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How to Setup and Evaluate Facebook Instream Ads?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 10, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Facebook instream ads are those ads that play before, in between, and after your video. Such ads help you earn money but what you don’t know is that not everyone can place instream Facebook ads on their videos. Certain eligibility criteria should be met for doing this. You can check whether your video is eligible or not from Studio Creator.

The first thing that should be checked is that you are publishing the video from a Page and not a profile. Otherwise, your video is not eligible. Secondly, to stay eligible and also to meet the criteria, you must meet ‘Partner Monetization Policies.' Your Page must have at least 10,000 followers along with other eligibility criteria. If you want to learn more about FB instream ads, then this article is perfect for you.

Part 1. Facebook In-Stream Ads Formats

Instream ads Facebook for creators is a way to earn money. They can earn money from both live videos as well as on-demand videos. Facebook ads can either appear before the video, during or also, after the video. Facebook Auction System selects the ads that appear in the middle of the video.

types of fb instream ads

As we have mentioned, ads might appear before, during, or after the video. So hence, FB instream ads have various formats. Let us introduce them to you.

Pre-Roll Ads

Ads that are played before the video starts are known as Pre-Roll ads. People who seek out content actively are mostly shown these ads. The more you seek out content, the more you receive these ads.

Mid-Roll Ads

Ads that play during the video are referred to as Mid-Roll ads. If your video has natural breakpoints, then this ad format works best.

Image Ads

Some ads are displayed under the content. These ads are static and are known as Image Ads. These types of ads work best for videos that cannot adjust mid-roll ads.

Post-Roll Ads

Lastly, the ads that play at the end of the video are known as Post-Roll Ads. These ads are mostly shown to those viewers who have not received any pre-roll, mid-roll, or image ad.

Part 2. Instream Ads for Live

It is a common practice that Facebook Pages do live streams where they answer your question or do live chat. What you don’t know is that you can place Facebook in-stream ads before or during your live stream. Before you start the live session, you can select if you want to show or not show any ads. If you don't know how that's done, then follow the steps shared below.

Step 1: First of all, head over to ‘Live Producer’ and set your stream. Now, you can access the instream ads from the dashboard of Live Producer under the Monetization section.

access live producer

Step 2: Next, for accessing the default in-stream ad settings of your Page, you need to click on the expand icon. The icon will be visible within the widget.

Step 3: Now, in Creator Studio, click on the 'Monetization' tab. There, select 'Instream ads' and hit the option of 'Settings.' You can toggle on the option so that default ads are included.

access the instream ads option

Step 4: Lastly, you can go live and enjoy because the instream Facebook ad settings are complete.

Once your live stream is complete, you can save the video to your Page. While saving and publishing the video, you will have an option to either include the ads or not include them.

add instream ads or not

There is one important thing that you should know. If you have turned off in-stream ads, then you cannot change the settings during the live session. Whereas, for mid-roll ads, you can toggle them on or off even during the broadcast.

Part 3. FB Instream Ads for Artist

With FB instream ads, you can earn money. Different types of content can be monetized through different Pages. If we talk about music Pages, do you know what type of content they can monetize? Let us increase your knowledge by sharing the different content types that music Pages can monetize.

1. Songwriting Sessions

You can record a video for a songwriting session and publish it afterward. Any such video can be monetized by music Pages.

2. Artist Interview

If two Artists interview each other or do a live session together, and the video is published on Facebook. Such content can also be used by music Pages to monetize.

3. Behind the Scene Footage

Any video that shares what has been happening behind the scene, behind the camera can also be monetized by music Pages.

4. Production Tutorials

The next content type is the Production tutorial. A video type that has tutorials and music production captured in it.

5. Live Chats

Music Pages can also monetize videos that have live chats and live sessions. The live chat can be between different musicians or also with famous public figures.

6. Q/As with Fans

If you come across any video where some artist has done a Question and Answer with their fans, then this kind of video is also useful for music Pages to monetize.

7. Day in Life – Tour Videos

Artists usually share their daily routines. They make videos of how they spend a day of their life. Along with that, they mostly give a Home or Studio tour to their followers and fans. All such videos can also be monetized.

The update of Facebook now allows content creators to monetize their content. With this update, more users and content creators can earn money from their videos, live streams, etc., whereas according to an old version, videos that were 3 minutes long were only monetized.

Part 4. How to Create an Instream Ads?

If you want to include Facebook instream video ads in your video, then it should meet the eligibility criteria. What if your video meets the criteria? Do you know what should be done next? Don't worry; we are here to guide you.

Use In-stream Ads in New Videos

First of all, let us talk about how to add FB in-stream ads in new videos. We will be sharing the steps to set up the ad in Creator Studio.

Step 1: You will start by reviewing the Page’s in-stream ad live eligibility status. This can be done by clicking on ‘Monetization’ from the menu on the left-hand side.

Step 2: If your status is eligible, then you need to click on the ‘Set Up’ option. After that, you should select your Page.

Step 3: Now, Terms and Conditions will appear on the screen. You need to review them. Once satisfied, click on the ‘Agree to Terms’ button.

Step 4: After this, you need to set up your account for Payment. Lastly, submit your Page for review.

instream ads for new videos

Include In-stream Ads in Existing Videos

After including ads in new videos, it’s time to learn about including Facebook in-stream ads in already existing videos. This could be done by your ‘Monetization’ settings. Either you can bulk monetize, or else, when your Pages are onboard for instream ads, you can select to monetize automatically. In this way, all the eligible videos are monetized in one step that has been uploaded in the last 30 days.

instream ads for old videos

Part 5. How to Estimate the Results of Instream Ads?

There are a few things that you need to look at for estimating the results of Facebook instream ads. You should have clear knowledge about Insights and Estimated Earnings. Let us discuss them with you.

Insights in Creator Studio

Let us first talk a little about Insights. In Creator Studio, the Insight tab shares details with you. From this tab, you get to see the information related to your Pages, earnings, Facebook content, etc. There are two different levels of detail. Either you can view the Page-Level or the Video-Level Insights. Page-level insights include the following factors.

Audience: Here, you can take a deeper look at your viewers, your followers. You can also view a demographic breakdown.

Overview: Here, you can see an overview of the Page, performance, new followers, net followers, etc. You can also find the summary of Insights for each Page.

After this, let us share with you Video Level insights and the factors that are included in them.

Earning: You can view the earnings insight from all your videos with instream ads.

Performance: Any video that you share or cross-post on your Facebook Pages, you can view its performance from metrics.

Loyalty: You can keep an eye on all your new followers when people are coming back to watch something or how often they are watching something.

Understand Estimated Earning

You get Insights from the videos you upload or the videos your share on your Facebook Pages. Whereas the amount you earn from the ads in your videos is Estimated earnings. Let us dig deep.

Estimated Earnings: The amount one earns from ads in videos is known as Estimated Earnings. It depends on the CPM of the ads and also on the number of impressions.

Ad CPM: CPM is affected by the advertisers that want to reach your viewers, demographics of your audience, and also the time of the year. It is the reflection of what the advertisers are willing to pay.

1 Minute Video Views: This includes the total number of views on your video with ads within 1 minute or longer. 1-minute video view is important for monetization.

Monetizable View RPM: This is referred to as the amount you earn when your video with instream ads is viewed for more than a minute every 1000 times.

Concluding Thoughts

Facebook is a great platform from where content creators can monetize their content. Its update allows more users to earn money from their content. This article has discussed in great detail FB instream ads. Different formats for instream ads have been shared.

The article also sheds light on the type of content that music Pages can share. Along with that, we have also shared the steps that are needed to create a Facebook instream ad.