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Crafting Images With Prompts: Midjourney AI Art Generation

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Aug 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The world is getting more intelligent, as are our ways of creating content. From social media platforms to websites, content is flooded everywhere. Content creation has leaped forward, allowing for the generation of texts, images, and even videos. AI has transformed content creation by modifying simple inputs into digital content, which is evident through platforms like Midjourney Art.

What used to require extensive design skills can now be accomplished through AI. As the demand for content creation increases, many AI tools have emerged to meet these needs. Among various tools available, Midjourney has gained considerable popularity. This article will shed light on one popular tool in this field, Midjourney AI.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What is Midjourney and Its Involvement in AI Art Generation?
  2. Part 2: Some Important Functions and Features of Midjourney
  3. Part 3: How Does Midjourney AI Work? A Step-by-Step Guide
  4. Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora: Diving Into The Details of AI Video Editing
  5. Conclusion
AI Image Editor
The best editor helps you take your image and video editing capabilities to new heights.
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Part 1: What is Midjourney and Its Involvement in AI Art Generation?

Midjourney has introduced itself as an AI-assisted image generator. It is an online semi-platform that transforms natural language prompts into stunning images. Midjourney Online uses Discord as its platform for image generation, which is more accessible. Moreover, its AI program uses machine learning to generate images based on textual inputs.

With Midjourney AI, you can bypass the need for artistic skills and describe your desired creation. To generate images, you need to learn its proper syntax. Midjourney AI uses a bot when proper instructions are given to create an image. Nonetheless, it stands as a solid choice for those seeking AI-based image generation.

midjourney ai

Pricing Plans of Midjourney

Although Midjourney looks quite simplistic to its users, there are quite a few features offered across the platform. For a better understanding of how you can access those features, look through the provided pricing plans.






Monthly Subscription





Annual Subscription

$96 or $8 / month

$288 or $24 / month

$576 or $48 / month

$1152 or $96 / month

Fast GPU Time

3.3 hr/month

15 hr/month

30 hr/month

60 hr/month

Relax GPU Time





Purchase Extra GPU Time





Work Solo In Your Direct Messages





Stealth Mode





Maximum Concurrent Jobs

3 Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queue

3 Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queue

12 Fast Jobs, 3 Relaxed Jobs, 10 Jobs in queue

12 Fast Jobs, 3 Relaxed Jobs, 10 Jobs in queue

Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time





Usage Rights

General Commercial Terms

General Commercial Terms

General Commercial Terms

General Commercial Terms

Part 2: Some Important Functions and Features of Midjourney

If you're interested in learning more about Midjourney and its functionality, you are at the right place. You can read about its different features and functions that can help you generate images in a better way.

Pan Feature

With Midjourney's Pan feature, you can easily extend your image by clicking a set of arrow buttons. This allows you to expand your image in any desired direction. The remix feature also changes the prompt each time you extend the image outwards.

midjourney pan feature

Turbo Mode

Midjourney offers a turbo mode for users who require faster image generation. By using this mode, you can experience image creation at four times the speed. This feature is beneficial for those who want to generate multiple images at a high speed.

midjourney turbo mode


This tool has a unique Describe feature, enabling users to transform images into descriptive words. Simply input your image, and Midjourney will provide you with a good description. Furthermore, with this feature, you can learn how the tool understands the image.

midjourney describe feature

Repeat and Permutations

For Pro users, Midjourney AI provides Repeat and Permutation features. These tools allow you to create up to 64 images simultaneously. Furthermore, you can provide up to 40 combinations of prompts in a single query with these features.

midjourney repeat and permutations

Enhanced Image Quality and Functionality

The latest version of Midjourney, known as V5, brings significant improvements. This tool is now capable of providing better image quality, more diverse outputs, and a wider stylistic range. This tool also supports different textures and broader aspect ratios with improved results. You can get improved image promotion and enhanced dynamic range with version five.

midjourney v5

Better Performance

It excels in capturing and reproducing fine details in various situations. With Midjourney AI, you will get the most precise details in your image. Even if it's a landscape's textures or a person's delicate features, this tool will generate it. In this way, your AI image will look more photorealistic.

midjourney photorealistic

Effective Handling

Moreover, it can handle complex prompts containing multiple details easily. If you want to create an image with added details and features, no problem. Midjourney art tool is the best way to provide you with amazing images when provided with details.

midjourney descriptive features

Understanding of Characters and Scenes

The AI Midjourney is designed to handle multi-object and multi-character scenes with ease. It understands the relationships and interactions between different elements within an image. So, in this way, the tool brings your scenes to life with more accurate results.

midjourney storyline creations

Advanced Functionality Support

You can use this tool as it provides advanced functionality to enhance your creative control. It supports image prompting, allowing you to provide visual references. Furthermore, this image generator offers image variety control. You can generate multiple variations of an image to explore different possibilities and options.

midjourney image prompts

Improved Understanding

Lastly, Midjourney AI art demonstrates an increased understanding of various subjects. This includes creatures, places, and more. So, if your prompt describes certain subjects or objects, Midjourney Online can understand it. The tool will then provide accurate images according to your described texts.

midjourney creatures making

Part 3: How Does Midjourney AI Work? A Step-by-Step Guide

You've learned a lot about the Midjourney image and might be interested in creating one on your own. Don't worry, as this portion will help you learn to generate images using the Midjourney Art AI tool:

Step 1

Join the Midjourney page on Discord and access the newbie group. Once you're on the Discord page and newbie group, proceed to describe the image you want to create. In the Message field at the bottom, type "/imagine" or simply type "/" and select "imagine" from the menu.

open newbie channel
Step 2

fter that, in the prompt field, provide a detailed description of the image you want. Once you've described the embodiment, press enter to submit your request. After a few seconds, the tool will provide you with generated images.

generate midjourney image
Step 3

Underneath the images, you'll find buttons labeled U1, U2, U3, and U4, along with V1, V2, V3, V4, and V5. To upscale an image, click the corresponding "U" button to see the effect. Scroll down the screen to view the upscaled image.

upscale midjourney image
Step 4

If you have a specific image among the four that you like and want to enhance or improve, click the "V" button for that image. Scroll down until you see another set of four images, each displaying a slightly different version of the selected image.

create more versions
Step 5

Additionally, you can play around with an upscaled image. Under the image, click the "Make Variations" button to generate different revisions of the picture.

use make variations button
Step 6

To view the image at a larger size, click the "Web" button to display the image in a separate window. You can use the magnifying glass cursor to zoom in on the image. If you're satisfied with the image, right-click on it to save your desired image.

view on web or save

Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora: Diving Into The Details of AI Video Editing

Wondershare Filmora, like AI Midjourney, uses the power of AI assistance but for video editing. This exceptional tool integrates advanced AI tools that take your editing capabilities to new heights. One exciting feature is the ability to use your Midjourney AI paintings in Wondershare Filmora. By importing your Midjourney artwork, you can add tremendous visual effects to them in Filmora.

Filmora also offers an AI-powered Instant Mode, which takes video creation to the next level. By utilizing this mode, you can generate incredible videos using the images of Midjourney. The AI algorithms analyze your Midjourney art and intelligently apply effects and transitions. Furthermore, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, Filmora allows you the manual mode.

Free Download
Free Download

Important AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

While Wondershare Filmora offers its dedicated AI image generation tool to its users, we will assert our focus on discussing the top AI video and image editing tools that make the platform great. This will help you understand more about the effective operations of Filmora AI in video editing.

Remove Video Background

With this particular feature, you can remove or replace the background of your videos. For this purpose, Filmora uses its advanced AI technology to correctly remove the background. This way, you can use your creative mind to add different effects to your video's background.

remove video background filmora

Silence Detection

It is yet another AI-enabled feature that identifies and removes silent sections from your video clips. But that's not it; you can also use this feature for your audio files as well. So, edit your podcast or even an interview with a fluid audio-video experience.

silence detection filmora

Auto Reframe

Let AI intelligently adjust the aspect ratio of your videos to fit different platforms and devices. Yes, you heard it correctly, as Filmora offers an auto-reframe option. Using this feature, you can adjust your video according to the dimensions of any social platform.

auto reframe filmora

AI Audio Denoise

Enhance the audio quality of your videos by reducing unwanted background noise using AI algorithms. Wondershare Filmora has introduced a great feature that denoises your audio and video files. Now, you don't have to hear the distortion or hiss sound in your video project.

audio denoise filmora


To conclude, image generation has become a new trend in the digital landscape. People increasingly recognize the value and potential of AI-generated images for various purposes. However, Midjourney AI Art has emerged as an exceptional tool in this evolving field. You can combine your AI images and make a great video using Wondershare Filmora.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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