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YouTube Shorts & TikTok: Which one is better for personal usage?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 07, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Social media platform is a solace to many users. You get entertained and also have a chance to share your videos with the world. Among the popular apps are TikTok and Shorts. TikTok got to the market earlier but has so far found a new competitor in the field. Shorts video has now fully emerged from YouTube and has almost the same playing ground. But it is still unclear whether YouTube Shorts and TikTok are comparable. While TikTok has over 2 billion downloads, YouTube, on the other hand, already has a massive audience for the tough tussle.

Both TikTok and Shorts give both creators and viewers the chance to share short videos for entertainment and promotional purposes. However, they are different in various aspects. Both the apps have their disadvantages and advantages, depending on a user’s preference. Dive into the next section to discover whether TikTok’s impact is about to be threatened by YouTube Shorts.

compare youtube shorts with tiktok

Are YouTube Shorts and Tiktok the same thing?

Shorts and TikTok are not the same in various ways. TikTok first emerged in the market way before Shorts. TikTok was initially known as musically; and later revamped fully as TikTok in 2016. It immediately gained a massive audience worldwide. This is what brought about competition from other apps, trying to replicate TikTok. Apps like Instagram and Facebook added some functionality to their platform to no match. Finally, YouTube pulled it off in 2020, rolling its version of Short videos but in beta version. These two apps have adequate similarities and differences.

They are both for short-form videos and allow creators to add music from audio libraries. You can also earn some good bucks with these two apps. However, they differ in some aspects. As Shorts can only be 15-seconds long, TikTok can go as long as three minutes. You can also view TikTok directly from its app while for Shorts, you need a separate app, YouTube.

YouTube Shorts & TikTok: Which one Should You Choose for Personal Usage?

Let’s focus on the TikTok and Shorts video by perusing the similarities and differences deeply.

- Similiarity

Check out in which aspects TikTok and Shorts are similar to each other.

1) Monetization

Both platforms provide creators with tools to earn money from their content. TikTok’s first move was to pay selected influencers about $500 for joining the app and creating content. Creators make money from TikTok by promoting products and services of their audience as well as launching their careers through the app. Likewise, brands also get to creators through the “TikTok Creator Marketplace” platform for promotions.

You can also earn on YouTube Shorts from Google AdSense. This is an in-built video monetization that creators use for showing ads on their videos. Earnings will accumulate every month-end for withdrawal.

2) Analytics

Both YouTube and Shorts offer analytics like adding comments, likes, shares, and many more. Likewise, you can view your videos on either desktop or mobile platforms. With both platforms, you get an endless number of videos to watch and discover by scrolling. Also, both apps focus on short videos to entertain viewers.

3) Subscribe directly to creators

You can directly get in touch with both YouTube shorts and TikTok creators. This gives an open leeway to discover new creators to follow and subscribe to. All you need to do is go to the creators’ videos in both feeds and hit the “Follow” or “Subscribe” button. Henceforth, you’ll start seeing what they post and keep in touch with their signs of progress.

4) Privacy

Both apps have taken consideration into privacy issues. They allow creators to set their videos to either private or public. By this, your audience will only view what is set as “Public”. You can deter this by setting your content to “Private” or choosing who can view your content. This is a good aspect to let only those who wish to view certain clips as per your wish.

5) Edit video

There’s much that your video can portray. In both apps, you choose what to give to your audience. Both platforms enable you edit your video before posting. You can alter the speed by increasing or decreasing it for slow motion. Also, you can set timers to help with the filming process among other functionalities.

- Difference

1) Instant messaging app

Generally, YouTube is not a traditional social media platform. Even though YouTube Shorts allows users to create videos, it is not a platform that users can engage in communication via instant messaging app. On the other hand, TikTok lets you directly message other users as you share experiences. This makes TikTok a one-stop social media exchange point where you easily interact with your peers and get instant feedback. You can also create group chats and keep the fun going.

2) In dependability

TikTok Shorts videos also differ from the concept of stand along and built-in features. TikTok is a standalone app that doesn’t depend on another app for its normal operations. Users can independently create content directly from the app. On the contrary, Shorts is a built-in app on YouTube and users have to access it via the YouTube platform. This may be a plus for YouTube but it could eventually turn away those who want to work independently from the app.

3) Interface

With TikTok, users can add video captions from the bottom left of the screen. It also comprises a large library of editing precepts like filters, greenscreen effects, among others. YouTube Shorts, on the other hand, is rich in a library of music. Users can access popular songs and directly switch to YouTube for trending videos as well.

- What More Should You Consider When Choosing - Your Personal Need

Settling on YouTube Shorts and TikTok largely depends on your preferences. But being that TikTok has been in the limelight for a longer time, it has mastered users’ and creators’ preferences, bringing more to the table than YouTube Shorts.

Both TikTok and Shorts have an immense user base. But being a standalone app, TikTok still has a chance of scaling the heights. Remember that Shorts is still in the “Beta” version and has not fully exploded even though it’s a built-in app on YouTube.

TikTok stands a chance of being chosen by many users as it is an independent platform. Users can connect with friends through news feed content or messaging. When it comes to editing tools, the app’s extensive library lets you add presets to your taste. It constantly keeps creators at bay, rolling new filters and effects for the unique creation of content. Additionally, TikTok engages users via its “Q&A” feature where users can pose any hot questions to creators for answers. And beauty is that creators can respond to such comments with a video. More so, you can use the “Discovery” tab to view trending hashtags and sounds, which YouTube Shorts lack.

With TikTok, users can add video captions from the bottom left of the screen. It also comprises a large library of editing precepts like filters, greenscreen effects, among others. YouTube Shorts, on the other hand, is rich in a library of music. Users can access popular songs and directly switch to YouTube for trending videos as well.

How to make quality videos for the apps you choose?

Even though TikTok and YouTube Shorts both let you edit your videos, you can stile up your game with other editing apps like Filmora. This app will save your time and effort while giving you compelling video outcomes. Filmora comprises advanced features such as social import to let you import video clips and photos from social media platforms. Filmora is available on both Windows and Mac, widely accessible on a vast array of devices.

  • Video effects: Easily discover creative filters, transitions, and other motion elements.
  • Split Screen: This feature lets you uniquely create fun videos by multiplying or splitting the screen.
  • Color match: Apply color correction settings on various clips at once.
  • Remove noise: Filmora lets you remove background noise, giving you quality video output.

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Settling on Shorts or Tiktok will largely depend on your preferences and personal needs. If you are looking for short video promotion on YouTube Shorts and Tiktok, you may need to consider different things. Yes, Shorts has some upper hand over TikTok like the ability to edit your videos after being published, a dislike button, and a scheduling tool that lets you schedule when your video goes live. TikTok is still above the cut being that it has been here long before Shorts. More so, it offers advanced editing features for quality video output. Above all, it works independently, a feature that most users adore as compared to the encasing of Shorts within YouTube.

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