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2024 Lunar New Year Celebration Ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated May 20, 24
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As the Chinese New Year is approaching, you’d want to learn about some fun, exciting, and safe celebration ideas.

In this article, we have put together some ideas so you can celebrate the spirit of the Chinese new year joyfully.

Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration Ideas

Red envelopes:

Red envelopes are also known as hongbao in China for letting kids receive money from their parents. The more money inside the envelope, the more lucky your kids will be during the year. Kids usually get a red envelope from their parents on Chinese New Year Eve or New Years Day.

Children with red envelopes

Bamboo decorations:

Bamboo is considered one of the most important plants in China because it represents family togetherness and growth in nature which means you should plant bamboo trees behind your house if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your family.

Bamboo decorations Chinese New Year

Create a menu:

For the Chinese New Year, it's customary to serve dumplings because they’re associated with wealth. It’s believed that the more dumplings you eat during the new year celebrations, the more money you’ll make throughout the year.

Foods to eat on Chinese New Year celebrations

Serve soup as an appetizer and beef with broccoli or beef and scallion stir-fry as entrees. For dessert, try fortune cookies filled with almonds or candy, which is said to bring good fortune for the coming year.

Decorate your house with red:

Family decorating their home with red

Decorate your home with red and gold banners, glittering streamers, paper lanterns, and candles. For more festive flair, add a few lucky bamboo plants to the decorations. Sprinkle them with water for good luck and bring them inside for a month after the holiday to ensure prosperity for the entire year.

This is also a great time to set up a display of photographs that capture memorable moments from the previous year. You can also display Chinese characters written on pieces of red paper, which symbolize "good luck" or "happiness" throughout the year.

Arrange a reunion dinner:

Family having dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year

The traditional reunion dinner on Lunar New Year is not only a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to clear away the old and welcome the new.

Watch a lion and dragon dance performance:

Lion and Dragon Dance

Tigers symbolize strength, while dragons represent power and wealth. A lion dance is an important tradition in Chinese culture. It's usually performed at a Chinese New Year celebration, often at the beginning or end of CNY celebrations. The dancer wears a colorful costume with an elaborate headdress. They also carry a big stick decorated with ribbons and flowers that symbolize luck and prosperity.

Launch a fireworks show:

Fireworks Show, Chinese New Year Celebrations

Light fireworks displays are common in certain cultures during Lunar New Year. Firecrackers, which are small explosives set off in celebration, are a popular part of the event. The fireworks and firecrackers can create a beautiful display to celebrate the new year. This can be especially enjoyable for children, who often look forward to this part of the holiday.

Family visits and ancestor worshiping:

Family visits at Chinese New Year

One of the most important parts of celebrating the new year is visiting your relatives, especially older ones who may not be in good health.

It’s also a tradition to remember and worship your ancestors because of the belief that their spirits will look after the family. Some people pay tribute to deceased family members and ancestors by visiting their gravesites.

Another purpose of ancestor worship is to cultivate kinship values. You should invite the spirits of your ancestors to join the celebrations. Prepare their favorite dishes, fruits, sweets, tea, etc.

Worshiping Tsai Shen, The God of Wealth:

Worshiping Tsai Shen, The God of Wealth

Worshiping Tsai Shen on the morning of the new lunar year is a traditional Chinese celebration. must-do thing as it can bring you a lot of good luck and happiness in the coming year.

Tsai Shen or Cai Shen is the God of Wealth and is invited to the homes by offering incense. He has the power to create wealth and prosperity for his believers. In ancient times, people believed that Tsai Shen could help them enjoy a better life and secure their business growth.

Worshiping Tsai Shen can be a great way to gain protection and blessings from God.

Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration Ideas

With Covid-19 affecting the whole world, it might not be a good idea to host a meal or party at your home. Or maybe, you or your family are in another part of the world and it’s not possible to celebrate the lunar new year together.

We have some virtual Chinese new year celebration ideas for anyone looking to have fun differently and safely.

Proposing your loved one

Proposal on Chinese New Year

Well, this idea can also work physically, but we all know that as the Covid-19 is mutating consistently, the world is again pushing towards the lockdown.

So by keeping the rules in mind, we can still propose the love of our life using the applications that convey messages through video chatting.

The idea flows like this.

  • Get a good Internet connection and a mobile, desktop, or laptop with an excellent front camera.
  • Use only one of the devices mentioned above.
  • Give your girlfriend or boyfriend a fixed time. For example, you can give the time of exactly 12 o clock, i.e., the start of the Lunar New Year.
  • Before the meeting with your partner, you must decorate the room with candle lights.
  • Call your partner at the exact given time and propose to him or her.

For adding additional spice to this idea, you can send gifts like chocolates, vines, perfume, and a ring to your partner at 12:15 or 12:30 while being in the video chatting.

Do some volunteer work

According to Western Connecticut State University, doing volunteer work boosts your mental health positively. There are a lot of benefits of doing volunteer work which include.

  • Connecting with new people and making new friends.
  • Your relationship skills get boosted.
  • Volunteering for a cause increases self-confidence, and a person who takes an active part in social work maintains their distance from depression and anxiety.
  • Volunteering helps you stay healthy physically and mentally.

So, why not start this Lunar New Year with a good thing like living a life to serve humanity. There are endless causes that require your volunteering virtually, for example.

You can get your physically sick relatives or neighbors medicines, soups, etc., through the online shopping mediums and get those things delivered to their doorstep.

You can raise funds for famine-hit people of some African countries for their food, medicines, clothes, etc.

Virtually send money to the NGOs that work day in and day out in the cause of serving humanity.

Teach needy people skills that they can use for their earnings, etc.

Sending greetings virtually

Chinese New Year Celebrations Card

In this era of advanced technology, you can do almost anything virtually. Like we got the idea of exchanging red envelopes above, that idea can also be implemented virtually.

Utilizing online banking, you can virtually send the money to your loved ones. The best you can do is send some amount of cryptocurrency if the opposite party has access to digital wallets like Metamask, Binance, etc.

You can also make beautiful cards with well-known photo editing applications like Adobe products, Canva, Snapseed, Aurora HDR, etc.

Or, you can also edit your old photos with your loved ones and send them virtually as a greeting for Lunar New Year.

Party with your friends virtually.

Online celebrating Chinese New Year

It is another terrific Lunar New Year celebration idea. On the eve of the New Year, you can Zoom or Skype video call your friends or relatives and party with them virtually on video chatting.

Eat your food while being on the video call, talk about life, share your experiences, good or bad, both. After enjoying the meal, you can drink wine and dance to lovely songs.

There are hundreds of best video games that you can play with your friends like PUBG, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc. But don't forget to put the lovely meeting on the recording mode to save it as a memory.

Sending gifts online, drawing and singing virtually

Celebrating Chinese New Year by funny drawing

Talent sharing is also the best Chinese New Year celebration idea. In this game, what you can do is virtually host a Zoom meeting and make everyone at the meeting draw something on the Zoom whiteboard.

The significance of this idea is that it is not a competition, and by keeping this in mind, you can laugh at your and someone else's drawings.

Sing songs one by one, and in this way, you can easily broadcast your talent to different people. You can also purchase gifts online and send them directly to the doorstep of the people who sang the best song in the virtual meeting.


The eve of Lunar New Year comes only once a year, so don't miss this precious opportunity to do something good. The best you can do is create a good and positive value in someone's life.

In this article, we have given you both physical and virtual Chinese New Year celebration ideas that you can implement to make your and someone else's time special.

The waves of Covid-19 not only come with horrible symptoms but also come taking depression, anxiety, social cut-offs, unemployment, etc., with itself and so, with this most prestigious time of the year, we can remove someone's problem, at least temporarily.

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