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How Does Pictory AI Make Text-To-Video Generation Better? A Step-By-Step Overview

Gianni Originally published Mar 11, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The field of text-to-video has effectively developed into an industry with a large audience. From catering to users present in the field of editing to people who are part of the education industry, a lot has changed. Many different text-to-video tools have emerged in the market as the next big innovation. One of the top-rated options is the Pictory text-to-video tool.

Pictory AI is a renowned platform in the field of AI content creation. This proficient toolkit helps in the formation of proper media content, which caters to many different audience’s needs. In this article, you will learn more about the Pictory text-to-video platform. We will also discuss a better alternative that helps in the creation of finer video content.

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Part 1: In the Tool: Learning What Is Pictory and How It Associates Text-To-Video AI

Who knew that there would be a tool in the 2020s that would help create proper video content using AI? Pictory AI has emerged as a good market player, offering a variety of AI editing functions. This tool provides a complete setup for generating more leads and boosting sales. All of this is possible with the help of the fast Pictory text-to-video tool.

Pictory AI comes with a complete system of generating professional videos from proper scripts. Embedded with realistic AI voices, you can quickly turn your blog posts into videos that target SEO markers. This exceptional video creation tool can be utilized to generate content for education, coaching, guides, and listicle videos.

Overall, the Pictory text-to-video tool provides the ability to add captions to increase the overall quality of the videos. Easy video creation is the motive of most users looking for such online tools. Pictory AI accommodates the needs of most users and turns out to be a good option for generating videos through text.

Top-Notch Features of Pictory AI Worth Noticing

There are several features that make Pictory AI a good video-generating tool. Following is an overview of these features to help you understand what makes Pictory AI worthy:

1. Script Editing for Video Creation

Good video creation is possible when a good script is set up. This is made possible with the script editor offered by Pictory AI. While you type in all the important details of the script, a highlighting option is available that helps you point out the crucial parts of the script. Furthermore, multiple script adjustment settings help generate a proper video from AI.

script to video pictory ai

2. Convert Articles Into Videos

Pictory AI comes with the option of converting complete articles into video content. Most blog editors need video visuals to illustrate their article content. This ability from Pictory AI strengthens the entire content creation process. When extracting the key messages in the article, you are able to create a proper video within minutes.

articles into video pictory ai

3. Make Edits in Video

Apart from creating video from textual content, you can make edits to an existing video. In the editing options, you can include subtitles by generating them through AI. Furthermore, generate video highlights from your input content and create proper intros and outros. This helps improve video engagement across social media platforms.

edit video using text pictory

4. Creating Video From Visuals

While you've learned about the Pictory text-to-video tool, there is a dedicated option for creating videos out of visuals. This is an essential feature for users who wish to create slideshows with different images and clips. Using these features, you can create captivating content for your viewers.

visuals to video pictory ai

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Steps To Use the Pictory Text-To-Video Function

After getting into a detailed overview of Pictory's essential features, find out how to use the Pictory text-to-video feature:

Step 1. When accessing Pictory's text-to-video webpage on your browser, click the "Get Start For Free!” button.

access text to video pictory feature

Step 2. After logging into Pictory’s online platform, continue to select the “Script to Video” section by tapping “Proceed.”

select script to video feature

Step 3. On the following screen, type in the video name and continue typing in the script. To emphasize particular visuals, use the "Highlight" option. Define other settings in the "Scene Settings" drop-down. Continue to click the "Proceed" button to create a video from the input text on Pictory.

add script and adjust settings

Step 4. As the input text is analyzed, a complete video storyboard is created in Pictory. You can find the completed video on the next screen, where you can further make edits. Set the AI voice that would perform the video's voiceover. Continue making other changes from the elements in the left panel and click "Download."

generate and further edit ai video

Part 2: Finding a Better Text-To-Video AI Result in Wondershare Filmora

What if you want a better and more professional option for generating videos using text with AI? Although Pictory text-to-video AI does offer good choices, it has its limitations. When it comes to creating realistic videos with a good audience attraction, there are things it lacks. This is where Wondershare Filmora turns out to be a wholesome solution offering unique video tools. From editing to generating videos with text, everything is possible with Wondershare Filmora.

Text-To-Video in Wondershare Filmora

If you want to consume Filmora's text-to-video functionality, there are a few things to be aware of. Apart from writing the script by yourselves, you can utilize the "Generate by AI" option. This helps create a proper video script by providing a topic area and script type. Furthermore, you can use the text-to-video service after selecting the proper language for video generation.

With all these options and other smaller settings, it is easier to create videos with Wondershare Filmora. You can set up the best formats of videos with a professional touch, which is not possible with Pictory AI.

Text To Video【Filmora AI Function】

Free Download
Free Download

Some More Features To Keep an Eye On

Wondershare Filmora comes with some more video editing options. Apart from text-to-video functionality, there are many features that can make your journey smoother:

  1. AI Copywriting: When it comes to creating content, you might need ideas to innovate. Instead of doing long searches, you can utilize the AI copywriting option by Filmora to instantly create contextual ideas.
  2. AI Music Generator: Being a video editor, you always need good music to elevate your creation. Rather than going with the generic music that every other creator uses, try this AI utility. It creates music for the user after some parametric settings, which is both soothing and unique.
  3. AI Smart Masking : Masking is an excellent technique to highlight a specific element within a video. While conventional masking methods have been recognized as difficult to learn, Filmora offers an AI-powered masking option. It automatically highlights a particular element within the video to simplify the process.


This article has discussed a comprehensive overview of the Pictory text-to-video function. Apart from having an idea of how the complete features of Pictory operate, you've learned the right way to create a video from the text. However, when it comes to creating professional video content, Wondershare Filmora never disappoints.

Gianni Mar 27, 24
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