various patterns such as flowers, canvas, grass, marble, money, bricks, and many more. After selecting a pattern, you can select the color range and its opacity from the given options.

Now just tap on your image, and the selected pattern along with the color will be applied to your photo instantly. Isn’t it great?

paint bucket feature

8. Add Custom Watermarks

Watermarks on the images can prevent the pictures from being copied, but you can also own that image permanently. Lunapic editor offers the option through which people can add customized watermarks to the pictures by deciding the color, font, style, and size manually. Moreover, you can select the position and alignment of the watermark easily through this tool.

You can also adjust the transparency rate of the added watermark, and thus with a few clicks, your own designed watermark will be added to the image. Make sure to choose a unique combination of color and fonts for the watermark to be more peculiar and to get more highlighted. Consider trying it!

add text watermark

9. Add Catchy Captions

Captions on the images are added so that people can use them as Instagram or Facebook stories. Also, bloggers use captions embedded images to post them on their blog sites. Lunapic photo editor gives you the option to add catchy and funny captions to your images by manually selecting the font and color of the text.

insert photo captions

10. Apply Dynamic Filters and Effects

Filters and effects are an integral part of any photo editor as they can change the whole perspective of the image. Lunapic photo editor comprises numerous filters and effects that can define the message and can highlight the meaning behind your picture. Explore different filters of Lunapic editor such as night vision, HDR lighting, soft lighting, neon, and many more.

neon filter of lunapic editor

You can also check the effects provided by this tool to add more style and artistic elements to your pictures. By combining aesthetic filters and effects, you can make a single image different each time and can use it for various purposes. This is perfect!

color glitch effect by lunapic

Last Words

Lunapic photo editor is no different than any other professional and reliable tool. In fact, you can make use of this tool without buying an expensive subscription and gaining professional experience. Through this article, we have jotted down the tips in a well-structured and descriptive manner to use this tool without facing inconvenience. Make sure to try it!

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