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DJI Spark Review: Best Mini Drone with Gesture Control for Taking Selfie

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Have you gone through DJI Spark videos on YouTube? They are spreading like a virus these days with millions of views. Right after the DJI's recent announcement about this mini drone on 24th May, people have gone crazy to buy this incredible device- as discussed in its first hand review. There are lots of amazing things to discuss about DJI Mini Drone and if you are a drone lover then you must be curious to go through them. Well, the article below is going to provide you complete details about this hot release in the drone world.

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dji spark appearance

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First-hand review for DJI Spark

1. Unboxing

Although, the appearance of Spark didn't change a lot compared to DJI Mavic Pro, its tiny size and sharp color also gave us a fresh and new feeling.

#1. Storage Box

The same old foam box as used by Phantom series and Inspire 2 drones is going to protect your DJI Spark. It is lightweight too. You can easily pack it inside your travelling bag because the overall weight of this box goes only up to 500 grams where 95grams is the battery weight and 300grams is weight of your tiny aircraft. This is simply the best drone to have fun in a picnic with friends because it will not add extra bourdon to your luggage.

dji spark box

#2. Aircraft size

The overall dimensions of this compact drone are 143x143x55 mm whereas weight goes only up to 300 grams.

Let's compare it with DJI Mavic, then you can have an intuitive feeling:

spark vs mavic

#3. Battery

dji spark battery

It can stay in air up to 16 minutes with its 1480mAh LiPo Battery. Yeah, this high end battery makes it powerful enough to let users enjoy long flight time. The total time spent on charging is observed to be one hour and 20 minutes. Here is one interesting news for all buyers, DJI Spark do not limit your charging options. It can be charged with three different modes:

  • You can go for the commonly used 10 to 240 volt battery charger. If you want to charge multiple batteries at a time then prefer to go for Spark's Battery charging hub that can power-up 3 batteries at once.
  • Second option is to plug into the drone directly for charging
  • Third and most commonly used one is to charge it via Micro USB slot.

2. Key features

#1. Flight Autonomy System

dji spark 3d system

Spark is perfect combination of technologies that makes its flights more stunning. It is equipped with 3D sensing system, high precision type inertial measurement mechanism, dual band GPS, Vision Positioning System, 24 powerful core for enhanced computing and many more. Spark use to follow its owner in air, and it's incredibly advanced design technology let it behave like an intelligent unit. It understands your gestures and move accordingly. The most impressive one is that when you outstretch your palm, it comes down and sits on your palm. That's really amazing.

#2. Control Mode:

You will be able to enjoy three different control modes with DJI Spark, they are:

  • Gesture
  • In this mode, you don't need phone or controller to control the drone, it can take off and land in your hand, keep following you when you waving your palm in front of its camera. You make a rectangle in air using your fingers and your intelligent drone will capture a selfie for you. But note that, this feature works only up to 3 meters distance.

    gesture mode

  • By App on Smartphone
  • You can switch between 4 different shooting modes as below with DJI Go app on your phone:

    Rocket: It makes camera to point downward.

    Dronie: Lock your drone camera focus on single subject and then move upward or downward to grab details.

    Circle: Move in circular fashion around a fixed target.

    Helix: Helix like performance around subject.

  • By Remote Controller
  • spark remote comtroller

    Under this mode, the Spark's flight potential will be totally liberated. After connecting the remote controller, the WIFI technology allows for 720p real-time video transmission from up to 2 km away, and the flight speed can reach up to 50km/h. What's more, you can pick up the latest DJI Goggles to see a different world.

    #2. Camera:

    A key feature of Spark is the camera. It equiped with a 2-axis mechanical gimbal, and can captures 12 MP photos as well as stabilized 1080p 30fps video footage.


    DJI Spark took the ease-of-use to the extreme compared with its other drones like Mavic or other brands like GoPro Karma. Combined with so many cool technologies, at just $500, DJI Spark should be listed in the must-buy products for droners.

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    Max Wales
    Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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