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Best Background Removers for Your Needs
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Best 10+ Background Removers for All Platform

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Personalize your favorite image by removing unwanted parts from it. The background removers play a vital role in customizing your pictures professionally. Fixing the right background for your images brings an everlasting impact on the viewers. The image professionals hunt for effective background removers to create a unique piece of click for future reference. It is high time to embed your creativity in your pictures using the perfect tool from the digital market. Build creative clicks and store it at the right place for easy retrieval later. This article would be a better guide for you to select the best background remover tool to meet your expectations without any compromises.

You will learn:

Part 1: Best Background Removers on Windows and Mac

If you are looking for a desktop application then take a quick look at some of the best background removers to remove image background on Windows and Mac. Every tool has unique functionalities and you have to be cautious while selecting the tool. You have to ensure and analyze the software in detail and figure out whether to suit your needs aptly. Do not be in a hurry to grab the app. Take your own time and select the best fit for your requirement. They are listed in no particular order: 

1. Filmora

You can now remove the background super fast with Filmora V10.5, with its new feature AI Portrait. In fact, it is a paid feature but in the video below I will show you how to use this feature without paying for it if all you want is just remove the background of an image. 

Click here for more details about how to remove the background of the video in one step.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


  • Excellent user-friendly interface.
  • Super easy to use.
  • No effort is needed to do it manually.
  • Free to use for background removing purposes.


You can now remove the image background effortlessly at this platform. Try out a sample editing at the online platform by stepping into its official website. To add on a resolution to the background then you can go for the subscription plan. It costs around $13.25 per image. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This app categorized the users in different strings like individuals, photographers, marketers, developers, media, eCommerce, etc. The brings splendid background automatically without any clicks. Upload the desired image at its official website and edit the background optimally within a fraction of a second.


  • Excellent user-friendly interface.
  • Effective plugins to implement on your desired work platform.
  • Edit images without any interruptions.
  • Flexible integration features to connect with desired services.
  • This application also supports mobile platforms easily.

3. Wondershare PixCut

Wondershare PixCut helps to one-click remove background from an image with better edges. Click the Upload Image button or drag and drop your image, PixCutwill automatically remove the background from the image.

You can download a transparent image free with standard quality. When you have many images that need to remove the background, it also provided the feature of bulk remove background. It costs around $0.04 per image during the promotion.

Features of PixCut:

  • Easily, quickly, and qualitatively remove image backgrounds.
  • One-stop solution for image editing——Bulk remove background, Enlarge image, Remove watermark, etc.
  • Leave time for creativity instead of repetition and boredom.

4. Canva

The Canva app is an excellent web-based image editing tool and it is compatible with Android and Mac devices too. The built-in features are stunning and you can create professional outputs through few clicks at this user-friendly environment. Upload the image and use the ‘Effect’ option to remove the image background effectively. You can collaborate with your projects easily with the help of integration plugins. There is the availability of templates to guide newbie users to acquire the finest results. Install this app for personal as well as professional use. The free version is sufficient to bring desired changes in the images. If you want to go for better resolutions and extraordinary features then purchase the subscription. The pricing starts at $12.95 per month.


  • Organized templates depending on the end-use like Email invitations, social media posts, logo, and banners, etc.
  • Customize your favorite clicks using ‘filters, transparent tools, frames’.
  • Additional editing option to obtain a perfect look with the help of ‘photo straighteners.

5. Kapwing

This app works well as an online version and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. In the case of the iPhone, you have to download the Kapwing iOS version. Kapwing erases the image’s background pixels and removes it in no time. You have to upload the desired picture on this working platform and choose the ‘Remove background’ item from the tools option to erase the backdrop of the picture. You can perform many editing operations like trim, crop, add a filter, flip, create a collage, etc. These customizing options enhance your memorable images and present a unique outlook as an end picture. The pro version costs $20 per month.


  • Customize images and videos by performing editing actions like trim, resize, add subtitles, etc.
  • It serves as a flawless video maker on the Studio workspace.
  • It can collaborate with real-time editors similar to Google Docs.
  • Suits well for students and professionals.

6. Background Burner

As its name indicates, this app burns the background of your image quickly. The online version supports most of the image file formats and rapidly erase the picture’s background. You can automate this functionality by working on the settings option. It is a powerful editing tool and a reliable environment to perform batch file processing. It is an online tool and compatible with web browsers. Depending on the needs of the users the application’s professional edition subscription is categorized as Personal ($9.99/month), Small biz ($49.95/month) and Professional ($399.95/month)


  • This tool erases the white background too from your memorable clicks.
  • Drag and drop action is enough to upload the desired images on this online platform for background removal.
  • Works well to customize the product images in the e-commerce website.
  • You can make unlimited ‘Undo’ obtain your desired results.

7. Photoshop

The creative platform which meets your expectations without any compromises. This tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. It is a professional editing tool from Adobe. Initially, you can try out the trial version before purchasing the real edition pricing $20.99 per month. In the free version, you can access only limited features. The purchased product comprises of immense editing tools to convert your pictures with extraordinary effects. To remove the image background, first, you must upload the file and choose the Background Eraser tool to establish the process.


  • Excellent editing tools like crop, retouch, repair to bring extraordinary effects on the memorable pictures.
  • Informative tutorials are available at its official website to guide the newbie users.
  • The ‘Patch Tool’ help you to hide unnecessary part on the images.
  • The ‘Clone Stamp’ option removes unwanted duplicate objects from your desired clicks.

Part 2: Best Background Removers on Android and iPhone

You would have come across a wide range of image background removers at the app stores. Choosing the right app seems to be a challenging task. The below content analysis the listed apps and ease your selection procedure. Go ahead and read through the stuff for better understanding.

1. Background Eraser

This background remover app is compatible with Windows and Android gadgets. You can easily remove the image background and customize it according to your requirement. This app is mostly used for personal use. You have to switch on the Auto Mode to carry out the background eraser process automatically. You can remove selective unnecessary background parts on the pictures using the Extract Mode. It is a free tool for beginners.


  • Quick background remover with Auto Mode settings to automate the background removal operation and it is a reliable tool.
  • User-friendly software with precise options to work on the picture’s background.
  • You can select particular objects on the images using the ‘Extract Mode’ option and remove it in no time.
  • Make use of this tool to design stamp pictures for Photo Montage.

2. Adobe Photoshop Mix

This app is an extraordinary photo editing tool from Adobe. It is compatible with Desktop, Android and iOS. You have to download at the relevant platform like Google Play and App Store according to your needs. It is a free photo editor. You have to upload the photo and trigger the background remover option. It is possible to share the edited pictures on various social media platforms just by a single click.


  • Convenient to work with multiple files at a time.
  • Flawless and effective photo editing is possible on this platform.
  • Cut, combine, merge with other images, and blend layers to obtain unique results.
  • Easy to upload the edited images to another platform.

3. Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer

The Ultimate Photo Blender works well on desktop and Android phone precisely. This app allows you to insert professional effects on the desired images. As its name refers that it can blend images and provides incredible posters in a fraction of a second. You can download this app free of cost and install it without any issues.


  • Remove the image background with a single click.
  • Enhance your images with high-definition settings.
  • Try out overlays with amazing effects on it.
  • Advanced blending tools to mix two or more images on a single layout.
  • Customize the images using a border, frame, stickers, texts, etc, and share the edited pictures on any social media network.

4. Superimpose

The Superimpose app performs well on Android and iOS platforms effortlessly. Use this application to remove the image background and upload a creative one according to your needs. The iOS version costs $1.99 and you can build professional images quickly.


  • Masking tools assist you to remove unwanted objects in the image background.
  • Built-in picture shade adjustment tools like Color, Exposure, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation to customize the images.
  • A quick share of the edited images on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Smoothen Tool works on the image borders to obtain smooth edges.

5. Touch Retouch

The Touch Retouch app is a prestigious product from ADVA Soft. It is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms and helps you to remove irrelevant parts of the images. It costs $1.8 for the Android version. Fix the unwanted issues on the image’s background professionally. Using this app, you can flawlessly wipe out the image background in no time. This app brings magic to your memorable images.


  • Clear and precise informative tutorials to guide beginners.
  • ‘Blemish Remover’ tool to vanish unwanted objects on the image background.
  • The ‘Segment Remover’ erases unnecessary lines on the images.
  • The ‘Eraser’ tool perfectly wipes out the distractions on the images.


This article guides the newbie and professionals to pick up the right image background removers to add realistic effects on your favorite clicks. Using the above-discussed programs, you will be able to remove image background wisely. Just explore the finest techniques to customize the image background eloquently and use the features to embed creativity on the image files. Choose the perfect toolbox to personalize the images further. Connect with us to know more about the image editing toolkits and leave your comments and suggestions here.

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