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How to Convert Facebook Video to MP4 720p/1080p/HD Online and Free?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated May 20, 24

Facebook has brought people closer. They use videos and images to send the message across. The content creators use their art to make engaging videos for their brand and products. Other content heads make motivational speeches and upload them on Facebook to enhance their brand worth.

Downloading these videos becomes crucial to be accessed offline and shared with our friends and co-workers. The article shall cover the reasons for downloading Facebook videos in MP4 while discussing the top three FB to MP4 converters. The procedure of using the downloader would be a part of this write-up. Continue exploring the article to know about Wondershare Filmora.

Part 1: Why are Facebook Videos Downloaded?

There is a lot of content on Facebook which the users scroll down. However, some videos catch their attention, compelling them to download them at the earliest. The sub-section shall reflect upon the reasons for converting FB video to MP4. So, let us start, shall we?

Video Sharing

Comic videos and memes have become a thing now. People like to download the videos to share them with their friends in closed groups to share laughter. Additionally, some tutorial videos are also shared with the team members to work effectively.

Video Uploading

Most videos are cooking tutorials, how-to videos, news, and streaming videos. The users often get inspired by those videos and download them to access later. Moreover, those videos are uploaded as Facebook stories, Instagram status, and Twitter posts to keep people informed and up to date.

Video Editing

The Facebook videos are converted into MP4 to make necessary edits to them to engage the audience. The edits include adding transitions, effects, animations, and watermarks to make it a part of your mega video in the YouTube channel.

Content Creation

Content creation is an art that needs a versatile chain of skills. The users go from Facebook to MP4 to get ideas for their next video and bring class to their content. Moreover, the songs are made part of the video to completely grab the audience's attention.

Video Workability

The video downloaded from Facebook can be used in presentations, movies, trailers, short films, product descriptions, cooking tutorials, gaming videos, and streaming content. Hence, having the best video Facebook to MP4 converter is essential.

Part 2: Facebook Videos to MP4 Converters

The sub-section of this write-up covers Facebook to MP4 720p, Facebook to MP4 1080p, and Facebook to MP4 HD conversion using three converters. Most beginner and entry-level beginners fail to use the converters due to their limited experience in the field. However, there is no need to panic as we have covered you.

Let us have a glance at what these converters bring to the table. Time to begin!

Top 1: - Convert Facebook to MP4 HD

The first Facebook to MP4 online converter is which is highly regarded for HD quality conversion. got famous due to the HD quality it brings for its loyal chain of customers. The videos downloaded from this MP4 from Facebook downloader are stored in the system default's folder named Downloads.

However, the users can access the downloaded videos by pressing CTRL+J from the keyboard. It will launch the download history of the browser immediately. works amazingly fine with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. The tool also presents exceptional services to download the live streaming of videos after they are finished. takes the privacy of its users seriously. The videos are not copied, and browsing history is not monitored, which means that you can download as much as possible without the fear of data manipulation and duplication. It also has a Chrome extension that can be downloaded for fast accessibility.

With that, FDOWN has a private downloader, so the user doesn't have to worry about that. There is an excessive load of languages to make the tool workable for users and workers.

To know how FDOWN downloads the video in HD, follow our lead.

Step 1: Open the Website

The first step requires the user to access the online website of from the browser in use.

access the fdown tool

Step 2: Entering the Link

The interface displays a search box stating, "Enter Facebook Link." Input the link and press "Enter."

past link to execute

Step 3: Downloading the Video

After that, click on "Download Video in HD quality." The video takes a couple of seconds after it is saved in the system.

download video in hd quality

Top 2: - Transfer Facebook to MP4 1080P

Allow us to introduce you to, which the content developers use for MP4 1080p quality it offers. Moreover, it gained popularity due to full HD, 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolution. The online usage of Facebook URL to MP4 has changed the narrative of downloaders around the world.

The online and free tool doesn't require the user to register an account or sign up without needing to install heavy software. The process is as direct as it can get without any interventions. Having said that, this impeccable Facebook downloader offers the download speed faster than any downloader in the world.

The tool supports devices like PC, tablet, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac effortlessly. There is a vast range of languages which means that there is no language barrier for FDownloader. The languages include Deutsch, Polski, Portuguese, Romania, Vietnamese, Espanol, and English.

Follow the guide below to understand the workability of this tool to download Facebook live to MP4 in seconds.

Step 1: Head to the Address Bar

For starters, open your browser from the system. Head to the address bar to type Launch the official website of the downloader.

open fbdownloader tool

Step 2: Clicking the Download Button

The interface pops up. The user is recommended to paste the link in the box that appears. After that, click on the "Go" button located beside the box.

tap on go button

Step 3: Final Process

Choose the 1080p quality from the new window and click on "Download." The video will be ultimately and securely saved to the system.

download 1080p video

Top 3. SnapSave - Convert Facebook to MP4 720P

Offering a Chrome extension and an online tool, SnapSave reigns the kingdom of Facebook downloaders, and there is no denying that fact. With extraordinary language, the user doesn't have to be concerned about his cultural background to download a video in MP4 720p. The highest quality download output has brought the revolution to the market.

There is no need to create an account to use SnapSave. Moreover, the tool is workable with Android, iPhone, tablet, Windows, and Mac, stating that nothing can stop users from taking on the world. Furthermore, SnapSave is claimed to be the fastest and most stable one. It has also got you covered with downloading Facebook to MP4 private videos.

The process of saving private FB videos to MP4 is similar to public videos. Allow us to present the procedure to do so. Let us start!

Step 1: Copying the Link

Copy the video link that you desire to download in MP4 720p. After the link is copied, head to the SnapSave website. Paste the link in the space provided on the interface.

past fb video link to download

Step 2: Downloading 720p Video

Click on "Download" after that. Pick 720p from the list of quality that shows and press "Download" again. The video will start downloading instantly. You can access it from the system.

download video in 720p

Part 3: Bonus Tip: Wondershare Filmora- Making Video Editing Alive

The raw videos do not stand a chance as the market is getting competitive day by day. Making desirable effects and animations to the video allows the audience to stick to their screens until the message has been delivered. Resultantly, the need for an impeccable video editor cannot be undervalued.

Wondershare Filmora, with a balanced interface and advanced editing features, has gained popularity globally. It wouldn't be wrong to claim that the software sees through the needs of the content creators, vloggers, bloggers, and content streamers to bring nothing but the best.

filmora editor interface

The user can change the playback speed, create freeze frames, join video clips, and close gaps. Wondershare Filmora allows you to make your imagination turn into video content and express yourself more vividly.

Bottom Line

The advancement of technology knows no bounds, and entrepreneurial ventures continue to expand as it observes the needs of the masses. The downloading of Facebook video to MP4 HD, MP4 720p, and MP4 1080p is the need of the hour. Keeping the need in consideration, the article covered three free and online Facebook videos to MP4 converters along with their procedures.

Wondershare Filmora was also discussed and introduced as the ultimate video editor in town. The users are requested to review the features and quality of each downloader before making the call. It will help limit the problems that come in the way.