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How To Play Facebook Videos on TV?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Facebook has been one of the top-notch social networking platforms that have connected billions of users worldwide. From being a simple and effective social media application, Facebook developed multiple use cases that featured exceptional and efficient for different users. One of the use cases that turned out to be quite wholesome and prolific for the community was casting the screen of the Facebook application onto the TV.

We have seen people acknowledging and adopting the effective feature of casting Facebook applications and play Facebook video on TV. Realizing the diversity of users and unique utilities associated with the feature, this article presents a detailed guide on how to cast your Facebook video camera onto the TV through multiple tools.

Part 1: How to Cast your Facebook Video on TV Directly?

Facebook has integrated its casting feature onto the web and mobile application exceptionally. Users can easily cast their Facebook video onto the TV with the help of the buttons available across the platform. However, to cast the screen, device compatibility is one of the basic requirements of the assorted devices to execute the process with perfection.

This part of the article shall cover a detailed discussion on how to play Facebook video on TV using the platform directly.

Step 1: You need to access Facebook across your phone or tablet to start playing the video across it. To continue casting your Facebook video on the TV, look for the TV icon at the top-right-hand corner of the video.

tap on the tv icon

Step 2: You can select the TV within the provided list to play the video. However, if you own an Apple TV or TV with AirPlay, you need to select the "AirPlay" and "Bluetooth" options to lead to the relevant device. The video will be cast and played across the TV.

choose your cast option

With the effective selection of a TV from within the provided options, users have successfully cast their Facebook video onto the TV.

Part 2: What Kind of Facebook Videos Can be Cast onto the TV?

Facebook has catered to many creators with a variety of content to publish. While publishing content, it is based on different age groups, races, divisions, etc. This also includes Facebook videos within the ambits of being called a family video. This part would recognize different Facebook videos that can be cast onto the TV.

Types of Live Videos Casted

The first type discussed in this part will focus on the live videos that can be cast across a TV. Videos available as live videos can be propagated to the stature of being presented across larger screens. The following types of videos would clarify the types of videos that would come under the standard of live videos.

Videos with Family

Any video that is being watched with your family or can be watched with your family is one of the primers which can be played across the TV. Users looking into something with family-type content can consider playing it across a TV using a proper casting application. The user can play Facebook video on TV after checking whether it covers the basic fellowship of approach.

Cooking Tutorials

Are you a fan of cooking good food? If so, you would always look forward to having a new meal in any particular edition. To make something perfect, you can consider looking into videos that would guide you in the process. Cooking tutorials within live sessions could be a potential way of making a declarative statement about loving cooking as a whole. However, you can consider using the Facebook video camera for details.

Beauty Videos

Brands promoting beauty or working under the beauty and cosmetic industry have been working on the concepts of live videos and live streams. Under such circumstances, the development of beauty videos and watching them in the process has become quite common. This consistency in a relationship has motivated users to play the Facebook video across the TV.

Sports Match

People who love sports can effectively utilize casting their videos onto the TV. Sport is a sector that has made an impact that should provoke a heightened use of the feature of casting across the TV. Any sports match that is being covered across Facebook can be easily cast onto the screen of the TV, if present.

Types of Other Simple Videos Casted

Users can play down their live videos and cast the set of different simple videos according to their discretion. This part of the article focuses on providing content that explains how to play Facebook video on a TV with a simple video instead of a live video. The process is quite similar; however, the outcome is equitable.

Funny Videos

People are always fond of content that makes them laugh. Whether it is a funny video or a stand-up comedy, content that represents humor can be cast onto the screen of TV. Users who wish to have such videos onto the screen of their TVs can cast their Facebook video camera with the specific video.

Kids Videos

Do you have a kid in your house who loves watching cartoons of their choice? To ensure that their choice is covered to perfection, the need for casting the video onto the TV is important. Users who keep their discussion out of the boundaries can continue doing so. To cater to this, the need to have a Facebook video app for TV would guide them to understand how to have the videos cast properly.

Travel Vlogs

People fond of watching travel videos and vlogs of other users can consider watching videos of such diversity. However, once a Facebook video app for TV is arranged for the process, the points need to be covered for appropriate screen casting.


Games have been a very significant part of someone's life for a great period. As a community builds up around Facebook providing videos and content in the form of gameplays, you can have them directed to watch different gameplays by casting the screen onto the TV. This can give you a better and more controlled experience in covering the need for a casting screen for the Facebook video.

Part 3: Three Other Solutions to Cast Your Facebook Video to TV

Facebook offers a direct solution of casting your Facebook video across a TV; however, multiple platforms shall be offering other solutions that can be adopted to play Facebook video on TV. This article would feature three other platforms that can be potentially utilized for the process, covered as follows.


Streaming Facebook videos on TV is possible with the help of ApowerMirror. The tool gives an exceptional experience of mirroring devices onto other screens of TV. While looking into how the process is executed, you should consider opting for the tools for multiple reasons. These reasons should be clear enough to explain the selection of a particular tool.

The diversity offered across ApowerMirror is distinctive and covers all prolific features which would help users cast their screen onto the TV.

apowermirror website

Wondershare MirrorGo

To have a seamless experience with casting Facebook videos onto the TV, Wondershare MirrorGo provides some best features, making it an exceptional choice to cast screen to TV. The tool is intuitive and easily understandable, to be exact. However, to ensure that the process is kept within the simple and executable direction, the need to have the videos cast across the TV is probable.

wondershare mirrorgo


This Facebook video app for TV provides users with a clear and simple approach to casting videos onto the TV. While offering compatibility to operate across the devices, LetsView promises a handy and clear experience in getting the best out of your position. This platform helps people leverage their requirements and take up different steps to execute them perfectly. It is to be ensured that all devices can be cast onto the TV after a critical analysis of the procedure.

letsview screen mirror tool


Many people consider watching videos on a bigger screen. To achieve this across applications such as Facebook, the need to cast the screen on TV is quite important. This article initially focused on working through the process to play Facebook video on TV and discussed the different video forms that can exploit the position of casting such videos on screen.

To ensure that you achieve the best results, consider all types of videos that can be used to cast across the screen. Along with that, you can even work across third-party applications to cast your Facebook videos, as provided in the article.