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10 Catchy Pixel Art Wallpapers and How to Custom Your Own with Ease

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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Pixel art is digital art created through computer software. In this digital art, images are edited on a pixel level. This gives the kind of aesthetic from computer video games using 8-bit and 16-bit technology. In general, this art uses very few color palettes, with some using only two.

The history of pixel art goes back to the 1930s with the monochromatic light bulb displays in New York City.

Pixel art tries to mimic the features of old video game graphics done by computers that were only able to display a few colors at once.

Digital pixel art evolved in such a way that artists are now dedicated to that art, and so create beautiful pixel art wallpapers that we'll show you in this article.

Part 1: Where to Look for Pixel Art Wallpapers [for PC and Mobile]


In Wall.aphacoders you can find more than 900 thousand wallpapers of pixel art wallpapers for every taste. From video game wallpapers to movies and tv shows.


On this easy-to-use website, all you have to do is type what pixel art wallpaper you are looking for on the search bar. In addition, there is a trending section that will guide you through the most popular wallpapers on the website, as well as feature desktop wallpapers.

3. [for Mobile]

This website specializes in mobile wallpapers. You can find the latest trending wallpapers. With a large pixel art wallpaper gallery, wallpaperaccess is one of the top wallpaper websites around. It has a search bar at the top to help you navigate the different wallpapers, or you can just scroll down and see trending wallpapers.

Part 2: 10 Attractive Pixel Art Wallpapers Perfect for PC and Mobile

Note: The following images are all from the internet.

1. Modern City

In this pixel art, 4k wallpaper depicts a modern city crossed by a river under an orange sky. It has a color palette ranging from dark gray to light gray and other tones of orange.

pixel art wallpaper city

2. The Rainy Night

This is a GIF pixel art wallpaper for mobile. It depicts a town and a street crossing it over. In the background, we can see a bigger city under a starry night. The moving part of the GIF pixel art wallpaper is the continuous rain.

pixel art wallpaper rainy

3. The Forest

In this artistic wallpaper, we have a forest background, seeing it through a margin of a river that crosses it. A fallen log serves as a bridge to cross the river. A deer is standing on the other side under large trees.

pixel art wallpaper forest

4. The Farm

In this retro wallpaper pixel art, we can see a farm over an orange background. Next to it is a graduation tower—the tones on this wallpaper range from orange to red and brown.

pixel art wallpaper farm

5. The Sunset City

In this mobile animated pixel art wallpaper, we have the backdrop of a modern city. Tall buildings connected with a bridge can be seen as well as a sun setting that gives the sky tones ranging from purple to light orange.

pixel art wallpaper sunset

6. The Night City

In this mobile pixel art wallpaper, we have a very low palette of colors. It ranges from blue to orange tones. It is a closed street in a city. A person is on the balcony outside.

pixel art wallpaper night

7. The Spaceship

In this space-inspired pixel art wallpaper, we can see a spaceship with six people, two onboard, commanding it. One is fixing the spaceship; one is resting on the back, one on top scouting, one on the edging reaching for another in open space. There is also a dog on top of the spaceship and an alien-like creature in open space.

pixel art wallpaper spaceship

8. The Old Tree

In this pixel art wallpaper, we have a huge old tree that served as a refuge for passersby. It has a broken wood ladder and a wooden floor on an opening on the tree. The tree is inside a river, and a boat is moored next to it. Two birds rest on rocks on the margin, and we have the perspective behind the birds.

pixel art wallpaper tree

9. The Broken Earth

In this pixel art wallpaper, we have the planet earth floating in space. One part of the planet is broken and floating away. This pixel art wallpaper uses a black background, as well as blue, green and several tones of blue to make the oceans.

pixel art wallpaper earth

10. The Airport

In this pixel art wallpaper, we have an airport terminal. We can see a plane landing on the course—workers pulling carts of baggage and other vehicles belonging to that setting. The sun is almost set, and so there is an orange sky above, as well as orange lights.

pixel art wallpaper airport

Part 3: How to Customize Your Own Pixel Art Wallpapers

It is easy to create your own pixel art wallpapers. There are many free online applications that you can use. For example, Aseprite.

Step 1: Download Aseprite and open.

Step 2: You have tools on the right, click on it and choose the pencil icon, or press "B". Just click on the left button of your mouse and draw. Left-click to erase it.

Step 3: To change the size of the line, go to the upper menu and type in the size you want by hovering on the search bar.

Step 4: You can also change the size of your brush. Simple go to the upper menu and choose the brush icon. There you have many shapes to choose from.

Step 5: You can choose the color pallet you want to use on your pixel art wallpaper on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 6: These are the basic tools to start drawing your wallpapers. To save and export your pixel art wallpaper, go to "File" and click on "Export".

Part 4: How to Make a Pixel Art Wallpaper Gif

Filmora is a video editing software tool focused on editing and making high-quality videos. It supports 4K videos and the latest technologies in that sector. Filmora is also able to create pixel art Gifs, as we will explain below.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

Step 1: You can drag and drop your video onto a timeline to better use the editing tools and operate on this file.

Step 2: Once you have your video imported and on the timeline, you can start editing it. Filmora uses all the basic and advanced tools like split, rotate, crop, combine, speed up, speed down, and more.

Step 3: You can also add text, elements, and pixelated effects to your video. It helps explain and add information when editing the video.

Step 4: After you've gone through all the steps above, you can export your .gif file. Filmora is linked to the most popular social media platforms, so it is easy for you to share it. To export, go to "File" and click on "Export". Change the settings as you desire and export your pixel art wallpaper.


Although pixel art is a sort of new art, it is already rich with many artists and people interested in it. It has evolved over the years with the advance of technology, and it has become more complex, even though one of its characteristics is to look dated. This article gives you examples of the different pixel art wallpapers for your computer or mobile phone and how to create your own pixel art wallpapers.

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