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2024 Facebook Ads Trend

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Do you want to know the latest Facebook ads trends to optimize your Facebook video ads? If you want to boost your future video ad campaigns, you need to lean into these trends for 2024. You can boost your sales and improve customer engagement and reach with these trends.

Trying to incorporate trends can help you do better on Facebook's algorithm. It will get you attention from the audience. Each of these Facebook ads trends 2024 has the potential to go viral. This can be life-changing for smaller businesses, brands, and influencers. Let's look at these can't miss 2024 Facebook ads trends.

Facebook Live

Thanks to the benefits of Facebook video marketing, Facebook live seems primed to remain a staple advertising platform. Facebook Live is a chance at building authentic connections with the audience. It's a chance to establish rapport with your audience. According to Statista, native video had the highest level of user engagement, generating an average of 221,652 engagements in 2020. Video content has consistently outperformed almost all other types of content.

use facebook live with screen share

Users are more likely to engage with a video post than other types. Facebook live presents an opportunity for limited-budget advertisers to increase awareness and brand recognition. Once users get the hang of hosting Facebook Live events, you can look to monetize it. You can do this with the help of Facebook's new monetization option. Content creators on Facebook can now host paid online events. This allows users to set a date and time of an event. The 'tickets' to the show are available for a price.

use facebook paid online events

To use the paid online events, you can go to Facebook Business Manager and visit your page. Go to 'Events' and click on 'Paid Online Events'. There are a few criteria to help you become eligible for monetization. Once this process is complete, you can create your new paid online event. You can go to Creator Studio and select the blue 'Create Paid Online Event.'

Influencer Marketing

The worth of influencer marketing is undeniable in the face of results. Finding the right influencer who has an interest aligned with yours and a substantial following. While many Facebook ads can be hit or miss with audiences. Finding the influencer who is interested and regularly makes relevant content can be extremely profitable.

While there are regulations around this type of partnership. You must be willing to fully disclose the nature of the partnership. You can place a product ad, a review in exchange for free product, sponsored posts, etc. with the influencer. This can help you stay clean in light of advertising standards law and Facebook compliance policies.

use facebook brand collab manager

Facebook makes this possible through the use of Brand Collabs Manager. This tool is available on Facebook to help you manage the project with your partner influencers. It can help you find the right creator to collaborate with for your proposals. It also has helpful advice on conveying your partnerships per legal requirements.

Go to Creator Studio and look for your monetization page. You can find the Brand Collab Manager under this panel. The Brand Collab Manager lets you share video analytics from your collaborations. You can also tap into a pool of influencers who work with similar interests. You can also approve partners. It helps you share projects outlines without the hassle of having to follow up for reports.

Automated Response in Facebook Messenger

If you want to structure long-term goals for your business, use Facebook's new tools like 'Automated Responses'. This works when you have a lot of repeated questions. You can automate responses in messenger on the basis of keywords or key phrases. You can create your own set of responses in Business Manager. This will give you access to the 'Automated Response' tab. You can create personalized messages based on keywords.

use facebook automated response

The keyword used will trigger the custom response you give. You can also include website links or a direct phone number to the customer. This can help you redress issues faced by the customer. According to Forrester, 33% of customers have contacted a company using Facebook and similar social channels. This means you need to quickly and seamlessly resolve customer complaints. As this has a direct impact on your overall reach and audience retention.

use personalized messages on automated response

Play with Ad Copy Lengths

The idea that one perfect length will appeal to marketers is a myth. The ideal length works in a range. This should indicate that there is no such thing. You should experiment with the length of your ad copy. While Facebook has guidelines for its ad copies, they are not a hard and fast rule.

What works best for your ad copy varies. It depends entirely on your industry, the type of ad you have in place, and the language of the ad copy. You can increase the length of your ad copy to see how customers respond. You can shorten your ad copy to see the response. It would work best if you had a control post in place. This means you create a post with your normal ad copy length. You can use the metrics to see which one wins out. Sometimes, shorter copies are preferred by the customer. You can come across other data points to help you create a better video ad and ad copy.

Engage with Short-Form Videos

Short-form video content is taking over the platform. They typically last between 15 seconds to 60 seconds. They're short, easily digestible, quick, and informative. On Facebook, this takes the form of Facebook Reels. The last 30 seconds. You can use a blend of text, audio, and creative effects. Reels are available primarily for mobile app users.

short form content on multiple platforms

This can be a refreshing new way for users to find content creators. This can also help businesses build meaningful engagement with their audience. This is the predictable outcome of the popularity of TikTok. Facebook and Instagram have Reels. YouTube has come out with YouTube Shorts to enhance its attractiveness.


A Kolsky study finds that attracting a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than retaining a current one. The key to great customer service is promptness and knowledgeability. This is where chatbots come in handy. You can get more bang for your buck with a chatbot. If you have a customer service team, then you can use chatbots to filter out basic, tedious, and repetitive questions. Additionally, the chatbot can make the customers' experience feel personalized. The customer service reps can then handle difficult or technical queries.

use facebook chat plugin

It's most likely to emerge as part of Facebook trending ideas for 2024. You can easily add a chatbot to your Facebook Inbox. Open Business Manager on Facebook, look for the Chat Plug-in tab. This will let you set up a chatbot in your Facebook Messenger. You can use a chatbot on your website. To do this, enter your business website URL in the Chat Plugin tab.

You can use customized responses triggered by a keyword. You can also rely on an FAQ to respond. Choose ' Publish ' to save your choices once you've managed the settings according to your preference.

Augmented Reality

This is one of the hottest Facebook ads trends 2024. Augmented Reality (AR) has tiptoed into our lives with product try-on options. Brands mainly used it in conjunction with cosmetic products. It has expanded from its previous limited use by being included in furniture placements.

use facebook live with screen share

This gives consumers the convenience of experiencing products before purchase. The experience can increase sales, drive leads and improve brand awareness. You can run AR ads on desktop and mobile devices. Mobile device users can be more successful recipients.

Facebook Stories

Facebook has Stories taking over the news feed function. Users are more willing to share their two cents over Facebook stories than other mediums. It allows users to engage with their audience in real-time. The current Facebook ad trends include using Stories and Reels as valuable adspace.

use facebook story for ads

Facebook Stories and Reels allow users to improve engagement and create an authentic impression with the audience. It's now possible to schedule your Stories in advance. This is possible through the Facebook Business Suite app. The app lets you create and schedule Stories. To create a new story, you can tap on a blue 'Plus' icon. You can choose to upload pre-recorded stories through the pop-up menu or gallery. You can add value by incorporating text, interactive stickers, or graphics. You can also include links to products or your website to the stories.

This is where Wondershare Filmora can help. This is a sleek and powerful video editor with tons of interactive features. It has a large library of video effects and transitions. These effects can help hone your narrative skills on Facebook Stories.


These are some of the Facebook ads trends. They are likely to emerge as popular options for users to improve their conversion rates. They can draw people in to increase the awareness of the product and service. It can enhance the audience engagement for the brand. When brands, businesses, and influencers combine forces, you can see record-breaking profits.

If your approach is to experiment with Facebook ad trends in 2024, you have many opportunities. The gains can range from growing reach and community building to sales conversions. Use these trends to stay a cut above the rest.