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Create Animated Videos From Text Prompts Using AI

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 13, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The surge of creating unique animated content is not just limited to traditional styles. Now, the animation field is benefiting from advancement and creativity in this world. Therefore, several innovative tools and techniques have emerged to make content creation accessible. In this regard, text-to-animation video AI technologies are no exception. They are on the way to making video production easier for everyone.

If you want to know how these technologies can help you on various scales, read this article. Here, you will uncover Sora AI's power in converting text to animated video AI. Also, you will find an incredible platform to generate video from text, catering to your diverse needs.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Sora’s Power in the Field of AI Text-To-Video
  2. Part 3.AI Video Generation With Text Using Wondershare Filmora’s Efficiency
  3. Conclusion
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Part 1: he Existing Groundbreaking Use Cases Introduced by Text-To-Animation Video Tools

Text-to-animation video makers are revolutionizing the way we create animated content. As technology continues to develop, people expect its innovative applications to emerge. Thus, this part will discuss the fundamental use cases of different text-to-video-making tools.

1. Pika AI

It’s a free animated video generator that works with your text or image prompt to craft short videos. This tool is expert in conveying ideas, telling stories, and adding visuals to your existing content. It can create animated videos that are up to 4 seconds long, so you can generate different scenes.

Besides, it is considered perfect for creating funny GIFs and entertaining videos. Social media influencers use this AI video maker to create engaging and humorous clips that draw attention. They experiment with prompts and discover styles that might resonate with their targeted viewers.

Example of Text Prompts

In an artwork medium, a man in a black suit drinking coffee in a shop, a 1960s aesthetic.

pika ai animated videos using text

2. Sora AI

This model is a new creation of OpenAI that generates videos from text prompts. It is designed to craft high-quality scenes for movies and product advertisements. As this model can create a 1-minute-long video, you can generate storyboards and visualize filming locations.

Moreover, you can ask to create the missing video parts or unforeseen situations or historical events. It excels in generating realistic scenes, so you can ask it for virtual tours of locations. Also, it can be used to showcase fantastical creatures interacting with a group of fairies.

Example of Text Prompt

Tour of the art gallery with various unique art styles.

sora ai animated videos using text

3. Runway AI

Unlike other AI tools, this platform can create animated videos from text with broader functionalities. It can change the weather in a scene, so you can use it to add depth effects to videos. Instead of using expensive editing software, filmmakers can use its special grade effects.

It is an expert in AR/VR game experiences, so developers can use it to test games easily. For advanced users, this tool can help in training machine learning models for creative tasks. Many artists can experiment with generative art techniques and create unique artworks.

Example of Text Prompt

Cinematic drone footage of a waterfall flowing down a lush green mountainside, fog rising in the sunlight.

runway ai animated videos using text

Part 2: Sora’s Power in the Field of AI Text-To-Video

Among the existing text-to-AI video converters, Sora AI is a new model with a different perspective. It’s an AI model that creates imaginative and realistic scenes from your text prompts. It is considered an evolving tool because it understands the context of your natural language text input. Besides, it is trained to extend your videos backward or forward in length by adding new frames.

Why It is Changing Tool

  • Various Scenes: Sora AI can generate multiple shots in a single video like no one. It gives attention to every detail in your text prompts and creates compelling shots.
  • Add Multiple Characters: This model adds different characters to your footage with a persistent style. Even if you extend a video, it will retain the characters with the same visual styles.
  • Image to Video: In the future, it aims to accept your image prompts and convert them into videos. It will animate the static images and add depth to them with 3D consistency.

Technical Overview

It uses text-conditional diffusion models of various resolutions and aspect ratios. Sora leverages a transformer architecture that operates spacetime patches of video latent code. It starts making videos with one static noise and later transforms it by removing noise over many steps. Overall, the large models of Sora AI aim to generate a high-fidelity video in one minute.

Part 3: AI Video Generation With Text Using Wondershare Filmora’s Efficiency

Now comes the discussion on the most powerful and easiest text-to-animated video converter. It's Wondershare Filmora, which is capable of crafting compelling videos from text. Notably, it's far beyond text-to-video making as it can edit and polish videos according to various platforms. Looking into its AI text-to-video feature, you can generate multilingual versions of videos in the desired aspect ratio.

It provides multiple options for choosing an aspect ratio to generate video from the text. Besides, it supports several regional languages you can pick for your video. Apart from that, it offers AI voices to use in video voiceovers. Such AI voices have several accents, genders, styles, and moods you can choose as needed. If you don’t have a script to create a video, Filmora will provide you with its AI script feature.

Text To Video【Filmora AI Function】

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Free Download


In essence, technical advancement gives rise to AI-generated videos from text. It brings ease and accessibility in video production and various other fields, as discussed above. Here, you have found countless use cases from famous AI text-to-video generators. So far, Wondershare Filmora is considered the most effective text-to-video maker. Thus, you should try making customized videos even when you don't have a script or voiceover.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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