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12+ Stunning Instagram GIF Stickers and How to Make & Find

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated May 20, 24
12+ Stunning Instagram GIF Stickers and How to Make & Find

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Creating gif stickers for Instagram is an easy step. Know how to make Instagram gif stickers. Find Instagram gif stickers.

Part 1 What's Top 12 Amazing Instagram GIF Stickers

Instagram stories have become routine for every social media lover. Their day is never complete without a new and interesting story that their viewers love to watch and cannot wait for a new one. There are always some new updates on Instagram and to be in trend, it is a must to include some quirky and engaging content in the stories. The introduction of GIF to Instagram has made it easy for users to add some unique elements and content to their Instagram stories. GIF on Instagram has been powered by GIPHY. Several gifs have been uploaded and they can be searched easily on the search bar over Instagram. Instagram gif stickers are used by Instagram users to express their feelings and influence people. There are various gifs for different moods and occasions. So these gif stickers become a must-have element in Instagram stories.

So, let's see some of the top 12 Amazing Instagram GIF Stickers that can make your Instagram story more engaging and interesting. 



The uncommon place is having a perfect set of gifs that are based on seasons. These gifs are best for nature lovers who wish to add some of them to their Instagram stories. This gif is created by a well-known designer and Illustrator from California called Katie Theirjung. This gif has spider web, candy for Halloween, flowers, stars, and some sayings. It has some cheerful gifs in warm colors. The uncommon place gif over morning Instagram stories can be pleasing and yet engaging.  



Girls, who are always active in handling their Instagram stories, love to search for Queenbemonyei. It has beautiful and the best Instagram gif stickers for girls to express their style and mood. It has a beautiful rich jewel tone and stickers of African-American women. 



Instagram users who love the outdoors and update stuff on Instagram stories related to their outings, OURSECOND is the best kind of gif to make their Instagram stories more happening and interesting. Tress, campfire essential, tent, and natural stickers are available here. It can be searched easily by typing OURSEC and all the OURSECOND gifs will appear for applying. 



Sayings and cute words with Instagram stories are just amazing things to share. If you are fond of writing something catchy on your Instagram stories, SCRIPTBYNORA is the great place to get some great writing gifs. It includes days and seasons names like Sunday, Friday, summer night, playtime, saves the date, and many more gifs.



Some cute colorful gifs can be obtained by searching NEUTRAL on Instagram. It is a great collection of some assorted cute stickers such as stars, hearts, decorative lights, sunshine, and many others. These gifs are a great way to beautify any Instagram stories. 



Paint and Brush Instagram gif sticker is good for the artists who keep on presenting something new to their viewers. They can be applied to the backgrounds of text and make them more attractive. Cute paint and brush stickers draw the attention of the viewers when they read the Instagram stories. 


GLADDEST- instagram-gif-stickers

This Gif is created by Mac Ford, an illustrator in Vancouver. For those who want some sparkles and cute fonts, gladdest gifs are the best option. An amazing collection of party stuff, stars, music, heart, and some cute words in gladdest can make Instagram stories unique and stylish. New posts can be added on Instagram stories with cute gifs of gladdest. It can be searched easily by typing gladdest and all the gifs will pop up. 


Instagram sticker gif

One of the most attractive Instagram sticker gif is Aisforai. This is very popular on GIPHY and has more than 20.5B GIF views. This is a special one as it relates to love and children. It shows that ‘love is all around them, even when their loved ones are not with them. To add them to Instagram stories, search Aisforai and get them for your stories.



Laurenblair Gifs are perfect for posting outdoor and homely Instagram stories. It has an amazing collection of days and months. Gif of cottages and stuff that is good to post at the weekends and afternoon can be found here. Several stickers can pop up when one searches for Laurenblair at the Instagram account.



Odsanyu - instagram-gif-stickers


For those who love adventure, Odsanyu have several gifs perfect for adventurous Instagram stories. It contains hearts, smiley faces, and adventure time characters. Selling prints and illusions stickers of Odsanyu make the Instagram stories aesthetic. 




Flashing cursive words with some cute gifts can be used in creating attractive Instagram stories from floweringwords. These gifs are good when an Instagram user desires to make an engaging story during winters and celebrations. Hearts, cute sayings, and stars are included in it. They can be searched by typing Floweringwords are the search bar. 

1212. PASTEL

Pastel- Instagram Gif sticker

The Instagram users who love simple, being, and white colors inside their Instagram stories, Pastel has all for them. Some of the cute gifs like animals, hearts, and birthdays are there to make Instagram stories more creative. 

So, these are some of the top Instagram stickers which can make any Instagram story look cool and awesome. 

Part 2 Where to Find Instagram GIF Stickers

Gif sticker Instagram has given a new level to the Instagram stories. The stickers have added more fun and interesting elements to every story posted over Instagram. It connects with the audience and helps a business to generate leads. But, there are several Instagram Gifs available, and finding the suitable one is very difficult. So, if you are wondering where to find Instagram gif stickers list. Here are some options where one can get their favorite Instagram stickers to bring life to the Instagram stories. 

Vipapier: It has vintage touch gifs and stickers. Flowers and cute words are available. Those who love vintage gifs to be included in their Instagram stories can search over Vipapier.

Lidiaontheroad: Those who are looking for some motivational and inspirational gifs, it be searched on Lidiaontheroad. 

Ohlalalita: Cute Instagram stories can be made with Ohlalalita gifs. It can be searched by typing it on the search bar. It can make any picture or video attractive.  

Illustragabs: Funny and cheerful gifs can be searched at Illustragabs. For those who wish to make their Instagram stories funny and visually attractive, this is a great option.

All things Lilly Anne: Instagram users who love creativity and add color combos to their Instagram stories can get it on all things Lilly Anne.

Mikylacreates: Those who are looking for daisy and candy hearts to include in the Instagram stories; they can get the same at Mikylacreates.

Greendotori: Short stories can be made interesting with some cute pictures of coffee, hearts, and stars. One can get it at Greendotori.

Dindaps: Feminine lovers may get some amazing modern gifs at Dindaps. A lot of stickers will pop up when searching Dindaps at the search bar. 

Apart from these, there are many other places where some trending gifs can be searched. Animated, sparkling, stylish, and attractive gifs can be used by taking them from great sources powered by GIPHY.  

Part 3 How to Make Instagram GIF Stickers

Making Instagram stories filled with wonderful stickers and gif brings more followers and views. So, Instagram GIF stickers can be made in just a few simple steps. Let's see it:

Apply for Giphy's brand account: After uploading at least five GIFs, one can process having an account at GIPHY. The requirements can be read out and after approval, one can begin making gifs and uploading them. 

Creating gif sticker through Filmora: 

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a well-known professional video editing program. Bestowed with great features and being user-friendly, this is the best application for gif making. This is a good place where video editing, adding transition effects, captions can be done. 

Filmora is easy-to-use digital creativity software that has taken advanced digital technology to take video, sound, and text to the next level with magical effects, interesting stickers, and filters. It has various simplified tools to make content engaging. 

Following steps shall be followed to create a Gif over Filmora:

Download the application Filmora and install it on your PC. Locate and select the media file from the PC and open it to import the Gif on the application. 

Click on +icon appearing at the thumbnail center. Click MATCH TO MEDIA for adding the file to the timeline. 

Move to the project setting and choose the aspect ratio from the drop-down list. 

Click on export from the media library, select the MP4 format. Perform other required adjustments and click on exports to convert gifs to Instagram videos. Open the Instagram app and upload the gif video to your profile. 

The other method of uploading and sharing gifs is through the GIPHY app. Any video which requires modification, the Filmora app can be used to trim it.

So, if you are looking for how to create gif stickers for Instagram, explore Filmora and create some amazing gifs from videos or videos from Gif. You can do it in simple steps with Filmora. 

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Instagram stories can be made more impactful with some effects, sparkles, good sayings, colorful stickers, and some cute pictures. All this is possible by adding some amazing gifs. Gifs are a great way to complement any text posted over Instagram stories. Some aesthetic Gifs can be found at the uncommon place, queenbemonyei, oursecond, scriptbynora, neutral, and many more.

There are several gifs available for Instagram stories, but finding the best source is a must to create some engaging and customized stories. Based on the expressions and mood, there are many gifs that can guide the viewers. So, they can be accessed at Vipapier, Lidiaontheroad, Ohlalalita, Illustragabs, All things Lilly Anne, Mikylacreates, and many more sections.  

Attractive Gif can be created by following some simple steps. One of the great applications that can make your gif and stickers amazing for Instagram stories is Filmora.

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