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How to Cartoon Yourself on Desktop/Phone/Online

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

In the age of social media, the ability to produce unique visual content has become much more important than ever before. Fortunately, there are so many different ways to create eye-catching images that have the potential to attract a lot of attention online.

Turning selfies into cartoons and drawings is a simple but effective photo editing technique that ensures your pictures meet the highest aesthetic standards. You can explore different cartoon styles or try out different effects that make your images more entertaining and more beautiful. If you would like to find out how to cartoon yourself, you’re at the right place because in this article we’re going to show you several different methods you can use to turn your self-portraits and all other types of photos and videos into fun and charming cartoons.

There are different ways to cartoon yourself in a photo. However, If you need to cartoon yourself in a video, you can try Filmora video editor. The newly released Filmora professional video editing software can allow you to turn videos into cartoons with ease. The processing of converting videos into cartoon style is easy, just import the videos into Filmora, and then add the Cartoon effect under Stylize. Adjust the cartoon settings and do some basic color corrections to perfect the cartoon result.

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Part 1: Cartoon Yourself with Desktop Apps on Mac and PC

Nearly all photo editing software products for PC and Mac computers feature a number of tools that can help you cartoon yourself. Of course, before you start editing you need to select the picture you’d like to edit and an app that enables you to create the desired effect. Let’s have a look at the actual steps you’ll need to take in order to cartoon yourself.

1. Using the Adobe Illustrator to Turn Selfie into A Cartoon on Windows

Besides allowing you to draw cartoons, the Adobe Illustrator also provides an easier and quicker way to cartoon yourself. Adobe Photoshop can be used to create the cartoon effect on a photo as well, although Adobe Illustrator is a more reliable choice since it is better equipped for this particular task. Start cartooning yourself by importing the picture, that has at least 300 dpi, into the software and then follows these steps.

Step 1: Add a new layer over the photo you’re editing and lock it to ensure that the picture won’t move around as you draw an outline using the Pen or the Pencil tool. You should trace the contours of the figure in the photo, but if you don’t feel confident enough to draw the outline with your own hand, you can try the auto trace tool. However, if you utilize the auto trace option you may have to clean up the lines since some areas of the picture might not be outlined properly.

Step 2: After tracing the outlines of the figure in the photo you can proceed to add colors to your cartoon picture. The Color Fill option lets you choose the exact shade of the color you’d like to add to the photo, so you can just click on the outlined segment of the image and change its color. Photoshop users can select parts of the picture with the Magic Wand tool, and then either choose the Brush or the Color Fill options to color their image. Both programs offer the Gradient tool that can help you add depth to the colors you apply to your photo.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished coloring the figure, you can add a few details to the cartoon you just created. You add an interesting background or use the Swatch or Borders options to enhance the image. Save the file and have fun sharing it on your social media accounts.

2. Using the PhotoSketcher App on Mac to Make Cartoons from Your Photos

 Cartoon Yourself

Even though the Mac versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator apps are available, using them requires a considerable amount of photo editing skills. Mac users who don’t have lots of experience with creating cartoonish images can try the Photoskecther app, which automatically generates sketches from photos.

As soon as you import a picture, the software will display a pencil sketch of it. You don’t have to worry about the size of the image, as the Photosketcher produces brilliant results on images of all sizes. The app also lets you make minor tweaks such as changing the background or the pen color if you want to match the color of the drawing with the background. The Brightness and Contrast levels can be easily adjusted, so you can control how bright or dark your cartoon is going to be. The Photosketcher app can be purchased at the App Store for $7.99.

Part 2: Cartoon Yourself Using Android and iPhone Cartoon Yourself Apps

There are virtually unlimited options at your disposal if you want to cartoon yourself from your Smartphone since the selection of cartoon yourself apps you can use on iPhone and Android devices is seemingly endless. We’re going to show you how to turn photos into cartoons with just two apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

1. Cartoon Yourself

 Cartoon Yourself

As its name suggests, this app enables its users to cartoon themselves effortlessly. You can take a new picture or add a photo from your phone’s gallery. Once the photo is ready for editing you should just tap on the Apply Cartoon Effect button. You will be presented with 12 different cartoon styles to choose from, so you can just pick the one you like the most and apply it to the photo. The app offers quite a few stickers and text overlays that can be added to the picture before or after you add the desired cartoon effect. Each sticker or text overlay is going to be cartoonified if you add it to the photo before you turn a picture into a cartoon.

When ready, you can share the image on Facebook, Instagram, and numerous other platforms, save it to your phone’s photo library or set it as your new profile picture on your social media accounts.

2. Sketch Me

 Cartoon Yourself

If you would like to have total creative control over the process of creating a drawing, a sketch, or a cartoon from your photo, the Sketch Me app is probably one of your best options. After you open the app you’ll be asked to either take a new photo or to select a picture from the photo gallery. When you import a photo into the app, you can select one of the Cartoon or Sketch effects that are displayed below the picture. Taping on any effect will enable you to preview it, so you can try out different options before proceeding to fine-tune the opacity or edge strength settings.

The Brightness, Saturation, or Contrast features enable you to enhance the colors in your photos. The app’s sharing capabilities leave much to be desired as you can only share images to Facebook and Instagram or send them via email. Despite the fact that the app is free, getting rid of ads requires you to purchase the Sketch Me app for $1.47.

Part 3: Cartooning Yourself Online

Probably the quickest and cheapest way to cartoon yourself is to use one of many available photo editing platforms. However, some online photo editors don’t offer preset cartoon or sketch effects, which is why we recommend using a platform specialized for the creation of cartoon pictures.

1. Online Cartoonizer

 Cartoon Yourself

The rich selection of the cartoon and painting effects, as well as a solid amount of photo editing tools, make Online Cartoonizer an excellent choice if you want to cartoon yourself quickly. You just have to upload a photo and select an effect from the Cartoon or Painting Effects menu, and the effect will be automatically applied to the picture. The Filters menu lets you apply gradients, sharpen images, while the Clip Art menu offers numerous categories that range from Eyes to Landmarks that can be used to make your cartoon photos funnier.

Sharing your creations on social media directly from Online Cartoonizer is not an option since you must save the picture you created for your hard drive. In addition, this platform is packed with ads that can be slightly irritating.

Part 4: FAQ about how to Cartoon Yourself

1. What app turns photos into cartoons?

Aren’t some of us like to transform our photos into cartoons using filters or some other tools? Yes, many of us do so because we love cartoons. The cartoon designers can get ideas anytime, and applications such as Clip2comic will be a great help to change a photo into cartoons. Later, you can use that cartoon in a video or animation. Enlight Photofox for the iPhone can be utilized too for turning a photo into a cartoon. You can find similar applications on the Microsoft Store, Play Store, or iPhone store. Converting video to cartoon wouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

2. Can I upload cartoons on YouTube?

Of course, YouTube never puts any restrictions on the videos if they are original. Any person can create his or her channel and start uploading cartoon videos. Amateur cartoon designers can earn the right amount of money by uploading them. All you need to do is download animation software, learn it well, and begin the creation of cartoons. For being professional cartoonists, take a short-term course first, and it will be enough for you to gain some real-life experience of video to cartoon designing. Blender is an ideal option to start.

3. How do you make a cartoon video on YouTube?

YouTube isn’t the platform for creating videos. It provides you with a home to your original video creations. It’s impossible to make a cartoon video on YouTube. Instead of that, you have to create a video with animation software and then upload it on YouTube at the right moment. Hundreds of cartoon maker tools are available to download on your phone or PC. We know how tough it is to create a cartoon video, but with the appropriate tool in hand, anything becomes possible. Some online website also supplies you with the tools that assist you in designing cartoons.


Making your social media accounts a bit more interesting is a simple task if you decide to cartoon yourself. The photo editing software for Mac and PC may be too complicated to use if you don’t consider yourself an experienced image manipulator, but iOS and Android-based apps, as well as online platforms, allow you to cartoonify yourself in just a few easy steps. Which method of turning yourself into a cartoon do you like to use the most? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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