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Making Video Editing Effortless With Pictory.AI

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Video editing is a crucial part of the after-production modification of videos. It helps in making videos look more amazing. Before the introduction of AI, users had to edit long videos manually. However, AI has made all associated processes easier than ever.

By using AI-powered video editors, you make videos more captivating in minimum time. The most known tool for accomplishing this task is Pictory.AI. This article will cover a significant Pictory AI review. Moreover, you will also discover the reliable Pictory AI alternative in the bonus part.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Should A Good Online AI Video Editor Contain
  2. Part 2: Pictory. AI: AI Video Editing
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: the Best AI Video Editor for Professionals
  4. Conclusion
AI-Powered Video Editor
A cross-platform for making videos more captivating in minimum time!
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Part 1: What Should A Good Online AI Video Editor Contain

Undoubtedly, the Pictory AI app is a reliable option for video editing. However, there are a few things that you should know about a good video editing tool. Several factors help in determining the dependability and productivity of the tool.

A good video editing tool should also provide a comprehensive editing experience for you. It is important to realize some points which you should consider while selecting an AI tool. Provided below are some facts and figures every online AI video editor should provide:

1. Tidy Interface and Fast Speed

Initially, you need to know if the tool you are selecting has a tidy interface or not. A well-established interface can boost your productivity and helps you understand tools in a better way. In addition to this, a reliable video editor should help you in editing videos at blazing-fast speed.

2. Editing Tools

Make sure you check all the features to know if the software has innovative editing features or not. With advanced features, you can make advanced adjustments to the videos. It also helps in making videos trendier and upgraded. Thus, don't forget to analyze the features before trusting any software with your videos.

3. Import and Export Options

With an exclusive tool, you should be able to import videos from several authorized sources. In addition to this, a reliable video editor should let you export the videos in 4K quality. Your video should not lose its quality and layout after downloading. Ensure you are selecting a tool that is compatible with versatile formats and devices.

4. Effects and Overlays

The integration of advanced effects also helps in showcasing the reliability and innovation of a tool. Make sure the tool you are selecting can add outclass filters and effects to your videos. It should also be capable of adding text and graphic overlays to the videos. You can also sync the audio with the videos.

Part 2: Pictory.AI: AI Video Editing

With Pictory.AI, you can create interactive videos without facing any restrictions. It can create short and shareable videos with textual content. There is no specialized technical skill required to use this innovative software. It can also create share-friendly videos with descriptive scripts. You can also turn blogs into engaging videos to boost your search engine ranking.

This tool also comprehends a wide array of video templates which can make your work easier than ever. Not only short, but you can also generate long videos in lossless quality with Pictory. It also supports several video formats for the ease of the users and adjusts ratios between 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16. This tool also has the potential to transcript long videos.

pictory ai website

Sensational Features of Pictory.AI

Pictory comprehends a wide array of exclusive key features. You can discover some of the premium-grade features of Pictory here:

1. Script To Video

By using this comprehensive feature, you can convert well-written scripts into expressive videos. This feature can help you in creating educational or coaching videos. Moreover, it also has a step-by-step guide for creating intuitive videos.

pictory script to video

2. Article to Video

You can even paste the link to the article to create a video on that. In addition to this, you can create videos without any restriction on the style of the video. No matter if you want to use blogs, press releases, or HTML articles, this tool can help you with all.

pictory article to video

3. Edit Videos Using Text

This feature lets you input videos from another source for creating new videos. You can add automated subtitles in the videos and cut out the unrequired portions. Above all, you can also create expressive video highlights with this. This also helps in adding logos, intros, and outros in the videos.

pictory editing video using text

4. Visuals to Videos

You can directly drag and drop the files from the browser or computer in the Pictory interfaces. After that, this feature will make the video based on your existing data. You can use both videos and photos for this purpose.

pictory visuals to video

Pricing of Pictory.AI

Every user needs to be aware of Pictory pricing before using this tool. Pictory is a cost-effective video editor and has budget-friendly pricing plans. You can learn about the pricing plan of Pictory below given table:









Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: the Best AI Video Editor for Professionals

Wondershare Filmora is a one-stop solution to all video editing problems. It is also known as the best-in-class Pictory alternative for desktop software. With Wondershare Filmora, enhance your working methodology with split screens. It also lets you motion track the moving objects in the videos. You can also accomplish the speed ramping task with Filmora. If you have multiple videos to edit, Filmora can edit multiple videos at once for you.

This tool also lets you manage the output quality and format of the video. You can also use the built-in templates, effects, and filters to give a more upgraded look to your videos. This innovative tool also integrates preset templates in every category. Moreover, you can also access the previously made projects with the cloud project of Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features of Filmora

Filmora does not offer a restricted number of features for editing media. It has both AI and simple features to help the users. You can find some of the useful and modernized AI features of Filmora here:

1. AI Audio Stretch

With this quality-oriented feature, you can retime any audio and fit it with the duration of the video. You can also rearrange the music throughout the video without going through the hassle of cutting or rippling. Moreover, it can retime all the audio tracks in lossless quality.

ai audio stretch filmora

2. AI Audio Denoise

Background noises can mess up the overall quality of both audio and video. You can use this productive feature to remove all types of background noises from the audio. Moreover, you can also enable the AI Speech Enhancement to get clear dialogues. It also lets you remove the hiss or hum noise from audio.

ai audio denoise filmora

3. AI Smart Cutout

By using this advanced AI feature, you can select and cut out any unwanted object from videos. This can remove all types of objects from videos with optimized accuracy. Above all, you also have the choice to customize the brush size, edge thickness, and edge feather. One of the best things is you can also cut out parts of videos in every frame individually.

ai smart cutout filmora

4. AI Copywriting

This feature lets you create intuitive YouTube ideas and descriptions. With this, you can also write SEO-optimized content to engage more users. The ability to add content to your videos gives you the leverage to create personalized videos with perfection.

ai copywriting filmora


As stated in this article, you can use Pictory.AI as a best-in-class video editor without putting any effort. It can upgrade the quality of your videos and make them depict a better professional grade. The features discussed above can help in proving the higher functionality of the videos. Moreover, you have also learned about Wondershare Filmora, which is the best Pictory.AI alternative.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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