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20+ Cute Cat Christmas Meme and Make One Yourself

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated May 20, 24
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Cats are incredible and adorable when bathed in the glory of a lit Christmas tree. However, how much longer does that Christmas tree have a chance with a kitty nearby? When it comes to their felines, far too many cat parents know the answer to this question. Around this home, it took a good decade for the tree to stand for a whole season. And while the tree remains upright, it is never left alone. The warning tones in which my cats' names are sung as they approach the tree might just as well be the neighborhood's favorite Christmas song.

Now for some light relief. We wish you a Merry Christmas! It's once again that time of year when everything is festooned with candy canes and mistletoe. Whether you leave your Christmas decorations up all year or prefer to be a Grinch, there is a humorous Christmas cat meme for everyone.

Therefore, pour yourself a cup of eggnog and prepare to ho-ho-ho! The finest cat Christmas memes are included here.

Part 1:20+ Best cat Christmas meme

If ornaments had the ability to tremble, they would shiver when a cat approached...

 cat xmas meme

They have devised a plan... They do, in fact...

cat xmas meme

It seems that one of the cat parents had had enough of the tree-tipping...

cat xmas meme

Scarlett Johansson Still Working With Disney Despite Lawsuit Over 'Black Widow' Release

Even before they reach the tree, you can see the gleam of destruction in a cat's eyes....

cat xmas meme

At the very least, cats are endearing when they wreck havoc on your Christmas decorations...

cat xmas meme

And yes, cats really feel that the tree is intended for them, no matter how many times we tell them otherwise...

cat xmas meme

Although the kitties say they're simply trying to be helpful, we can see right through them to the reality...

cat xmas meme

However, sometimes 'helping' does not go as planned for a cat...

cat xmas meme

And, after the tree is down, a cat will seem to be completely innocent...

cat xmas meme

They will very certainly place the blame on someone else...

cat xmas meme

The tree isn't the only one who's in jeopardy. Cats will wreak havoc on any Christmas decorations. They aren't choosy in that regard...

cat xmas meme

Cats can be sarcastic about a variety of topics, making for amusing holiday fare...

cat xmas meme

Feline expressions have a way of capturing our emotions at times, particularly when it comes to gaining weight after indulging in delicious holiday foods...

cat xmas meme

And, just because Smudge memes are amusing at any time of year...

cat xmas meme

Since all of these memes have been decrying cats and their destructive tendencies, let's conclude on something cute...

cat xmas meme
cat xmas meme
cat xmas meme
cat xmas meme
cat xmas meme

Have a Meow-y Christmas

Part 2:Make a cat Christmas meme by yourself

Memes are almost ubiquitous on the Internet. These memes come in a variety of formats, from video memes to animated GIFs and photos. Memes allow you to convey your thoughts in a unique and entertaining manner. If your requirement demands cat Christmas memes and you have no idea how to create one, have no fear. We are here to alleviate your anxiety. We're going to assist you in creating the most effective memes possible in this essay. Keep an eye out for further information.

To have a better experience with your memes, keep these aspects in mind.

1. Be familiar with your memes

Understanding and determining what your meme should accomplish may be accomplished by analyzing the most current popular memes on the market. Recent popular memes will serve as inspiration for your new invention, allowing you to create a better meme eliciting hilarious feelings. There may be a particular meme that has gotten a lot of attention on social media and has been trending for weeks. You can determine whether your idea has previously been executed by one of them or if it is a novel concept that you can utilize to bolster your meme marketing by researching them.

2. Concentrate on popular subjects

While creating memes, it's critical to use references to famous films, television programs, events, novels, video games, and comic characters to heighten the comedy. With the correct filter, funny films involving children, accident footage, and bike wrecks, for example, make memes relevant. You may also use video memes to promote a social message in a humorous manner.

3. Be Amusing

When it comes to creating a good meme, entertainment value is paramount. While it is important to make memes accessible to the audience, you do not have to be serious for the sake of it. Your meme should be smart and amusing. You must choose copy and language that adhere to the restrictions discussed in this section.

4. Keep it brief

Due to the limited attention span of internet consumers, your memes should be quite brief while yet conveying the information. While considering how to create a meme, bear in mind that your creation should strike a chord with the audience and immediately amaze them. Captions from famous comic books or a humorous television program that is relevant to the majority of people may help you produce an awesome picture, GIF, or video meme.

Create memes Using Filmora through these steps

When faced with the task of creating a cat Christmas meme, you will want an effective meme generator tool. As it is impossible to translate your thoughts into humorous Christmas cat memes without a dependable tool for editing video memes. We propose using Filmora's online meme creator to bring your concept to life.

Filmora is a fully free internet tool for creating memes. Easily create picture, GIF, and video memes using this online application. Additionally, you are not need to login in order to produce video memes. One of the most straightforward tools that imports GIF, picture, and video using easy drag and drop and click movements. Apart from that, you have complete control over the placement of text inside or outside of the text, GIF, or video. Filmora also allows you to change the color and size of text.

You are not need to download internet videos, since it supports video links from YouTube and Vimeo. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL to begin making online video content without having to download it to your computer and then edit it.

Here is a comprehensive instruction to using Filmora's online meme creator to produce a cat Christmas meme.

Step1 Import a picture, GIF, or video.

Navigate to the Filmora online meme creator website and then touch or drag to import content. Additionally, you may import YouTube and Vimeo URLs to create video memes.

import files
Step2 Edit memes.

After selecting the video/GIF/image, you'll be sent to the meme editor page, where you may alter your meme using the tools on the left panel. The preview pane will display the modifications you are making to the imported object. Play about with the font color and size in the meme and choose what works best for you. Additionally, you can choose whether to include text within or outside of your meme and the file format for your meme from this editing page.

edit meme

Tips: Ironic or humorous content increases the popularity of memes, and don't forget to use typefaces that mix seamlessly with the caption and backdrop of the text and overall meme.

Step3 Export the file and share it.

Finally, after you are satisfied with the creation, touch on the 'CREATE' button. Allow time for the meme to be formed with all of the characteristics you've included. Once complete, click the 'DOWNLOAD' option to download the meme to your computer. Now that you've got everything in order, you may post it on social networking networks like Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram.

Export your meme


● After spending hours in line at the mall in search of the ideal Christmas present for Mom, you still have to complete decorating the tree, send out Christmas cards, choose which holiday treats your visitors would like the best, and package the items you purchased. Therefore, take a break, pull out your phone, and go through the above amusing Christmas cat memes. This collection comprises the most amusing Christmas-cat memes, puns, and jokes we could discover, guaranteeing that you will chuckle. Additionally, if you discover any favorites here, they may serve as an excellent source for your next Christmas card!

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