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How to Write a Script for a YouTube Video

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Thinking about how to write a script for a YouTube video?

You have a great idea for a video, but you’re just not sure how to express it on camera. Are you looking for ways to make your video attractive and interesting? Well, one way to do so is to create a well-structured script. Whether it is a 30-second video or a full-length movie, a script will guide the video creation process. Below are some tips to keep in mind if you want to learn how to write a script for your YouTube video. 

  1. Before Write Your YouTube Script
  2. Writing a Script for a YouTube Video
  3. After Writing Your YouTube Video Script
  4. Bonus Tip- Add Subtitles to Your YouTube Video with Wondershare Filmora

Before You Write Your YouTube Script

Here are some things to do before you start writing your script for YouTube:

1. Collect Ideas

Before you write the script, it’s a good idea to gather ideas. If you think of something, or if something funny happens, write it down right away. Keep a pen and notebook handy that way you will not forget about it.

2. Find an area that is not distracting

Once you have gathered enough ideas for the YouTube video, the next step is to find a place where you can write in peace and be inspired. Avoid any distractions to ensure that you will be able to put all your thoughts and ideas onto paper.

Writing a Script for a YouTube Video

Now that you're ready to sit down and write, here's what you do:

1. Create an outline for your story

The first step in writing a script is to develop an outline for the story. You might think that it is an unnecessary step, but it’s one of the most important steps to writing a script. The outline serves as a guide that will make the finished product better compared to when you just tried to wing it. One tip on how to write a script for a YouTube video is to have an outline for the beginning, middle, and ending of the video. Once you have all the elements of the story, then you can start with the first draft of the script.

2. Set the tone

The tone you pick for the video will depend on your audience. It’s safe to assume that viewers want something that’s unique, informative, and engaging. In some cases, they look for a video that’s personal, and they can relate to it. Humor is also something that you should consider when writing a script.

3. Just keep writing

When you start writing it is important that you keep on doing it no matter what happens. Just write down everything that comes into your mind. After that, read what you’ve written. If you think that something needs to be replaced, then replace it. If you get more inspiration and think that the script is lacking, then add to it.

4. Make sure that the script is well structured

It’s important to learn how to write a script that is well structured. Divide the script into four parts: Opening, Primer, Body, and Closing.

For the Opening part, ask a simple question that can be answered in the Body. Use the Primer section to inform viewers what they should expect from the video. The Body will contain the main content of the video. It should cover all the things that viewers need to know. Lastly, the closing wraps up the video by providing social media details and a teaser for the next video.


  • Keep It Concise

In a personal vlog-style video you might ramble and go off on amusing tangents, and that’s something viewers love within that genre. If you are trying to teach, however, your viewers will benefit more if you keep things concise and direct.

Tell people up front what point you are trying to make before you jump into making it.

  • Be Interactive

Talk to people, not at them.

While you are scripting and focusing on the information you want to deliver, it’s easy to forget to be personal.

Remember to refer to your audience as ‘you’, not ‘you guys’ (you are speaking to individual viewers, not a collective) and to include moments of engagement throughout your videos. Ask your viewers questions to keep their minds active, this also encourages them to leave comments.

After Writing your YouTube Video Script

After writing the script, the next step is to invite a trusted friend or family member to look at the script. Ask them for their feedback and if they have any ideas to add. And don’t forget, be open-minded to feedback 

These are the tips to keep in mind when considering how to write a script for a YouTube video.

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