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10 Best AI Vocal Removers to Use in 2024

Want the best vocal remover AI? Here is a list of the top ones, with features, pros, cons, and other pieces of information.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 19, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

When you hear an interesting song or audio, you may want to utilize it for editing a video however, if there is a voiceover layered on top of this tune, that makes it difficult for one to use it in other editing work.

Luckily, Free AI Vocal Remover tools are available that allow users to remove voice quickly and effectively from an audio track. If you are wondering what options you have, this post covers the matter in detail. So, give it a full read.

voice mic introduction
In this article
  1. Part 1: Why Opt For a Vocal Remover Tool?
    1. AudioAlter
    2. Vocal Remover
    3. Vocal Remover
    4. Song Peel
    6. Phonic Mind
    9. Melody ml
    10. EasySplitter

Part 1: Why Opt For a Vocal Remover Tool?

In some cases, people are interested in using a song's background instrumental but not keeping the speaking parts of the audio track. For example, if the software picked up conversation or voices while recording a musical piece, you would need to remove the vocal sounds.

Not to mention, many vloggers who create fan videos of their favorite characters need to remove the dialogue to add the song they want to edit the scene to avoid clashing.

Typically, users can also make such voice removal processes on video editing platforms. However, it takes a long time and effort, and the result may only show precise vocal sound removal with quality loss.

In such a case, an AI vocal remover free software is handy to automatically detect the voices in a file and remove it entirely. Specific tools assure precision with this step, so you should choose the right software carefully.

Part 2: Best AI Vocal Remover Tools Available Online

Indeed, you need to study the functionality of the online vocal AI remover choices' functionality and features. Following that, you can choose the right tool for your specific needs. Here's a list with relevant details that should help you select.

1. AudioAlter

Audioalter's online audio toolkit may help you create a high-quality, customized audio track for your film. The program has 3D audio and panning effects, 8D audio effects for an ultra-immersive audio experience, a bass booster to improve song bass, an audio converter, and an equalizer to modify audio frequencies.


Price: Free

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • 3D Audio and panning effects are useful.
  • 8D audio effects are available.
  • Bass booster, equalizer, pitch shifter, and other such tools are available.
  • Adjust the pitch of songs as needed.
  • Compatible with different audio formats.
  • Change volume smoothly.
  • Additional tools like pitch shifter and reverse audio.
  • APK version may be prone to virus attacks.
  • It does not work well with songs without centred vocals.

2. Vocal Remover is an AI Vocal Remover Online site that can separate song vocals and tunes. Each ingredient is extracted to create new compositions in practically any genre. Musicians, producers, and audio lovers can experiment with this useful instrument. vocal remover

Price: 19.99$ Monthly

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • Separates song vocals, and tunes.
  • Can create new compositions in any genre.
  • Useful tool for remixing songs or experimenting with new sounds.
  • Try out sample songs and already available audio clips in the device.
  • Speedy audio file processing.
  • No need to download or install anything.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Take time to process the audio.
  • Quality of the extracted vocals may not be perfect.

3. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is a vocal remover and isolation AI free online tool for removing and isolating vocals from a song in your browser. The process is easy: simply upload your song by clicking the "Browse my files" button, wait for the audio processing, and receive two tracks - a karaoke version with no vocals and an a cappella performance with the vocals isolated.

vocal remover

Price: Offers both paid and free services

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • Automatic vocal removal using AI technology.
  • Includes audio cutter, pitch changer, joiner, and recorder tools.
  • Results displayed and playable before downloading.
  • Simple user interface makes editing process smoother.
  • Uses advanced AI technology.
  • Includes additional audio tools.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Only accepts audio files up to 10 minutes in duration。
  • Only exports audio files in MP3 and WAV format。
  • Processing speed can be slow。

4. Song Peel

Using AI, Song Peel can simply turn any song into karaoke or high performance. This unique tool uses complicated algorithms to evaluate your music and automatically separate voices from instrumental tracks, giving you complete control over each section.

song peel

Price: Free use, buy the changed files at cost

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • Uses AI algorithms to separate vocals from instrumental tracks.
  • Offers both karaoke and high-performance versions of the song.
  • Allows for editing and remixing of isolated vocals.
  • Instantaneous vocal removal.
  • Fast and accurate processing.
  • Add files upto 50 MB in size each.
  • Supports a wide range of file formats.
  • The free plan has limited features and quality.
  • The user interface can be confusing for some users.

5. is an online tool and browser extension that extracts voices, drums, pianos, bass, and other instruments using five stem models. Advanced functionality and mobility make the application user-friendly. Due to its 2 Stem and 5 Stem models, splits music accurately.

Price: Offer both free and paid services

Device Compatibility: Support on all platforms


  • Extracts voices and instruments using 2 Stem and 5 Stem models.
  • Fast web application.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Accurate stem separation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can extract multiple instruments and vocals.
  • Samples are available for previewing.
  • Requires payment for advanced features.
  • Audio processing can take some time.

6. Phonic Mind

PhonicMind is an online tool for removing vocals from songs, which is more advanced than the previously mentioned Vocal remover. It can extract vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments from the music.

phonic mind

Price: Basic- 9$; Pro- 14$

Device Compatibility: Supports on all platforms


  • Extensive set of utilities.
  • Divides music into instrumental levels.
  • Unlimited song processing.
  • No frequency or sound loss.
  • Offers an extensive set of utilities for users.
  • Uses AI technology for highly accurate vocal removal.
  • Divides music into instrumental levels.
  • Slow processing speed.
  • Only downloads in MP3 format for free version.


Lalal.Ai analyzes song notes by pitch, frequency, and duration using complex algorithms. This analysis predicts which song parts you'll sing. This program is ideal for making karaoke songs or deleting voices to focus on instrumentals.

Price: Plus pack- 30$; Lite pack- 15$

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • Can handle up to 20 files simultaneously.
  • Removes vocals and separates different instrumental sounds.
  • No quality loss here.
  • API integration for businesses is available.
  • Fast in stem extraction.
  • Offers business integration and affiliate program.
  • Can handle multiple files at once.
  • The free version has limits on audio duration (10 minutes) and file size (50MB)
  • Only supports three file formats in the free version (MP3, OGG, WAV)


Vocali, an AI-powered cloud service, swiftly separates music and vocals. The application splits songs and music tracks in seconds. Upload a suitable audio file from your device and press "SEPARATE MUSIC AND VOCALS" to use Vocali.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • AI-powered vocal removal service
  • Separates music and vocals in seconds
  • Accepts MP3/WAV/M4A/OGG/FLC files under 10 minutes and 20MB
  • Provides a ZIP folder for download
  • Fast and efficient processing time
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Provides a ZIP folder for easy download
  • File size and duration limitations
  • Only archives MP3 music and vocals, not other types of audio tracks

9. Melody ml

Melody ML delivers high-quality audio processing using Demucs Extra and a bespoke VR. The software prioritizes high-frequency audio quality. Melody ML's bespoke VR allows better control over audio separation than Deezer's Spleeter.

melody ml

Price: Every Song costs $0.50 after 2 free songs

Device Compatibility: Web-based


  • Uses Demucs Extra and bespoke VR for high-quality audio processing.
  • Allows for separate extraction of vocals, melody, and rhythm from uploaded audio files.
  • Enables users to create new compositions by working with each component separately.
  • Multiple instrumentation choices are available.
  • High-quality audio processing.
  • Powerful algorithms for effective vocal separation.
  • Offers separate extraction of melody and rhythm.
  • Limited file format support (only supports WAV files).
  • Processing time can be slow for longer audio files.

10. EasySplitter

As a paid vocal removal service, EasySplitter lives up to its name by delivering exceptional results. Users can obtain separated music versions with just one click, making it a standout offering in the market.


Price: Single Song - $2.85; 5 Songs - $11.25; 10 Songs - $15.

Device Compatibility: Supports on all platforms


  • Web and mobile application synchronization.
  • Bug-free with top-notch professional development.
  • Separates vocals from audio without quality loss.
  • File history for easy access.
  • Fast processing.
  • High-quality results.
  • Reliable and effective for various industries.
  • Limited audio file size (20MB).
  • Different price packages have restricted features.
  • Requires account creation to use the tool.


Indeed, taking the help of AI-based vocal remover tools is very useful for quick voice extraction from audio tracks with lossless quality. Go through the options in this post to know the best online free programs available with this functionality. Read through their benefits and demerits, and other details to decide which one you will utilize more frequently.


  • 1. What is an AI vocal remover, and how does it work?

    An AI vocal remover is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to separate vocal tracks from instrumental tracks in a song.

    It analyzes the audio waveform and identifies patterns and frequencies associated with vocals. Once the vocals are identified, they can be removed or isolated from the rest of the audio, leaving behind an instrumental track.

  • 2. What are some advantages of using AI vocal removers?

    AI vocal removers offer several advantages over traditional methods of vocal isolation, such as manual EQ filtering or phase cancellation. They are generally faster and more accurate and can work with a broader range of audio sources and styles.

    Additionally, many AI vocal removers allow for real-time previewing and adjustment of the separation settings, making the process more intuitive and efficient.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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