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Halloween Aesthetic Ideas to Make Your Home the Scariest

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 24, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Throwing a lavish, all-out Halloween party is the best way to commemorate the scariest date of the year. Then again, a gathering is an ideal opportunity to celebrate everything scary and frightening while showcasing the family's Outfits, homemade décor, and Halloween food abilities. Are you trying to figure out the best way to create a Halloween party, Spooky game, and music song list?

You've arrived at the right spot because this year, we have plenty of creative and eerie décor ideas that you can try out. Organizing a sizable Halloween party for neighbors, relatives, and friends? No issue. Are you staying the night at home and looking for activities for the kids? There, we've got you covered.

Plus, you will learn how to make a fun Halloween video with Wondershare Filmora, which can be played on your party to bring scary atmosphere.

In this article
    1. DIY Halloween costumes
    2. Pumpkin carving or painting
    3. Scary but fun eat & drink
    4. Haunted house decoration
    5. Decorate for witchy walls
    6. Wall hanger half skull, half rose
    7. I spy Halloween game
    8. Skull and bone pieces
    9. Halloween Costumes with Masks
    10. Halloween Makeup Station
    11. Halloween Movie Night
    12. Halloween Party Food Idea
    13. Vampires Vs. Werewolves
Scary Halloween Video Editor
A creative video editor helps you generate aesthetic Halloween ideas and make perfect videos with fun.
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Top 13 Halloween Aesthetic Ideas

1. DIY Halloween costumes

DIY Halloween costumes are a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and personal style while embracing the magic of this spooky holiday. These costumes allow you to express your unique personality and stand out from the crowd. With endless possibilities and an array of DIY techniques, you can transform ordinary clothing and accessories into extraordinary Halloween ensembles.

diy halloween costume

Whether you're a skilled crafter or a beginner, DIY Halloween costumes offer a chance to explore your imagination and create something truly one-of-a-kind. From simple and easy designs to intricate and elaborate creations, these costumes let you become the ultimate designer of your Halloween experience

2. Pumpkin Carving or Painting

Halloween would be incomplete without enormous, vivid, luscious, orange-colored fruits scattered over our modest home. Yeah, we are discussing pumpkins. It's so dated to carve pumpkins and place them in the entryway. Alternatively, you may make them shine by putting fairy lights inside them. What else? It can also be turned into a chocolate dispenser by adding sweets. You can be sure that the trick-or-treaters will enjoy looking for the treats.

pumpkin carving painting

Decorating pumpkins is a fantastic way to mark the Halloween szn & inspire your creativity. You can add some candies and a wine bottle to create the perfect Halloween activity for a party. Whether chalk paint, enamel paints, or a tempera paint masterwork, various "creative visions" demand ingredients; however, you can add these to your Online cart or start stocking up with a quick visit to the local craft store.

3. Scary but fun eat & drink

Scary but fun eat & drink experiences during Halloween are all about embracing the spooky spirit of the holiday while indulging in delicious treats and creepy concoctions. Picture a haunted house-themed party, complete with eerie decorations, dim lighting, and eerie music. The food and drinks at this event would be creatively designed to send shivers down your spine, all while satisfying your taste buds. You can find more scary food ideas in 20 Halloween Foods Ideas for Your Party

sacry but fun eat and drink

a scary but fun eat & drink experience in Halloween is about infusing your menu with hauntingly delicious treats and spine-chilling drinks, creating a memorable and thrilling dining adventure for all.

4. Haunted house

A haunted house experience during Halloween is a spine-chilling and thrilling adventure for those who dare to enter. Imagine stepping into a world where the line between reality and the supernatural is blurred, and every corner holds the possibility of a frightful encounter. The haunted house is transformed into a labyrinth of terrifying rooms, each with its own eerie theme and hair-raising surprises, like in the TV series: Mordern Family.

halloween haunted house

Whether you're a skilled crafter or a beginner, DIY Halloween costumes offer a chance to explore your imagination and create something truly one-of-a-kind. From simple and easy designs to intricate and elaborate creations, these costumes let you become the ultimate designer of your Halloween experience

5. Decorate for witchy walls

A typical Halloween décor is a witch scaling a wall, and it's an excellent method to arrange for other events involving witches. Witch-hanging climbers come in various styles, including plastic witches that dangle from the ceiling and descend the wall, witches on bikes, witches clutching pumpkins, and witches on a broom. Make a batch of such a spooky green cocktail using lime sherbet, lime seltzer, plus lemon zest; make sure to serve it in a translucent plastic cup to showcase the hue.

halloween witchy wall

Need some black magic frames décor for a Halloween party to liven up a plain wall? An old frame can be spray-painted black and left to dry. Download the "Beware!" handwriting artwork and insect pictures on thick paper, cut these out, then adhere these to the frames.

A string for displaying can be attached to the back using the glue gun. There are other options besides actual pumpkins for Halloween décor. Cut out black craft sheet faces, and glue these to oranges paper plates to create jack-o-lanterns.

6. Wall hanger half skull, half rose

Lacking inspiration for decorating your balcony? Take heart! Witch hats strung from the ceiling are one of the easiest methods to give your balcony a spooky appearance. Witch hats are reasonably priced and are simple to find in online stores. All you need to do is insert a Led lamp stick or battery-operated tea light within the hat. Grab the hat and, with the use of a piece of string, hang it from the sky.

wall hanger half skull half rose

Here they are, luminous, flying witch hats! Undoubtedly, your patio will be the spookiest spot in your home. Once you begin Halloween adorning the home, it's easy to get over and place too much emphasis on the inside rather than the outside. Assure the friends and gimmick that your household is the scariest place on earth.

7. I spy Halloween game

This free printer-friendly Halloween I Spy game for children features ghosts, pumpkins, headstones, and tarantulas. It's the ideal, less-than-spooky method for getting children excited about Halloween. Ask them to look for and number all the various Halloween-related items, then enter their findings just on the answer form.

I Spy printables, including this one that has a Halloween theme, are excellent for giving children direct sensory input, giving them a perfect option for those who are sensory information seekers.

i spy halloween game

Additionally, they enhance visual categorization and aid in children's video retrieval development. This. Children must visually examine the things in printable to identify identical ones. Playing I Spy with the children is another excellent approach to developing your language. Language, grammar, and understanding.

8. Skull and bone pieces

You may create a miniature skeleton-like character for your door and put a spooky sign with a sinister vibe. Everything you require to construct the skeletons is adhesive and white plastic grocery bags. The skeletons are created by creating the bones by rolling the plastic groceries into cylinders and sticking them together. Use a rectangle wood piece for such a sign and write cautionary phrases on it with a brush.

skull bone pieces

It's to let friends know you're ready for Halloween. You may be sure that your home will attract a lot of attention with a plaque and the skull at the entrance. Paint each egg carton white on the outside to create them, then give them time to dry. Using scissors or even a crafting knife, cut out all the skull face shapes from the black construction paper, or build your creativity!

Apply a thin amount of sticky glue to the egg's surface and tightly press down the paper face parts before adhering them. Presents the menus on tables in a skeletal hand to give diners a little terror when they come for dinner. Putting notes or pictures on tables might also work with this concept. With the assistance of your eerie friend Mr. Skeleton, elevate the cheeses and cracker buffet. Set out a variety of appetizers and meats.

9. Halloween Costumes with Masks

Halloween provides a great occasion to express oneself fully and don outfits unique from what you usually wear. We can dress up in a ridiculous outfit this year, though one thing must remain constant: the use of safety masks. Masks have become a regular part of daily routines, which wasn't quite intended, but it's much simpler now that we have so many cute ways to use them. You don't have to alter your Halloween attire to include a face mask! This Christmas, you may enjoy dressing up while maintaining your health.

halloween costumes with mask

There are so many simple costume options, from traditional ones like a beast, cat, or cowboy to '90s-inspired designs from movies like Hocus Pocus and Clueless. A face mask can be incorporated into a Halloween costume in various ways. Various outfits go great with masks to get you started, so you don't need to sacrifice your Halloween style for 2021.

Find out the one that will serve as both an inspiration for how you wish to dress this season and a reminder to keep safe by using a face mask and keeping a six-foot distance between you and other people.

10. Halloween Makeup Station

Cover the make-up station using velvet drapes fastened back with skeletal hands. You could say, "I'm not a beautician," and we understand. But make-up applications need not be complex. Well-done Halloween make-up may offer your outfit the dramatic spice it requires if you and your best buddy want to improve your pair outfit to create a distinctive look or if you're looking for a job costume that doesn't involve you too drastically changing your outfit.

halloween makeup station

Halloween dress competitions are occasions where neighbors compete for the best outfit. There could be a possible winner or various classifications, such as "most innovative" and "too scary for work." The goal of these competitions is to have fun and practice teamwork.

11. Halloween Movie Night

For a movie night, the light is crucial. Even so, nobody enjoys viewing a movie in a light room. But more importantly, the lighting is gloomy and spooky. Everyone is uncertain of what will be around the next corner because it is dark and indistinct. Everyone will undoubtedly be a touch on edge as a result. Make a lovely setting and pick a scary movie.

halloween movie night

The never-ending chocolate supply, as well as the justification for frightening oneself silly while observing improbable movies regarding mass murderers who enjoy playing hockey, cleaned authors who go insane throughout old guesthouses, and spooky cretins who do like sewage systems and blimps are the best bits of Halloween, in my opinion.

12. Halloween Party Food Idea

Candy likely comes to mind first when you are thinking of Halloween foods. Quite rightly so! However, there are also a variety of inventive Halloween supper recipes, sweets, and festive appetizers that seem ideal for presenting on All Halloween Eve, in addition to the creepy chocolate eyeball and candy worms. We're speaking of charcuterie boards fit for a spooky celebration, corpse hot dogs, and even cotton candy pastries.

halloween party food

Additionally, delectable dishes for green & orange don't require decorations like googly eyes! In addition, there are a few seasonally pumpkin dishes, fall snacks, and simple Halloween party ideas to fill you up before the first evening of a gimmick, even though some of the Halloween dishes following are ideal for a monstrous bash. And even though it's Halloween.

13. Vampires Vs. Werewolves

Do you support the werewolves or the glittering vampires? Being friends with either will be a great spooky time! You have a lot of creative freedom when pairing food and decor with the theme party, such as the "Twilight" theme. Colors included red, white, and black.

halloween vampires

Use red plastic tablecloths from the dollar shop to cover the ceilings to produce a spooky atmosphere like cheap party décor. The words "team vampire" and "team werewolf" were cut out of pieces of glittery paper and used as background decorations.

How to Edit Halloween Video & Apply Visual Effects in Filmora

In this part, I'll show you the detailed info about how to edit Halloween videos step by step. First, download and install Wondershare Filmora first to get started. (Note: the free trial version will leave a watermark)

Free Download
Free Download

1. Launch Filmora and Import Halloween Media Files

Launch Filmora video editor, and then connect the camcorder or your phone to PC and then import all video files and photos to Wondershare Filmora directly. Check the horrible short movies for kids in my PC as follow.

horrible short movies

After importing the video footage and music tracks to Filmora, you need now drag and drop and place them in order in timeline.

2. Preview and Cut out Unwanted Parts

Preview the video and click “Pause” button under the preview window with the “Split” scissors to split the video into parts.

Filmora9 cut out unwanted parts

Choose the part you want to delete and then click the “Delete” button

If your footage has several different scenes, you can also split and delete unwanted part with Auto Scene Detection feature in Filmora

Filmora9 Auto Scene Detection

3. Add Horrible Sound Effects to Video

To make a good Halloween video, you can add background music or sound effects from the built-in Audio Library or download some cool sound effects from Filmstock. Besides, you can also change the pitch or the speed to change the voice in video.

Downloaded voices of Halloween from Filmstock Library

Downloaded voices of Halloween from Filmstock Library (THRILLING)

You can even use voiceover to record anything you want, which will insert to the video file automatically. Therefore you can only click the “Record Voiceover” button after you set up the start point.

Record Voiceover in Filmora9

Actually for most of horriable movies, those basic functions are good enough. However, if you want to edit your normal videos to spooky ones with special effects, you may use the following functions.

4. Add Cool Halloween Video Effects

Filmora features some cool video effects for creating crispy Halloween video. In the video tutorial below, we’ve selected 5 filters which will be perfect for Halloween video, including Sutro, Chromatic aberration, Delay Grab, VCR Distortion, and Baltan.

Free Download
Free Download

These filters are all built-in Filmora, you can search in Filmora and find them with ease.

5. Save & Share

Above are the basic workflow for editing a Halloween video in Filmora. Now, it’s time to save and publish this Halloween video.

Filmora9 Export Window

Generally speaking, you would like to share it online directly. Then you can click YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo options. You can also save it to your PC or devices. What’s more, it supports to burn to DVD directly. By the way, you can save the video project in case you want to reopen and reedit it.


Halloween is about feasting delectable foods, donning frightening costumes, or hearing paranormal happenings. It presents chances to have fun and merrily welcome the new year. Halloween might very well help dispel common misconceptions and myths about ghosts. Spooktacular Day festivities encourage fantasy, especially in children.

Like any holiday, Halloween must have a course and be promoted with entertainment, activities, and special offers. However, it is also a celebration. That's the time to rejoice with others, exchange gifts, and have joy. Who, and besides, will not value all that?

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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