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Top Camera Games

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Camera games bring lots of fun to player’s gaming hours with their realistic and highly intuitive controls. Below are some of the top rated camera games that you must play:

Best PS4 Camera Games

1 The Playroom

Price: Free

Most of the time users find this game pre-loaded in their PS4 platform. This game lets gamers learn the basic PS4 controls with its intuitive and easy to use interface. It takes controls by capturing your movements from cameras and performs realistic things on screen as per your commands. It is available for free with lots of joyful things wrapped inside.

2 Just Dance

Price: Free


Just Dance makes your entertaining dance hours more adventurous with its realist controls. The game takes help from the camera to pick up all your dance movements and it throws them on the PS4 screen. Users need to make more efforts to adjust distance, lighting and angle of the camera for this game.

3 Rabbids Invasion

Price: Free


This game is specially designed for kids but due to its interactive gameplay lost of adults and teens love to spend time on its intuitive interface. There are so many features inside like Photo Booth function that allows users to capture selfies. Its augmented reality-based controls make it a perfect fun app for the whole family. The sad part is that it finds little difficulty to recognise small kids on camera but works well with teenagers and adults.

Top List of Xbox One Kinect Games

1 Boom Ball

Price: $79

This game suits all age groups with its virtual reality-based challenges. It offers much active, satisfying and highly responsive gameplay where players can enjoy single and double player mode. All that you need to do is solve puzzles, smash bricks and hit balls to have lots of fun.

2 Xbox Fitness

Price: Free

Here is something special for those who want to enjoy gaming with workouts. You can access lots of workouts on this platform that lead to optimized, instant and personalized results for your power, heart rate and form improvement. It offers lots of in-app purchases.

3 Dance Central Spotlight

Price: $79

If you love to dance then this game is made for you as it works on the basis of your dance moves. It recognizes all your movements via camera and then as per senses motion it generates points for your moves. Most of the dance lovers like to use this app as their dance exercise supporter.

Best Augmented Reality (AR) Games for Android

1 Bee Ready

Price: Free


This simple to play game keeps camera engaged with a bunch of bees that players need to shoot to improve their score. There are lots of challenges and players need to pay more attention towards health as when it goes down you lose your game. You need not to worry about in-app purchases but yes there are limited features.

2 Domino World

Price: $2.99 only


Domino World is one of the most crazy project for the year 2017 where players can do so many adventurous things with enhanced camera-based controls. There are lots of features for dominos courses but players can enjoy this game on a limited number of devices.

3 Ingress

Price: Free

It is one of the best options for Android users where players need to work for teams. There are lots of challenges involved in every next step; gamers call it one of the potential competitors against Pokemon Go. It is available for free but forces players to do several in-app purchases; that’s annoying.

Best Augmented Reality (AR) Games for iPhone

1 Pokemon Go

Price: Free

This game was developed with impressive augmented reality by Pokemon Company and it is a great hit in the gaming world. This game works perfectly on iOS and Android systems with real-world entertainment. Pokemon Game theme lets players enjoy perfect contrast between the virtual and real-world and they can play it in single as well as multiplayer mode. You can get this app from iOS and Android store for free and the best news is that it does not have any drawback, it’s all fun.

2 Layar – Augmented Reality

Price: Free


Layar allows users to access it from iOS as well as android platforms with full features controls. It was the very first game that launched the concept of augmented reality on mobile platform with lots of intuitive controls. You will find lots of digital content on this application that allows easy connectivity with the real world and the most interesting news is that it is available in multiple languages. Beginners need to spend more time to be friendly with this platform.

3 AR Basketball – Augmented Reality Basketball Game

Price: Free


This game makes use of the camera to enable users to play basketball game with augmented reality. AR Basketball is currently available in iOS as well as Google play store. It works on the basis of hand movements of players that are tracked with the help of camera and basketball moves accordingly in the field and into the basket. Users need to practice it more to get a proper idea about direction controls; also you need to keep your phone stable while playing this game.

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