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Top 4 Free AI Video Generators You Must Try

Gianni Originally published Mar 09, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

AI has changed how videos are made, making a big difference in content creation. AI Video Generators are special tools with smart algorithms for creating videos.

One of these amazing tools is called Sora. OpenAI has amazed everyone once more with a major AI update: Sora, a video generator that creates extremely realistic videos. Some examples released earlier are hard to tell apart from real camera footage. You might wonder, what exactly is Sora AI?

This new development came as a surprise. Keep reading to discover more about this amazing AI video generator, which could turn your written text into video using AI.

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Part 1: Redefine Video Creation with Sora

sora ai video generator

Sora is a groundbreaking AI technology that turns written instructions into lifelike video scenes. Developed by OpenAI, Sora caters to a wide range of users, from security analysts to creative professionals.

Key Features:

  • Sora makes videos up to a minute long with top-notch visuals by following your instructions closely. It can even make a video from just a picture.
  • It creates intricate scenes with multiple characters, dynamic movements, and detailed settings, bringing different stories to life.
  • The AI tool understands language well. T accurately captures emotions and prompts to make expressive video characters.
  • Sora keeps the same style across different shots in a video for a smooth viewing experience.
  • With Sora AI, users can change many things in their videos, like how they look and move and what colors and fonts are used. This means users can make videos that match exactly what they want.

Note: While Sora is impressive, it has limits. It might struggle with complex physics or cause-and-effect relationships, and sometimes, details like directions or time might be tricky, causing minor scene inconsistencies.

How To Create Video in Sora

Creating your first video with OpenAI Sora is an exciting journey into the future of AI-driven content creation. However, it’s NOT readily available for public use. In February 2024, OpenAI Sora became available for "red teamers" to test its security and stability. Red teamers are experts who check if a product is safe and works well.

Safety is a top priority as Sora prepares for use in OpenAI's products. Red teamers will test it to make sure it's safe. They're also making tools to spot false, violent and inhibited content that Sora made.

But for a preview, you can do the following to create videos in Sora (this is based on the Sora website itself:

Step 1: Log in to your OpenAI Sora account and go to the Sora interface.

Step 2: Type a detailed description of the video you want to create into the text box. The more specific you are, the better Sora can understand your request.


Drone view of waves crashing against the rugged cliffs along Big Sur’s garay point beach. The crashing blue waters create white-tipped waves, while the golden light of the setting sun illuminates the rocky shore. A small island with a lighthouse sits in the distance, and green shrubbery covers the cliff’s edge. The steep drop from the road down to the beach is a dramatic feat, with the cliff’s edges jutting out over the sea. This is a view that captures the raw beauty of the coast and the rugged landscape of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Step 3: Submit your prompt and wait for Sora to process it. This might take a moment depending on your request's complexity.

sora ai animated video generator

Step 4: Once the video is ready, watch it to see how well Sora interpreted your prompt and brought your ideas to life.

sora ai video generation

Part 2: BONUS: 3 Best AI Video Generators

While Sora may not be accessible to the public, users can still create AI videos using alternative platforms like Filmora, Synthesia, and HeyGen. Let's explore each of these options:

Tool Pros Cons Pricing
Filmora Get extra features with ChatGPT integration. Use advanced editing tools to make your videos look pro. Can not generate video from text and create avatar Free demo
Annual Plan: $49.99 annual
Cross-Platform: $59.99 annual
Perpetual Plan: $79.99 annual
Synthesia Recommended tool for beginners due to its simple user interface It has only front-facing poses with Avatar Free demo
Starter plan: $22/month
Creator plan: $67/month
Enterprise plan: custom pricing
HeyGen Full of customization options when editing AI videos AI videos are not realistic
Video templates only contain one slide
Free demo
Essential plan: $30/month
Pro plan: $225/month
Enterprise plan: custom pricing


filmora ai video generator

Filmora stands out as a leading AI video generator, offering a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your video creation experience. Filmora empowers creators to produce professional-quality videos effortlessly with its simple interface and advanced editing capabilities.

You can use advanced Filmora AI tools to streamline your editing process and easily achieve professional results. It has well-integrated ChatGPT API functionality for an improved editing experience.

Key Features

  • Access a vast library of pre-designed video templates to kickstart your projects and save time on editing.
  • Enjoy a wide range of editing tools and effects for adding a professional touch.
  • Customize every aspect of your videos, including video, audio, and color settings, to achieve your desired look and feel.
  • Choose from many stock media items, including images, videos, and audio files.
  • Automatically generate video subtitles using Filmora's speech-to-text technology.
  • Work seamlessly across PC, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing you to edit your videos wherever and on any device.
  • Filmora offers advanced video editing features that enable you to create polished and professional-looking videos.


synthesia ai video generator

Synthesia is a cutting-edge AI-powered video generator that simplifies creating videos using AI avatars from text. It offers over 60 professionally designed video templates to kickstart your video creation process.

With a vast selection of more than 160 AI avatars, you can choose the perfect character to narrate your text in over 140 languages and accents. The tool is primarily used for developing training videos, how-to guides, and product marketing materials. Below are the other important attributes of Synthesia.

  • Access a diverse range of voices and accents, totaling over 140 options, to suit your video's tone and style.
  • Customize your videos by selecting from a library of 160+ AI avatars, ensuring your content is engaging and relatable.
  • Benefit from various professionally designed video templates, offering versatility and flexibility in your video projects.
  • Tailor your avatar to fit your brand or message with the option to create a custom character.
  • Enhance the expressiveness of your avatars with micro gestures like winks and nods, adding personality to your videos.
  • Streamline your video creation process with AI-assisted scriptwriting tools available within the Synthesia platform.
  • Translate your videos effortlessly with automatic video translation features, ensuring your content easily reaches a global audience.

3. HeyGen

heygen ai video generator

Established in 2020, HeyGen emerges as a prominent AI video generator, catering to individuals seeking to craft compelling and polished videos for various purposes, including marketing, sales, training, and education.

HeyGen boasts a diverse selection of over 100 AI avatars, ensuring a wide range of personalities and styles to suit your video content. You can choose from 36 professionally designed templates to kickstart your video projects and achieve a polished look effortlessly.

Key Features

  • With support for 40 languages, HeyGen facilitates global communication, allowing you to create videos that resonate with audiences worldwide.
  • Utilize the face-swap option within the platform to customize your videos further, enhancing engagement and personalization.
  • HeyGen offers flexibility in video orientation, providing both landscape and portrait formats to suit various platforms and viewing preferences.
  • Explore the generative outfit feature, enabling you to dress your AI presenters in attire that matches your brand aesthetic or message, enhancing visual appeal and authenticity.


AI has changed how we make videos. The best AI video generators like Sora and Filmora have made it easier and more fun to be creative.

Keep exploring AI video tools like Sora and Filmora. Try out their features and see what cool stuff you can make. AI can help you take your creativity to the next level and open up many new ideas for your videos. So, keep experimenting and see where your imagination takes you in video making.

In the future, more people will be able to make AI videos. But we need to use these new tools responsibly and consider their impact on society.

Gianni Mar 27, 24
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