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How to Watch Facebook Live?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Watching a Facebook live event has never been easier. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live events, performances, and meetings on their social media platform. Audiences can follow the live stream from their phone, computer, or cast to television.

The platform allows content creators to communicate with their audience. This can be through emoji reactions, sharing the video, commenting, and other interactive features.

Suppose you want to watch content from your favorite celebrities, content creators, influences, or gamers. Watching Facebook live is the way to go. The best part is that you don't even need a Facebook account unless you comment. This article will show you how to watch Facebook live on your phone, personal computer, and television.

Part 1. How to Watch Facebook Live Stream on Desktop?

Watching a Facebook live event can be easy on your desktop. Here's how you can do it.

Step 1: Sign Into Facebook On Your Web Browser

You can watch any Facebook live video on your PC or MacBook. First, you need to go to and log in. After entering your credentials, you can set about finding a way to watch live streams.

login to facebook

You can also watch live streams on your web browser without logging in. For this, you will need to go to This will let you search for the particular live stream you're looking for. Please note that you can watch the video to your heart's content. You will not interact with the video through emoji reactions or comments.

access facebook live with video url

Step 2: Select The Watch (TV) Icon

You'll notice a row of icons at the top of the Facebook page. From those icons, select an icon that looks like a small tv. This icon will take you to the section with live streams and edited videos for upload.

use watch to catch facebook live streams

Step 3: Click on the Live tab.

An alternative to that step is to click on the Live tab. You can find the live tab on the left-hand side panel. This opens a new page where you can watch live videos.

click on the live tab on facebook

Step 4: Look for the Menu

use menu to watch facebook live

You can also tap on the 'Menu,' indicated by nine dots. This will open a drop-down menu where you can scroll down. Select 'watch' to take you to the live stream page you want to see.

use menu to look for live videos

Step 5: Searching For Specific Live Streams

Sometimes you want to watch content from specific creators or channels. This means you might need to look for their streams in particular. If you don't have any time to lose, this option is perfect.

use magnifying glass to search for videos

Simply look for the magnifying glass icon on the top left-hand side. You can enter the relevant search terms and press enter/return key. Filter the search by hitting on the switch next to the live video. This will take you to the live stream you want to watch. If you want to watch live streams that just ended, you can. Look for videos without the red 'Live' tab on the top left corner.

Step 6: Communicate on Chat

You can communicate on chat quite easily. You may need to be logged in to your Facebook account for this function. The chats are visible on the right-hand side of the live stream. Sometimes, you'll see instructions from the creator. These are guidelines for interactions. These guidelines can help you stay engaged with the community around your favorite celebrity, influencer, and more.

Step 7: Close the Live Video

You can check out of a live stream by selecting the 'x' button to close the stream. This will close the live stream page. You'll be back on the 'Watch' page.

exit live stream on facebook

Part 2. How Do I Watch Facebook Live on Android?

The process of watching a live video on your android phone is similar. It's different enough for these steps. Let's use the guiding principles below to watch Facebook live with friends on Android.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app.

You can look for the Facebook icon. It's a blue circle with the small letter 'f' in white. Again, if you're viewing live streams on mobile, you can use on your browser. You can also paste the live video URL into the browser and go directly to watch the video.

find the facebook app on android

Step 2: Select 'Watch'

The watch icon is available from a row of icons at the top of your phone's screen. The watch icon looks like a small TV. Select the TV icon to watch live stream videos and edited videos.

use watch icon to find videos

Step 3: Find Live Tab

Below the 'Watch' tab, you will see a series of labels. With tags like 'For You,' 'Live,' Music,' and more. Select 'Live' from this list. The 'Watch' tab lets you view live videos only. If you need to find a live video that has finished broadcasting, use the next option.

use live tab to find live videos

Step 4: Search for Live Videos

If you know the name of the live video you want to watch, then you can find it easily. Simply tap on the magnifying glass icon. This icon will search Facebook for the video specified. This function also pulls up videos that have finished broadcasting as well.

Part 3. How Can I Find Facebook Live on iPhone

You can also watch Facebook live on your iPhone. The steps are broadly similar to Android.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app

You can log into the Facebook app. iPhones also support your ability to view live streams on browsers. You can watch the live on your mobile browser. However, you won't be able to interact with the video.

Step 2: Find the Menu

Look for the three horizontal lines icon. This is the 'Menu' icon on the bottom right. Tap on this icon.

Find menu on iphone facebook app

Step 3: Tap on 'Live videos'

Select the 'Live videos' icons. This will take you to the list of videos currently streamed live. You can find your creator's video there.

use live to search for videos

Step 4: Search for Specific Videos

use menu to search for videos

You can look for a specific video or even a specific topic. Simply tap on the magnifying glass icon. You can search according to the name or phrase. Use filters to manage your results.

use menu to search for videos

Part 4. How to Watch Facebook Live on TV

If you're wondering how to watch Facebook live on tv, then this section is for you. This section will guide you through the steps to cast your Facebook live video to t.v. There are two ways to go about this. The first is where you stream videos from your phone to the television. The second is where you install the Facebook Watch TV app.

watch facebook videos to tv

Stream Videos From Your Phone to the TV

Step 1: Make sure your mobile device and your TV are on the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Open the Facebook app on your phone. Search for the video you want to watch.

Step 3: Once you've selected the video. Tap the video open it in the video player supported by the app.

Step 4: You'll notice the cast icon on this video player. It's a rectangle with the WiFi symbol on the bottom left. Tap on it.

use chromecast to cast to tv

Step 5: Tap on the name of the TV you want to use to stream the video. This will connect the devices, and you can play the video seamlessly on your TV.

However, please note that not all TVs support streaming from mobile. If this is the case, then you have another option. You can use Facebook Watch TV.

Install the Facebook Watch TV app

Step 1: Go to the app store on your TV and download the Facebook Watch TV app.

find facebook watch app

Step 2: Open your Watch app. Choose 'Log In,' and you can tap 'Continue.'

Step 3: This will cause the TV to prompt you with an 8-digit code. You'll need this to stream the video.

Step 4: Go to on your computer or mobile device. You can enter this 8-digit code on your computer or mobile device. Tap on 'Continues

Step 5: Your Watch app will refresh and set up for streaming videos. Enjoy!

You can now watch Facebook videos uninterrupted on any device. However, as content creators and influencers know. Your live streamers tend to be a fraction of your true fanbase. It makes sense to take a live video and dress it up with some edits and publish it as a pre-recorded video for your fans to watch. This is where Wondershare Filmora can help.

You can use Wondershare Filmora to transform your Facebook live broadcast into a fascinating story. It is a sophisticated video editor that is yet simple to use. You should edit filler video out of your live feed to make it shine. Enhance the video quality and refine the sound quality. You might also create a completely produced video and broadcast it live.

Filmora will meet all of your video editing needs with the Filmora video editor. To enhance the quality of your movie, you could choose to use captivating visual effects and transitions. Beginners and professional video editors alike will find it simple to produce a visual masterpiece with the Filmora video editor.


There are many ways to watch Facebook live videos. You can watch them across different devices according to your personal comfort. With this comprehensive guide, you'll never have to miss out. You can stream any Facebook live video from any device.

We've even compiled guides on how to do this on both Android and iOS. So, regardless of if you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, this guide can help you. You can find new and exciting ways to stream Facebook videos.