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50+ Youtube Channel Names for Vloggers [100% New]

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

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Want to make a lasting impression on your YouTube fans? Have a great name! One of the vital decisions you have to take while beginning your vlog channel is selecting a vlog channel name. Believe it or not, your vlog channel name can impact the channel's success, so choosing the ideal one is essential. If you're unsure of how to have the best vlog channel names or are just looking for channel rebranding, you've come to the right place!

Here, we've 50+ lists of the best YouTube channel names for vloggers, along with sections discussing how you can select the ideal one plus their importance for the channel's growth.

Part 1: Why are Vlog Channel Names Important?

Your Channel Name appears on your channel page, videos, and in YouTube's search results.

Just like a boring title, a generic vlog channel name will not last in the viewer's memory, precisely when there's so much competition vying for their YouTube engagement and attention. However, using attention-grabbing, punchy words can make for an entertaining YouTube channel name for vloggers. Remember, if your YouTube channel becomes successful, this will be the name that everyone knows you.

Part 2: What to Consider Before Picking YouTube channel names for Vloggers?

Selecting a vlog channel name might not be simple as it seems. There are multiple options out there, so how will you know if you've chosen the right one?

To help you decide better, we've designed a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to develop some excellent vlog channel name ideas.

Step 1: Consider the Image You Want to Portray

Vlog channel names often highlight the brand or person on the other end. While not the case for all, you will notice how many define their overall objective or mission. This can be ideal to begin when thinking of new Youtube channel names for vloggers. Don't pretend to be someone you're not when you select your vlog channel name.

It's pretty vital that you, the channel owner, portray a message or an image that feels natural and provides your audience with an opportunity for best relation and recognition.

Step 2: Stay Consistent with Your YouTube Niche

The name you select must also reflect the niche upon which you based your channel. If you have a new channel, it can be hard to compete with more prominent vlog channels that cover important content topics. That's why you should try to be particular and become the best at designing topics for the subject you've selected.

While you may get required exposure with a random name to grow your channel, it's better, to begin with, something focal to the point.

Step 3: Get a Feel for Your Target Audience

Your target audience could be a huge factor in selecting the best name for a vlogging channel. Also, consider other vlog channels in the niche you've chosen and read through their video comments. Search out what your audience likes and vice versa. A precise scenario of your audience's interests will allow you to choose the best name for a vlogging channel.

Step 4: Keep Your Channel Name Short

A YouTube channel name, or username, is max up to 60 characters, but generally, you get nowhere near that! Long channel names are not essential and can also be confusing to the viewers. They can also be tough to replicate or spell while searching. A concise, short username for your YouTube vlog channel can also give you the image of having more authority.

Step 5: Make Your Channel Name Memorable

Remember, if your YouTube vlog channel name becomes excellent, this will be the name that everyone knows you by. It will be there with your videos, your playlists, and thumbnails. You don't want a bad image that drags you downwards, but add creative writing tools like word plays, abbreviations, sibilance, alliteration, and puns to increase memorability.

Part 3: 50+ Vlog Channel Names Ideas in 2022

Strictly Cyber

Top Song Critic

Hashtag Hits

All Things Sports

The Virtual Coach

Game Hub


The Daily Cloud

Inner Sphere

Fashion Channel

Button Smasher

Numb thumbs

Gentle Gamer

Headset Hero

Headset Heaven

Headset Habitat / Home

Headset Hub

Gorgeous Gamer

Avatar auditions

3D Josh

abroad broad

adventures abroad

van life

[country] life

van fan

suitcase suckers

hotel hobbyists

travel treats

transit travel

travel tricks

life (long) lovers

love [name]


hug my husband / housewife / boyfriend / girlfriend

husband at home

cuddle my girlfriend

couples paradise

trouble in paradise

couple productions

couples therapy

in a nutshell

tutorial hero

info nuggets

[name] teaches [topic]

[topic] by [name]

learning [topic]

curiosity satisfied

[topic] academy / school / tutorials / teacher / made easy / explained / for beginners

edu owl

nothing too difficult

Part 4: Top 5 Free Vlog Channel Name Generators in 2022

There are numerous ways to personalizing a cool YouTube vlog channel name or brainstorm fantastic vlog channel name ideas. Check out some of the most used YouTube name generator tools that got the higher ranking even from professionals.


name generator spinxo

This platform helps users search for cool names as per their characters, descriptions, niche, etc. You can begin the search with universal keywords and a set of specific details. Spinxo also helps YouTubers to manage contests online and grab the best suggestions for vlog names.

Queries Required: They can be raised based on multiple things you like, such as Niche, Keywords, and Topics.

Ideal for: Those who have few specific directions about the name.

No. of Results: 30 names.

2.Screen Name Generator

screen name generator

Gamers will admire this YouTube name generator tool that works based on the YouTubers' provided prefix. It has sections like fantasy name generators, place name generators, username generators, thing names, etc.

Queries Required: It can be with prefix and suffix.

Ideal for: Those who have a specific direction and need for the name.

No. of Results: One name.

3.Username Generator

Username Generator makes it simpler to look for game-specific usernames. Users can put in the keywords and number of lines as their preferences. Then, the software will get you the most appropriate vlog channel names ideas.

Queries Needed: Based on the keywords only.

Best for: those of all genres.

No. of Results: Hundreds of names.

4.Name Generator

This name generator tool also helps people to get the best random combo names where details are pretty particular to content related to your entered works like "vids," "director," "TV," "channel," etc. Every time you tap the Generate tab provided, it will offer you the most random names.

Queries Required: Based on Prefix and Suffix

Ideal for: Those who have particular directions with the name.

No. of Results: 1


scratch name generator

With this software, you can get the best names for vlogging channels with caps specifications that look awesome. You can select game highlights for your channel name. And, one can also prefer to put several words into the list to get finer results.

Queries Needed: Works with keywords only.

Best for: Those of all genres.

No. of Results: One name.

Part 5: Versatile YouTube Vlogs Editor

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

After you have decided to develop your YouTube vlog channel, the first thing you'll look for is premium-looking video editing. And, here, we recommend using Filmora9 to edit YouTube vlogs easily.

You can use Filmora to make YouTube vlogs with built-in royalty-free audio. The software also can help you create fantastic YouTube intros. It consists of 500 plus templates, text resources, and transition effects.

Filmora is the ideal editing tool to make a green screen and split-screen video for YouTubers. Free Download it now to watch if it's the best for you!


So, now, do you think you got some cool YouTube channel names for vloggers? Share your feedback towards the end of the blog, and let us know if you've ever used a free YouTube name generator!

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