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The Best Mother’s Day Video Ideas of 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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We all know that mothers are an integral part of everyone’s life due to their contribution and sacrifices for their offspring. Our mothers' dedication and unconditional love should be acknowledged and cherished to make them feel special. To celebrate this precious bond, Mother’s Day is celebrated internationally once a year on every second Sunday of the month of May.

We should appreciate the love for our mothers every day; however, to honor this unmatchable relationship, people have dedicated a particular day by calling it Mother’s Day. If you want to treat your mother special this year, read this article to get Mother’s Day video ideas to express your love to them. By making unique videos for them, you can wish them Happy Mother’s Day on 12th May 2024.

  1. Take Mom on a Walk Down Memory Lane
  2. Show Appreciation for your Significant Other
  3. Send a Video Card to your Mother
  4. Announce a Pregnancy
  5. Send Love to Grandma
  6. Tell Your Best Story
  7. Answer a Single Question About Mom
  8. Make Your Mother’s Day Video a Family Affair
  9. Host Mother’s Day Video Viewing Party
  10. Make a Poetry Video for Mom

1. Take Mom on a Walk Down Memory Lane

Being with our mother from the day we are born comprises unlimited memories that are both happy and sorrowful. Motherhood demands time, efforts, and compromises that need to be appreciated to express our gratitude toward our mothers. To express our appreciation and acknowledgment for the hard work done by our mothers, you can show them the cherishable memories that you admire and love.

For this, you can collect all your special memories from your childhood, teenage and adult life. Gather all the special moments and accomplishments that you got because of the dedication of your mother. You can make a beautiful slideshow of your precious memories through Wondershare Filmora. Add a catchy title, transitions, and overlays to the slideshow through this tool and show them to your beloved mother. You can also add various elements to decorate the slideshow to give an elegant presentation.

take your mom on walk

2. Show Appreciation for your Significant Other

The best way to show appreciation for your beloved person is by expressing your emotions and thanking them for their presence in your life. In our hectic daily routines, we often take our mother's role for granted by not acknowledging them for their sacrifices. Take this special day as an opportunity and chance to thank them for their infinite contributions to your life.

By utilizing the platform of Filmora, make a slideshow and write the words of gratitude to thank them for their presence in your life with this effective Mother’s Day video ideas. Express your emotions and appreciate them for their role in your upbringing and grooming your personality.

show appreciation to mom

3. Send a Video Card to your Mother

You don’t have to be physically present to wish Mother’s Day to your mother as there are various virtual ways to admire them. Many people prefer to wish for special occasions through virtual cards that do not take much time to make and can be sent via an online platform. To make an appealing and special Mother’s Day card, trust Wondershare Filmora to execute this task without leaving any flaws.

This tool gives you an option to make customized virtual cards by choosing from various fonts, colors, and styles. With this virtual video card, you can instantly catch the attention by adding music, colorful filters, and tons of elements. You can dedicate this video card to your mother and can even involve your children in making this beautiful card. A perfect way to employ Happy Mother’s Day video ideas, isn’t it?

send a video card to mother

4. Announce a Pregnancy

What’s the best way to announce your pregnancy to your mother? Use this special day to announce the most significant happening of your life through Filmora’s special theme by adding cute baby cartoons.

Enjoy the initial phases of your motherhood with your mother and make this day memorable and enjoyable. Without speaking any words or planning big surprises, just show this cute video to make the most important announcement of your life. This makes it a very different way in the Mother’s Day video ideas.

announce a pregnancy

5. Send Love to Grandma

Grandmas are another beautiful reflection of our mothers, and they also deserve our time and moment of appreciation. Without the warmth and empathy of our grandparents, our life is incomplete. Take this special occasion as a chance to wish not only our mothers but also our grandmothers for their advice, love, and empathy with such efficient Happy Mother’s Day video ideas.

Use the special theme of “Expressions Of Love” by Wondershare Filmora to express our love for our grandma to make them feel important. This theme has captured the essence of emotions which portrays the emotions in a captivating way.

send love to grandma

6. Tell Your Best Story

Do you remember any significant memory of you being with your mother? Sometimes, words are not enough to express our emotions, so display them by giving them the shape of a video. Use the occasion of Mother’s Day to share your best story by depicting it through Filmora. This tool has a distinct feature to bring life to your stories, and you can add free photos, videos, and other elements to make your storytelling interesting and appealing.

Make a video of your cherished story and experiences by displaying it on the screen using Wondershare Filmora’s exceptional features and themes.

tell your best story

7. Answer a Single Question About Mom

Tell your mother how much you know about them and how you have noticed their habits and traits throughout your life. Make a slideshow about the interesting chunks of your mother’s personality and answer funny questions related to your mother.

This style is a unique way to show your mother how much you care about them and know their deep little secrets. Add transitions, music, and photos to the slideshow and enjoy this special time with your mother with this Happy Mother’s Day video ideas.

answer questions about mom

8. Make Your Mother’s Day Video a Family Affair

Mothers are the vital unit of our family that keeps us intact for a stronger and closer bond. Take this special opportunity not only to dedicate this time of year to your mother but also to enjoy it with your family. Add photos, videos, stickers, and texts to make a perfect family affair that your mother would surely love.

The theme of Filmora, called "Warm Family," will help you to combine all the special moments of your family members to cherish the precious bonds with your parents and siblings.

make a family mother’s day video

9. Host Mother’s Day Video Viewing Party

Visual video is an excellent way to wish someone as it grabs the attention and evokes emotions instantly. Don't waste your time writing long paragraphs and just make an attractive slideshow comprising of special photos and videos. This will not only save your time, but you can also express your gratitude in a fun-loving way.

To make an official and sweet wish for your Mother’s Day, use a special Mother’s Day pack of Wondershare Filmora. You can include multiple titles, overlays, and stickers to decorate the slideshow in a simpler manner.

announce and wish mother’s day

10. Make a Poetry Video for Mom

Poetry is another love language that sheds light on our sentiments and feelings in the most exciting way. Through Wondershare Filmora, add phrases and famous poetry for the mothers to show them how much they mean to us. Poetry has a unique trait that enlightens our imagination and depicts our feelings in the most elegant way.

Using this exceptional tool, make special poetry for your mother and apply different themes to make them alluring and engaging. A different way to express gratitude as compared to other Mother’s Day video ideas, right?

make poetry video for mother


No one can replace the unconditional love of our mothers, as they have the most significant contributions to our lives since our childhood. This year, you can wish them in a unique way by extracting Mother’s Day video ideas from this article. Use Wondershare Filmora to express your sentiments through slideshows and give your personal touch by adding elements, themes, transitions, overlays, and various text styles.

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