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10 Easy YouTube Video Ideas Everyone Can Make It

Jun 17, 2022• Proven solutions

Do you need an easy video idea to keep your channel active? A fresh supply of YouTube video ideas is a necessary ingredient for a successful channel, but generating that fresh supply of ideas is easier said than done. When you’re stuck, the best thing to do can be to keep your ideas simple. Focus on being engaging instead of on coming up with an original idea nobody’s ever tried – your video will be original because you’re the one doing it and you’re unique.

They say that less is more, so let's have a look at how you can apply this principle to practice and create amazing YouTube videos from small ideas. 

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Vlog About Your Day
  3. Express an Opinion
  4. Review Anything
  5. Your Favorite Songs / Movies / Etc.
  6. What's on Your Phone?
  7. Make a Slideshow
  8. Make a Tutorial
  9. 10 Things About You
  10. Video Rant

1. Introduce Yourself

Let the world know who you are and what you do. If you are planning on starting a YouTube channel, or if you’ve already been posting videos on a topic but haven’t formally introduced yourself, it’s a great idea to put some thought into an introduction video. Producing such a YouTube video will enable you to introduce yourself to your future subscribers and give them an idea as to what your channel is all about.

These kinds of videos make great channel trailers, and they’re a good way to highlight the topics you'll be covering on your channel in the future. 

2. Vlog About Your Day

Anything that happens during your day can become a topic for your YouTube vlog. Traffic jams, treacherous pets who keep stealing your shoes, or the ridiculous amount of things you had to do in a single day can all become topics for videos you upload to your YouTube channel. Being candid and spontaneous is a sure way to grab the attention of a viewer, but limiting the duration of a vlog to a few minutes is key to ensuring that viewers watch the video until the end.

Strive to make visually dynamic videos, because just sitting or standing and talking in front of a camera for a few minutes isn't going to create much on-screen action.

3. Express An Opinion

Social media culture has enabled us to receive news instantly and react to it in any way we want. If you didn't like the latest update of your favorite video game, or if you’re excited about a line of makeup that’s coming out soon, make a video about it and share your opinion with the community that follows you on YouTube.

Opinion videos are great conversation starters. Expressing an opinion through a YouTube video can get you a lot of comments and even inspire others to take action. 

You can express your opinions on virtually any topic, but being respectful while doing so is for the best if you don’t want to find yourself in a YouTube feud.

4. Review Anything

Everywhere around you, there are items you can review. The Apple Watch and the latest season of Game of Thrones are equally good choices for a review video.  However, when creating review videos you need to make sure that all the factual information you have is accurate, which is why it is much better to make review videos about topics you know a lot about.

Review videos can also be a source of revenue because a lot of companies sponsor YouTubers who review their products.

5. Your Favorite Songs / Movies / Etc.

Are you a Tarantino fan? Why not? When you are struggling to find inspiration for your videos, just think about the things you like. Your subscribers are interested in you, so they’ll be interested in knowing about your favorite movies or music albums. Books, movies, and music are an inexhaustible source of fresh ideas because there is always a new song or a film you can talk about in your video.

You can do a ‘my 5 favorite songs’ type of video, or talk in detail about just one favorite.

6. What’s on Your Phone?

There were over two billion smartphone users worldwide in 2017, and this number is only going to continue rising in the next couple of years. Furthermore, thousands of YouTubers are already producing unimaginable amounts of videos about the latest apps or smartphone devices.

Finding a way to talk about the apps you like to use the most can be a good idea if you want to attract more visitors to your YouTube channel. However, you need to be clear about whether this is a lifestyle or vlog-style video covering a topic that usually exists in the tech genre, or if you are a tech YouTuber, so as not to confuse your audience (you don’t want people to start expecting app reviews if that’s not what you usually do).

7. Make a Slideshow

There's no need to constantly produce new videos because you can just take some royalty-free music and create a slideshow from your old or new photos. The slideshow format will certainly allow you to try something different on your YouTube channel, while the photos you use in the slideshow can create a clear picture of who you are and what you do for your viewers.

If you are a photography enthusiast you can also plan the entire slideshow in advance and then make a short video about how you created the images in the slideshow. 

8. Make a Tutorial

Education is our only hope for a better world so if you know how to do something well, don't be afraid to share your knowledge. A tutorial is a powerful educational tool that enables you to guide people through the entire process of making origami, solving a complicated video editing problem, maintaining a motorcycle, or anything else.

YouTube channels that feature tutorials often have millions of followers, because YouTube is a popular place to go when you need information.

9. 10 Things About You

Being open is important, so why not share 10 things about yourself you think your audience would find interesting or which you think are important for people to know. The top 10 things structure is often used in YouTube videos because it provides a clear rhythm to a video clip, and it enables you to gradually increase the tension as the video progresses.

These types of videos tend to create a better relationship with your audience because they make the viewer feel as if they know the person on the screen.

10. Video Rant

Doing things when you are angry is usually a bad idea, but if you feel so strongly about a particular subject then creating a video rant can be a great idea. Rants don’t even have to be angry, they can be about something that puzzles you or something so great you just can’t get over it. These kinds of videos can get your YouTube channel a lot of comments, likes, and subscribers.

Don't try to fake a rant, because they only work if they are natural. Scripting a video rant may be an interesting creative task, but genuine reactions are always more effective. If you want to deliver a more structured and planned video about a topic you feel strongly about, that’d be more like an opinion video.

Do you have any easy video ideas for other creators to try?

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