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Top 10 Jasper AI Alternatives You Can Choose for Dynamic Content Output

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published Apr 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

If you create high-quality content for your business or personal use, operating an AI-based text generation tool is useful. In this context, the software is suitable for high-grade content generation.

Indeed, the high-grade AI technology in this software makes it simple for all users to get high-quality content as fast as possible. However, it is a costly program for some users, while others may want to know some alternatives to Jasper for future needs.

You are in the right place if you fall under either category. Read through this list of the best alternatives to Jasper AI.

Jasper AI
In this article
    1. Rytr
    3. Filmora- AI Copywriting
    4. Closercopy
    5. Smodin
    6. Copysmith
    7. GrowthBar
    9. Writesonic
    10. Peppertype

Part 1: Introduction to Why is a Capable Copywriting Tool to Choose?

Before starting the list countdown, you should have a clearer view of as a software. Currently known as conversion AI Jarvis software, the tool is one of the top app choices for superior-level content development.

This program will give you different AI models to apply for advanced copywriting. You can choose between templates here and the style that best suits what you want to create, like ad copy, blogs, etc.

Best uses:

  • Integrated Jasper Chat for interaction-based AI content planning and generation.
  • More than 50 AI template options are available.
  • Access and use out of the 30 language choices.
  • Use it as a Chrome extension to access different sites and apps, like Gmail.


  • The free trial period with 10,000 credits only lasts for five days.
  • Only the Business plan users can expand their team size to over five individuals for collaboration.

How to access/use: It is an online app, so visit the official website to access the software.

Part 2: Top 10 Alternatives to You Must Consider

Now that you know what the Jarvis AI copywriting tool is helpful for, you can select a suitable alternative for it. Here are some of the best selections for that.

1. Rytr

Jasper AI Alternative-Rytr

Regarding the best app similar to Jarvis copy AI, Rytr is a suitable option. Here, you will start with 10,000 characters available for AI-based copywriting after choosing your preferred use case out of 40+ options. The software handles the rest.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Free; Saver- USD 9/month; Unlimited- USD 29/month


  • More than 40 different use cases are available for editing.
  • It comes with 10,000+ characters in one month package for AI-based generation.
  • Over 30 global language types are compatible with this program.
  • A plagiarism checker is present for easy access.
  • Choose between 20-tone options.
  • Easy to configure the format of the content manually.
  • Premium-level community support is available here.
  • Free plan users can't prepare custom use cases.
  • It would be best if you upgraded to a paid plan to get over 5 AI-generated images monthly.


Jasper AI Alternative -

If you want a high-quality alternative to, is its proper name. Using the high-quality AI functionality here, you can use it to create different types and lengths of content. Here, you must provide the title and content-based specifications for instant high-quality blogs and articles.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Free; Pro- USD 49/month; Enterprise- custom pricing


  • ai-based chatbot helps intuitively interact with the in-built AI for content generation.
  • It comes with over 90 tools for copywriting.
  • Get constant support via Blog Wizard.
  • There are preset workflow structures in the library for instant usage.
  • Sign-up or registration is possible via email.
  • Handle an unlimited number of projects here.
  • Priority email benefits are available for users.
  • The free plan users only get 2000 words to use each month.
  • Only one user can use the free plan at one time, including on one device.

3. Filmora- AI Copywriting

Filmora AI Copywriting

If you are looking for a Jarvis writing software alternative that you can use for short-form content creation, the AI Copywriting tool from Filmora is the one to use. Here, you can add the prompt in a question format. Then, the ChatGPT-based technology integrated into the tool will instantly provide a high-quality short blog of 100 words or video script.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS

Pricing: Free with cost-based plans starting at USD 19.99/month.


  • Add the topic you want the AI-powered content generator to focus on in a question format.
  • It can generate video scripts for short-form YouTube-based marketing videos.
  • Users get 20 questions to try per day.
  • Copy specific parts of the AI-generated content or the total amount.
  • Multiple device and OS support.
  • You will get a 100-word short blog.
  • Reuse the tool multiple times before the question limit runs out.
  • You have to download and install the Filmora app to use this tool, which takes up more space than necessary.
  • This is not good for creating longer blog content.
ChatGPT is now available in Filmora 12!
Free Download
Free Download

4. Closercopy

Jasper AI Alternative

Closercopy is another good option for users instead of Jarvis AI copywriting assistant. Here, the app runs with high-grade AI technology, providing users with many premium-level benefits, like AI runs and SEO audits. It would help if you got a paid plan to get such features with no set limit.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Cost plans start at USD 49.99/month.


  • Get around 300 AI runs to use each month.
  • SEO audits are available at a count of 50 each month.
  • High-quality features like SEO Planner are accessible.
  • Get to choose between 700+ frameworks.
  • You can create longer content with this.
  • High-quality community support for additional help.
  • Users can find their preferences among 128 languages here.
  • Only two users can utilize the lowest-cost plan here.
  • The lowest-cost plan users do not get unlimited updates.

5. Smodin

Jasper AI Alternative - Smodin

Smodin is a high-grade tool for AI copywriting help that works well as an alternative to Jasper. You can utilize the in-built keyword research tool available that you can use to create highly engaging content. You can also check citations and references for content and get plagiarism-checking benefits with all plans.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Limited- free; Essentials- USD 10/month; Productive- USD 29/month


  • Professional-quality instant AI-based content generation.
  • AI-powered keyword research support is available.
  • Check references while making the changes.
  • 100+ languages are supported here.
  • Add in-app citations here.
  • Create high-quality professional content with this AI writer tool.
  • Proper content structure is simple to maintain.
  • Free plan users only get 1000 characters to use for rewriting/plagiarism checking.
  • Limited plan users only get three writing credits each day.

6. Copysmith

Jasper AI Alternative - Copysmith

Copysmith works as a high-grade AI-based content generator that works in the same capacity as the top-notch Jarvis AI writing tool. Here, you can choose a template for AI-based content production and add instructions for customized text creation. Set parameters like language, creativity level, and tone quickly.

Compatibility: Web-based

Pricing: Starter Annual- USD 19/month; Pro Plan Annual- USD 41/month; Custom Enterprise- customizing pricing


  • Multiple choices are available, like product descriptions, long-form content, and ad copies.
  • Choose the variants and tone for the content generation.
  • Select between multiple languages.
  • Share the file with other members while keeping you and these contacts as Editor/Viewer.
  • New variations of use cases are present for product descriptions.
  • Strong GPT Turbo AI support is available here.
  • Directly post your content via Zapier/Google Docs.
  • The lowest cost plan allows one device usage at a time.
  • The free trial offer lasts for around seven days.

7. GrowthBar

Jasper AI Alternative - GrowthBar

GrowthBar is another high-quality copywriting AI tool that people can use for high-range content production with simple steps. You can select between the different templates available in the program and make customized edits.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Cost plans start at USD 29/month.


  • See content specifications at the side while you edit.
  • Different types of AI-based content templates are available.
  • Add keywords into the content with smooth integration.
  • Get 25 AI-based audits, or content outlines every month.
  • Drag and drop functionality is supported here.
  • Use it as a Chrome extension.
  • Email support is available.
  • The least costly plan is available for two users in one license.
  • The free trial period lasts only five days.


Jasper AI Alternative - is another top-range AI tool like Jarvis copywriting AI that people can use for various content writing options. You can select between the available use cases and easily add texts and keywords that specify what type of content you want to prepare. Based on that, the AI will prepare high-quality and engaging text within minutes.

Compatibility: web-based

Pricing: Plans start at USD 49/month


  • Supports different use cases for content generation.
  • Add input texts here.
  • Insert keywords for personalized content creation.
  • Mention product characteristics quickly.
  • Many template choices are available.
  • Adjust content tone with simple steps.
  • Many languages to select from.
  • Minimal language options.
  • Starter plan users can activate this extension on Chrome only.

9. Writesonic

Jasper AI Alternative - Writesonic

Writesonic is a high-quality AI-based content preparation tool that is suitable for marketers, bloggers, and other such professionals to use. You can set the topic for what you want the AI algorithm here to create, and the technology will take a short time to do so. Then, you can further customize it as you require.

Compatibility: Web-based

Pricing: Free with cost-based plans starting at USD 19/month.


  • Supports around 25 language types for content generation.
  • Change the story quality level.
  • Give specifications about the story, characters, and other factors.
  • Over 100 types of AI templates to use.
  • Get one-tap functionality support.
  • Describe the topic or main requirement for AI-based content generation.
  • Free plan users will get 10,000 words each month for instant content making.
  • The GPT-4 technology is available only for the users paying for the service.
  • Free plan users cannot process multiple files together.


Jasper AI Alternative - Peppertype

Peppertype AI is another top-rated AI-based automated content generation tool for people to use. There are multiple types, like post captions, bullet points, and long-form blogs, that you can choose to create with this solution.


Pricing: Premium- USD 399/month; Enterprise- customized pricing


  • High-quality integrations are in place for error-checking here.
  • Keyword-based content production.
  • Get automated auditing support with the tool.
  • High-quality AI assistant benefits here.
  • Keyword researching benefits are available for users.
  • Users get CMS Publish support here.
  • Get AI-based topic suggestions.
  • The trial period is only seven days.
  • Premium plan users can only check 200,000 words under the in-built plagiarism analysis tool.


Indeed, while the benefits of the Jarvis content AI technology are high-quality, only some find the cost modules and plan breakdowns satisfactory. Comparatively, after studying their listed features and other information, you can try out the other software choices mentioned here. Directly using the tools will give you a better view of their usability, so proceed accordingly.  


  • Which alternative to Jasper has a wide range of language support?
    Many of the Jasper or Jarvis copywriting tool alternatives do support a vast library of language choices. One of the top choices in this context is Closercopy, which supports 128 languages.
  • Which of these options is suitable for preparing scripts for YouTube videos?
    If you want a quick script generation process for YouTube videos, Filmora- AI Copywriting tool is an excellent option to try out. Plus, you can use the video editor version to prepare a video for YouTube, following said script directly.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Mar 27, 24
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