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How Can I Share Videos to Instagram?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Facebook and Instagram are among the top-notch social media platforms that provide users with the option of sharing their daily updates and several other details. These platforms are much more about just giving updates. With the platforms interconnected to each other, users are provided with a variety of options to consider across them.

Users who watch videos across Facebook feel the need to share the video across Instagram. To keep things out of the spotlight, people find it more effective to share the link to a video across the chat of any user. This article will be focused on bringing light onto the methods that can be adopted by users to share Facebook video to Instagram with ease.

Android, iOS, and desktop users can have the option of sharing content from Facebook to Instagram. To cater to the needs of the users, it is important to be aware of the requirements and procedures that should be followed by them. This article will surely make sharing videos from Facebook to videos easy for users.

Part 1: Share Facebook Videos to Instagram on iPhone

Being an iPhone user, it is quite simple to have a video shared across Instagram. While using Facebook, if you find some content shareable, you can easily share Facebook video to Instagram. Most users are not aware of sharing the video within seconds, which leaves them frustrated with the process. However, to cover this frustration, this part provides a guide on how to share Facebook video to Instagram iPhone with ease.

Step 1: Launch Facebook and Share

You are advised to open Facebook and scroll down to find the video that you wish to share. Tap on the “Share” button and access a menu further. You will find a list of different options across that menu.

tap on share button

Step 2: Look for Instagram in Options

Select "More Options" from the available menu and proceed to select "Instagram" from the list that appears on the screen, showing different platforms where the video can be shared.

click on more option

Step 3: Share Video Link with Desired Users

This redirects you to a window showing your Instagram friends that you can send the video. Find your friend within the list or search through to locate their Instagram account. Tap on the account or accounts that you wish to send this video too, and proceed by tapping on "Send." The user is sent a link to the video that they can easily access.

select person and tap send

Part 2: Share Facebook Videos to Instagram on Android

There is a similar case that is being considered for Android users when it comes to sharing Facebook videos across Instagram. If you are looking for a convenient option to share Facebook video to Instagram Android, the platform allows you to share the content with someone across your Instagram directly. Look into the steps explaining the complete process in detail.

Step 1: Reach Out the Share Button on Android

Launch Facebook on your Android device and scroll down your News Feed to find the video that is to be shared across Instagram. On finding a video, tap on the “Share” button.

Step 2: Look for Instagram to Share

This opens a list of different options that can be covered for sharing across Facebook. Select “More Options” from the available menu and proceed to locate “Instagram” across the list.

choose instagram

Step 3: Send Link to Username

On selecting Instagram, the page is redirected to a window showing the list of accounts that the user can send the video to. Search through the list and tap on the "Send" button to share Facebook video to Instagram with ease. The link to the Facebook video is shared with the user.

tap on send button

Part 3: Share Facebook Videos to Instagram on Desktop

Sharing content from Facebook to Instagram through iPhone and Android is quite limited. However, while covering the best possible case of sharing videos across Instagram through smartphones in the parts above, this is the most that a user can do without turning themselves into difficulty. To find variety in sharing content, users can turn onto the desktop version for different results.

Sharing content from Facebook to Instagram never came as an option across the platform. It was not available until recently; Facebook introduced cross-posting across its desktop tool. To clarify, this feature is not yet available across the mobile applications of Facebook. Cross-posting, however, is believed to be taken to greater bounds which would then be made available across the mobile versions.

Before leading to the steps that would explain the process of cross-posting, it is important to realize the reasons that are associated with cross-posting. This is quite similar to sharing content rather than reposting content across the accounts. One of the major reasons for opting for this feature is to save time and effort for users. With the tasks of posting frequently and maintaining the social media presence across different platforms, cross-posting turns out to be quite effective.

When users wish to share Facebook video to Instagram across their desktop, they can surely look towards the steps of cross-posting with Facebook. However, while discussing the advantages of having cross-posting as a feature across Facebook, another benefit revolves around leaving down the hassle of creating posts for both platforms separately.

Limitations with Cross-Posting

Cross-posting has made sharing content quite easy for people across both ends. Not only can users ensure the sharing of their content across Facebook, but they can also feel relieved on having their content shared across Instagram. This feature is yet being tested by Facebook and is quite limited as a whole. These restrictions and limitations are believed to be for a while, which would be then left alone after consistent development.

This feature across Facebook is not available across personal accounts for now. Only users with business pages can consider utilizing this feature. Along with that, users need to be aware of the fact that they can only consider using the "Post Now" option instead of the "Post Later" option, as cross-posting cannot work under the latter option. There is a lot that this feature has to yet come up with while making the usability more effective.

While keeping these limitations within consideration, cross-posting can be considered to share Facebook video to Instagram. For this, the user is advised to look into the steps that are featured below. The steps show a clear understanding of how the user needs to utilize cross-posting to share their required content across Instagram without any difficulty.

Step 1: Locate the Settings within Facebook Page

Lead to the Facebook Page that you manage through your account and reach out to its 'Settings' across the left-hand menu of the page. You will find the option of "Instagram" within the settings. Select Instagram to lead to the settings showing the connectivity of your Facebook account with Instagram.

access instagram option

Step 2: Connect Account to Instagram

If you have not connected your Instagram account previously with Facebook, you need to click on the "Connect Account" option to lead to a new window. This new window would provide you the space to add in the account credentials that would sign in to Instagram and connect it with your Facebook.

click on create account button

Step 3: Create Post to Cross-Post

Once you are done with connecting your Instagram account, you need to create a post that will be published across the Facebook page. For this, create a post by adding an image and a caption that would be identical across Instagram and Facebook. You can also set up the hashtags for your post, which would be set up similarly across your Instagram.

Step 4: Publish Post and Share on Instagram

On setting up the post with one item only, you need to select the option of “Instagram” in the post sharing options. This would potentially cross-post your Facebook content across your Instagram account. Facebook provides a particular method of sharing Facebook video across Instagram directly.

create your post


Sharing content across Instagram feels quite simple; however, there is not a variety available across the platform yet. People who wish to share Facebook video to Instagram look for convenient methods, which are limited yet effective. As presented in this article, a detailed guide on how to share Facebook video to Instagram on iPhone is provided, along with a step-by-step procedure of working across Android.

While featuring a guide on sharing Facebook content through Android and iPhone, desktop users are given the opportunity of making a different and unique approach to sharing content across Instagram. Users need to go through this article to understand the details involved in the process.