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7 Best Audacity Alternatives for Android

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 23, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Audacity for is a well-known, free, and sophisticated audio editing application that has been around for years. But Audacity is not for Android. The application simplifies importing, mixing, and combining audio files. Audacity, on the other hand, is not accessible for Android users. Not only that, but the majority of adjustments you make are destructive, meaning they are permanently committed to the original audio file, making it hard to recover from errors. Audacity is the first pick for anyone looking for quick-and-dirty audio production. If you want to record music, create a podcast, or are an ambitious YouTuber wanting to publish your first video, you're going to need an audio editing app for Android.

Here are some capable replacements of Audacity for Android that will allow you to perform all of your basic and complex editing tasks on the go.



 Wavepad is one of the best alternatives to Audacity for Android. This is a free and feature-rich with high-quality audio editing capabilities. The application has a comprehensive set of effects, batch, compression, bookmarking, Audio Unit plugins, scrubbing, batch processing, and spectrum analysis.


  1. Produce and edit audio recordings, including music and spoken word, duplicate sections of recordings.
  2. Add echo or effects such as noise reduction and amplification.
  3. WavePad's user interface is a straightforward
  4. A program that includes capabilities such as a voice changer and text-to-speech
  5. The program is free for personal use, but a premium version is available if you wish to use it commercially.



MixPad is a free, easy-to-use mixer studio with professional recording and mixing features that enable you to record podcasts, mix songs, compose music,  record podcasts on the go. The software functions similarly to a digital mixing desk, allowing you to mix your music, vocal, and audio recordings and pan, fade and alter the volume.


  1. MixPad includes a variety of audio effects such as reverb, compression.
  2. equalization, as well as royalty-free sound effects
  3. Music library with numerous clips for use in your creations.
  4. The Beat Designer enables you to create your beats,
  5. Mix an unlimited amount of vocal, music, and audio tracks and save them in popular file formats such as MP3.

3.Music maker jam


Music maker Jam another big alternative of  Audacity for Android. A straightforward beat maker tool that's simple to use regardless of your skill as a musician. The programmer enables you to create and remix beats and songs for any music, expressing your musical abilities and creativity.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later


  1. Impressive features are over 300 mix packs, including over 500,000 loops for creating your type of music.
  2. Option to record your tracks on the 8-channel mixer.
  3. you can rearrange song parts, alter the harmonies and tempo, and experiment with real-time effects
  4. You may remix tunes, combine voices, and record into your beats by shaking your Android device.

4.Lexis Audio Editor


This app is an excellent alternative to Audacity for Android. If you're looking to breeze through any audio editing or mixing duties, the Lexis Audio Editor is a viable option. While the tool is not as strong as Audacity or the other solutions discussed here, it will suffice when you need to splice anything before saving or sharing it rapidly.


  1. The software has cut, paste, copy, trim, insert silence, fade-in, recorder, fade-out, delete, noise reduction, and normalizing capabilities.
  2. you can record or import an audio file into an existing file,
  3. Adjust the current track's speed, tempo, or pitch, or mix the current file with another file.
  4. The software supports standard audio formats such as WMA, FLAC, m4a,  MP3, and wave and video formats such as 3gp, 3g2, and MP4.

5.Music Editor


The Music Editor app for Android is a free alternative to Audacity for android that includes a feature-rich audio editor. You can combine two songs, alter the volume levels, and compress audio by adjusting the bit, sampling, and channel.


  1. You can isolate specific music sections and use them as the alarm tone, ringtone, or notification tone for your smartphone.
  2. The program allows you to convert your music to various formats, including WAV to MP3, and MP3 to M4A.
  3. Split audio into two halves; a split audio feature is available.
  4. Processed files are displayed in the My Creations section.

6.MP3 Audio Cutter, Mixer, and Ringtone Maker


The Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker is a robust and feature-rich audio editor. With the program, you may cut, mix, and merge audio files, edit metadata fields such as the title of a music album or the artwork for the cover, and convert between formats.


  1. You may use trimmed audio as an alarm tone, ringtone, or notification tone.
  2. Create remixes by combining two songs in the same or a different format, control the loudness of your mashups, and conveniently access your music creations.
  3. The app allows users to record audio music and share it on social media channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook.
  4. The program lacks an audio compressor and is financed by advertisements.

7.Audio lab


AudioLab is the most advanced, current, and quick, professional audio editor and ringtone creator on the market, equipped with every feature imaginable. AudioLab is a fairly straightforward and easy-to-use alternative to Audacity for Android smartphones.


  1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
  2. Audio noise reduction Editor for Audio
  3. Effects Normalize Audio Speed Changer
  4. Equalizer for Karaoke Offline Silence Removal
  5. Changing the Channel Including Audio in Video Convert GIF to Vide


Each alternative of Audacity for Android on this page includes a comprehensive range of fundamental editing options essential for audio manipulation. While any of these seven apps should be capable of performing modest modifications, your final choice will depend on the task at hand and your level of skill.

If you are thinking about a software that you can run on PC, then the only software that is most suitable for all these purposes is Wondershare's Filmora. Filmora is a capable video or audio editor with impressive features. With the simplified editing process, users can concentrate on being creative. Filmora X is one and the only platform that you will need for all your voice and video editing needs.

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