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Easy Ways to Make a Great Educational Video for YouTube

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is an app that makes it easy for teachers to carry out their work efficiently and conveniently. A teacher should start a YouTube channel because it is beneficial to their students and themselves. The materials or content dished on these channels helps give lessons and instructions in the absence of the teacher, give a detailed explanation and trigger the students' interest.

Also, it archives all the lessons for a long time and makes them easily accessible by both the present, past, and future students. Students can quickly go back for a review for upcoming exams. Through feedbacks or comments, teachers can provide answers to students with the problem of clarity.

A teacher needs to know what an educational video is, what makes an excellent educational video, and how to make an educational video for YouTube before opening a YouTube channel. Now, let's delve into it!

Part 1. What's an Educational Video?

From the name "educational video," you can coin out that it is a video made for the sole purpose of educating or passing out knowledge for the sake of learning. The primary purpose of these videos is to teach an audience about a particular problem or important topics they want to learn about.

Sometimes brands use this method to advertise their brand while being a source of information.

Part 2. What Makes a Good Educational Video?

An excellent educational video aids the learning process. It triggers learners in analyzing and evaluating concepts provided by the video. Videos are great educational tools that most teachers must adopt due to their role in facilitating the learning process.

To make a good educational video, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep your students engaged

An excellent educational video should be eye catchy and exciting to get your student's undivided attention. You can achieve it in any way, one of which is that you need to put yourself into the teaching mode, which means that you should give out the impression of your excitement for the course content you are talking about. Ask them questions, let them feel involved in the process. Please don't go ahead talking with a cold tune. It makes them tired of listening or seeing the video.

  • Be sure to maintain a right-size of video length

It's better shorter than longer. Have you ever seen a boring, long movie? It's almost the same feeling you get seeing a long educational video.

The video should be straightforward to leverage the advantage of this form of learning. One needs to make this video of the right size for easy assimilation by the learner. Depending on the course topic, your video can be between 2 - 20 minutes long.

Most importantly, don't try to do much and use more straightforward, understandable concepts.

  • Stay focused

Making your videos focused and not running around many things helps it pass the information that plays a good role in video length management and engagement. Videos that try to divert from the topic may end up not hitting the nail on the head and not accomplishing their purpose.

  • Center your interest on the student’s needs

Any educational content should be centered to meet the needs of the students. That goes beyond creating content, but covers the entirety of satisfying the needs of your learners.

Part 3. How to Make a Great Educational Video for YouTube?

The best and most recommendable video maker for making a great educational video is Wondershare Filmora. It is a video maker that enables you to create videos with effects like transition, filters, motion elements, and titles on your video.

Color grading and speed control of each clip on your video are possible using Filmora. You can apply other features like screen record, split-screen options, audio ducking, keyframing, motion tracking and more with an easy-to-use interface to fit the student's interest.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

To make a great educational video for YouTube, you can achieve this using Filmora. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Filmora and select the aspect ratio

Launch Filmora by double-clicking on the icon, and start working on a new project by selecting project aspect ratio.

Step 2. Create a new project and import footage

Click the “New Project” icon on the program’s welcome screen and wait for some time for the editor to load. 

Then, move to choose your desired aspect ratio and click on the import footage icon located at the left corner of the video editor.

Step 3. Organize your project material

At the bottom of the "My Project" tab, click on "add a new folder". In that new folder, arrange the footage alphabetically. This reduces time spent browsing files and increases efficiency.

Step 4. Preview and edit your video

Press the play icon to preview the video clip. Trim your video clip to the desired video size by dragging the end of the video clip left or right.

Then add customized text and add effects to the video if needed. An amazing effect can be added to each clip of the video to create an outstanding video.

Step 5. Export and share the video

When you're okay with the already made video, click the Export button. Choose the YouTube option to upload it easily from the Filmora program.


Without a doubt, the process of creating an educational video requires that you pay attention to some things to create an excellent educational video that achieves the learning goal. Once you've learned what it means to make an educational video, how to go about it wouldn't be something to worry about.

Thus, with the steps mentioned above, how to make a great educational video for YouTube has been answered. Now, you can go ahead and make amazing educational videos by yourself.

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Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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