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Top Action Games That You Should Play

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Action games are loved by most of professional gamers and they often spend hours on such adventurous gaming platforms. Market is currently loaded with lots of action games but we have brought details about some of the top rated collections for you. Get some details below and switch to your gaming console to enjoy real action:

Android Action Games

1 Alto’s Adventure

Price: Free


It is well recognised as top runner game of year 2016 where players need to ski down from a hill while avoiding lots of obstacles on the way. This game is designed with simple and smooth graphics so that players can enjoy endless playing hours on this nature connected action game. It is a low cost option but free version contains limited features.

2 Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Price: Free


This offroad adventurous racing game is designed with 5 different modes where players can enjoy 500 challenges in more than 400 races and there are about 35 classy vehicles. You can also switch to the multiplayer version where a team of maximum eight opponents can enjoy on the same platform with lots of challenges on the way. Asphalt Xtreme is available for free but you need to make in app purchases.

3 Critical Ops

Price: Free


It is one of the top rated first person type shooter games where players have to play role in terrorist or counter terrorist unit. Critical Ops is one of the best mobile shooter game that also supports multiplayer mode so you can enjoy with your friends too. This game is good choice for you if you love social shooters and it is available for free but with in app purchases.

Best Action Games on PC

1 Saints Row IV

Price: Free

Saints Row IV is one of the biggest competitors against world famous GTA platform. It contains a thrilling action story with lots of missions and challenges on the way. This game works beyond the rules of physics so you will find characters running with superpowers on buildings; sometimes they appear faster than bullet. There are lots of funny, critical and adventurous moments that you will love to enjoy for hours.

2 Grand Theft Auto IV

Price: Free


Every action lover knew this name and most of the gamers have this adventurous game on their consoles. There are lots of crazy things to do while moving the Vice City but you need to stay safe from police too. It is designed with modern controls and the new HD technology make it more interesting but the sad part is that it is all about series of crimes and theft.

3 Beyond Good & Evil

Price: Free


This game is designed with an epic storyline with lots of action and adventure involved at every next step. There are lots of amazing characters and graphics are well crafted with game controls like puzzle solving strategy. The game story revolves around the main character Jade performing as a photographer but there are lots of conspiracies and secrets hidden inside this gaming platform.

4 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Price: Free


Here is a fight game that is designed with smart controls and open world bloody content. Players will have to go through so many critical stages while staying powerful against enemies. You will really love to fight with spirits with lots of challenges on the way.

Best PlayStation 4 Action Games

1 Prey

There is horror all around with lots of thrilling moments and you need to practice hard to survive against all odds. You will have to move in a space station and make efforts to reactivate your damaged parts but at the same time you need to stay safe from lots of powerful enemies that are moving around.

2 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

You will definitely find it interesting with amazing HD graphics and lots of crash moments. This game is available with three different platforms where each one is containing a series of epic challenges with lots of impressive characters.

3 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted is designed with a unique storyline that is featured around few popular action world characters. You will be able to visit to many stunning destinations with cinematic story and there are lots of puzzles packed with action at every next step.

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