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Top 10 Popular Virtual Reality Peripherals

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

1. Leap Motion

Leap motion is in the market for a while but with the release of virtual reality concept it has got a new tenancy of life as a virtual reality peripheral. This peripheral has a compatibility with OSVR platform and it can be mounted on to the VR headset via a redesigned add-on, and it works with the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and provides hand gesture controls in the virtual reality gaming. It is very precise and tracks the fingers.

2. Virtuix Omni

The Omni-directional VR treadmill might not completely take off, but it is still considered one of the few parts of hardware which let you wander around in virtual reality. It is a great principle which makes you get you up off your sluggish bum while present in virtual reality. The Omni lets you join with both the Rift and the Vive allowing you to run, spin and also walk in several games.

3. Oculus Touch

If you have heard of Oculus Rift, you might be familiar with Oculus Touch also. The controllers of the touch are considered as missing pieces of the VR headset . Touch is basically not a pair of gloves that you pull on, instead, they are still extra immersive than a gamepad that we use. The tiny half-moon controllers which you stick in your hands have a very haptic feedback, thumb stick, sensors, a trigger and four buttons.

4. Manus VR

As VR pursues to develop more immersive with every new upgrade of hardware, VR peripheral creators are trying a thoughtful effort to cover the fact that you are using a controller. There are numerous gloves that need you to 'feel' virtual reality with your hands but Manus VR glove needs to plunge your whole arm. There is still some work to be thru getting the gloves out to designers but when that occurs, it’s likely that sometime later in this year or following, you are one more step closer to using your hands in virtual reality for real.

5. PS VR Aim

PS VR Aim, which is a Sony approved peripheral for the Move controller which is used to play the shooting games more naturally, is designed by San Francisco’s studio called Impulse Gear, they have also developed the VR game Farpoint. This device provides direct tracking and lets you enjoy the same experience which you feel in real life while aiming towards the target.

6. VirZoom

VirZoom is actually an exercise bike which provides the VR experience, called VR bike. This peripheral features the wireless sensors which are integrated into the pedals of the bike so it lets you feel the speed of your pedaling in the game. It can be used with all the best VR headsets and also with the VR support which is going to release soon. It is another piece of hardware which is going to happen in your life.

7. Unlimited Hand

This self-effacing little gadget might be the utmost exclusive and somewhat frightening VR peripheral soon coming into the market. The UnlimitedHand, a prime band automated with haptic response technology that lines with the Oculus as well as HTC Vive through Bluetooth, can both sense and effect your actions while you are playing a VR game. When you move your fingers, in reality, the UnlimitedHand will adapt that info, and make your digital, the in-game form does the same action; if you form a gun figure with your hand, the UnlimitedHand will sense that too, allowing you use this finger-gun in an accustomed FPS game.

8. VR Backpacks

Although untethered VR peripherals of PC are not yet popular enough and released but some of these crazy contraptions are not long ways off. Zotac, MSI, Alienware, and HP have all designed portable backpacks which are used to carry a powerful computer to enjoy virtual reality. Hence you can take your PC wherever you want rather than just sitting in your home in front of it.

9. Reactive Grip Motion Controller

Haptic response is one of the ancient show ponies of the gaming world. And the reactive grip motion controller from the tactical haptics fits perfectly into the same class of the peripherals dealing with tactics. It is a way of more precise evolution in this field, and it works with all the three best VR boxes of the time.

10. 3DRudder

If we talk about moving feet in a VR game, most of the peripherals only use traditional gaming mode. So, in order to widen this concept, the designers at 3DRudder designed a virtual reality footpad that permits the user to all of the movements, vertical, horizontal and turning while using only his feet. Though there are no words on jumping yet.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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