Filmora Scrn
Best screen recorder on Window 8 for you to capture Screen and Audio.
  • Record the entire screen or just a part of your screen
  • Record for any occasion: gameplay, webinar, video, etc
  • Capture video, system audio, webcam and mic at the same time

How To Record Your Screen On Windows 8

There can be many reasons as to why you need to record computer screen on your Windows 8 PC. Whether you want to record your screen for revision purposes, whether you want to have a particular video or movie on your computer save list, or even if you are the proud owner of a gaming page on YouTube and need to record your gameplay. Recording your screen on Windows 8 does not need to be something that is difficult. And there are extensions and softwares in place to aid you in recording on Windows 8.

Recommended Screen Recording Software for Windows 8: Filmora Scrn

Among the top screen recorders for Windows 8 , we recommend you to try Filmora scrn Screen Recorder Software. Filmora Scrn allows you to record the screen, the voice, the system audio Windows 8, so all the sound can be recorded as you like. Besides the sound recording, you can also record the webcam video easily with Filmora scrn. During recording, you can add markers to the important frames when you playing a game.

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Method 1: Use Free Chrome Extension

Awesome Screenshot is a service that works via Google Chrome and is very much one of the top rated screen capture & image annotation tools available to the public.

They have done something for their user base in the form of removing all in-app purchases and making all features including those that were previously premium features. Free for all to use.


Due to the fact that it is a Google Chrome extension it is for capturing web pages - any part of a web page at that. From comments and annotations, to blurring sensitive information it can all be done with extension.

Steps to download and use it to record computer screen:

Step 1: Download and Install Awesome Screen Shot from the Chrome store


Step 2: Capture your video - You can decide what section of the screen if not the whole screen. Supports both PNG and horizontal scrolling, can capture desktop screen.

Step 3: Annotate & Edit - You can add comments, shapes and annotate how you like, you can then edit the video and share a screenshot to social media.

Step 4: Save & Share - Save to your local disk, once uploaded to the Awesome Screenshot website they will provide a shareable link.

Method 2: Use Free Recording Software

Ezvid Free Screen Recorders is the best free screen recording software. Ezvid records computer screens but not just websites but games and everything else you may want to record. It has very many features that include a facecam, voice synthesis and screen drawing.

Below is the tutorial video on how to record computer screen:

Here's the stpes:

Step 1: Download and Install Ezvid Free Screen Recorders latest version

Step 2: Open the software

Step 3: Click capture screen button (Make sure you have applied the settings you need).

Step 4: Stop recording when ready - Automatically saves to timeline

Step 5: Edit the video

Step 6: Save & Upload - The software has an upload to YouTube button.

Method 3: Use Paid Software For Pro Recorders

Filmora Wondershare is an editing tool for professional video recorders and editors. Voted 4 out of 5 stars it can be used as a brilliant alternative editing software to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie for those on Macs. As a user of Filmora Wondershare there is no doubt that you will be impressed with the number of functions that are available with the software and also the general capability of it. In terms of what videos you can import and edit etc. On its next release of Filmora 6.8 it will no longer just be a video editor but it will have a screen recording function added to it as well, as well as a video stabiliser and reverse tool. Best thing about this is current users of the software will be able to download this update complete free of charge. So, how could this function be used?

Step 1: Download & Install the programme

Step 2: Once opened on the upper left corner of the interface you will notice a record button, click this. Here you can either record from webcam or record computer screen.

Step 3: Select what recording mode you want, what audio output, drag the icon to choose what are you want to record.

Step 4: Choose more options bottom right if necessary. Including implementing hotkeys

Step 5: Click record icon

Step 6: Stop recording

Step 7: Video is automatically saved to the software timeline for you to edit and save.

These are just a few extensions and softwares the can be used to record computer screens for your Windows 8 device. They are also the highest voted recording softwares in their fields. Those being Chrome extension, Free downloadable software, and paid professional downloadable software. Recording your screen on a Windows 8 device need not be complicated and depending on your personal needs one of these three could really help you.

Jun 07,2018 13:53 pm
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