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How To Make Christmas Birthday Memes That Leave People In Splits?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 15, 21, updated May 20, 24
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For a large part of the world, there are few festivals that are larger than Christmas. Children wait for Christmas the entire year, adults wait for Christmas the entire year, even businesses wait for Christmas the entire year! It is a time synonymous with love, hope, kindness and empathy. It is synonymous with family. When you think of Christmas, you think of family, the times you spent together, the laughter shared. However, Christmas is also Jesus’ birthday. Speaking of, do you have a family member or members whose birthday falls around Christmas time? You know what that means - laugh riot! No way can their birthday trump Jesus’ birthday! And that kind of hilarious situation is the perfect raw material for what is called a Christmas birthday meme! Christmas birthday memes are memes centering around Jesus’ birthday and often tied with the birthday of a loved one around Christmas.

Part 1: Internet’s 10 Best Christmas Birthday Memes 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, the time to search the internet for that perfect Christmas birthday memes is now. Christmas birthday memes make for lighthearted fun in families where someone’s birthday falls just before Christmas or worse, on Christmas. We have done the searching for you, and we present you with the old but gold and the brand-new Christmas birthday punch lines that the internet has to offer today. Use these or learn how to create your own personalized Christmas birthday meme in seconds with Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker in the next part.

1. Perennially confused about whose birthday I am celebrating.

2. Jesus was a Sagittarius - just like I am!

3. Nobody truly understands the struggle of those whose birthday falls near Christmas.

4. Why couldn’t Jesus go clubbing on His birthday? Because all the places were closed to celebrate His birthday.

5. People remember my birthday because it falls on Christmas.

6. Sharing a birthday with Jesus is a special feeling.

7. Oh, I forgot it is your birthday, too! Merry Christmas!

8. The whole family is raving about Christmas. It’s my birthday, too, you know!

9. Sharing your birthday with Jesus means you will never be able to do what you want on your birthday.

10. How to cope with sharing a Christmas birthday: Tell yourself the whole world is celebrating your birthday without knowing it.

Here are some funny Christmas birthday memes we found on the internet:


One of the major issues people comically face when it’s their birthday and Jesus’ birthday as well, is that instead of two gifts, they might just get one. That situation is comic in itself, and there is a meme for that!


Part 2:How To Make Your Own Christmas Birthday Memes With Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker

Christmas birthday memes never get old, no matter what. Yet, if you are bored with the good ol’ Christmas birthday memes on the internet, you may want to spice things up and try your hand at designing a Christmas birthday meme yourself! Yes, no kidding! Creating a meme is child’s play when using the right tool. And we have just the one for you that will turn you into a professional meme maker in seconds!

Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker is an online meme maker tool you can use to create your very own Christmas birthday memes quickly. It’s so simple, all you need to do is select your background, add your text, customize the text if you want, select your image format and download it! A highlight of this particular meme maker is that unlike most other meme-makers on the internet, this one does not require you to register before making a meme. With Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker, you can simply get started with creating a photo meme or a video meme depending on your mood and requirement.

Photo memes and video memes? You got that right! This software is powerful enough to allow you to create both simple memes comprising of a photo and punch line and ‘video’ memes that are essentially GIFs with text.

Here is how to use Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker to create image memes and video memes this Christmas and spread some laughter around this Christmas.

Step1 Visit the Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker web page here: Wondershare Meme Maker
Step2 Wondershare believes in getting you started right away with minimal distraction. The interface gets down to the point right away:
Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker web page

Start your meme-creating journey by dropping an image file or pasting the link to a video you want to use as background. Drop the image or video on the interface to get started:

 Image editing and cropping options in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker
Step3 After dropping the image, the software prompts you to crop the image to your liking. Notice the icons that let you flip and rotate your image to help you get your best meme foot forward. Click OK after adjusting.
Step4 After that selection, the main interface appears. There are options and customizations to the left and a large preview pane to the right:
Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker interface
Step5 For text, Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker provides out-of-the-box texting capabilities. No, really. There are two text placement options - Text Inside and Text Outside. Text Inside places text inside your image canvas, and Text Outside is the option to add your text outside the image to retain the view of your image. Here is a Text Outside text box:
 Adding text to image in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker
Step6 Now, edit the text box with your meme text, either from one of our helpful suggestions above, or something of your own creation! After putting in your text, choose the file type you want - JPG or PNG:
Choosing appropriate image format in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker

If you want to share only your meme around, you can safely use JPG. However, if this meme is going to be part of another image with elements under or around it, it will be better to use PNG.

Step7 Click Create and your meme will be ready to download in seconds:
Meme ready to download in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker
Step8 Click Download and spread the laughter around!
Christmas birthday meme created in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker


● No one can deny the hilarity of the situation where someone’s birthday falls just around Christmas, or, worse, on Christmas Eve or on Christmas! The best way to have fun in the situation is passing Christmas birthday memes around in the family, and even better when you can design your own personal Christmas birthday meme featuring the subject of the joke - the person of persons whose birthday falls around Christmas time! Becoming the subject of a meme is considered an achievement today, and who knows, if you put it out on social media, the meme may make them famous! “Look Ma! There walks a Christmas birthday meme!” Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker makes it easy for you to get started and finished in a matter of seconds and minutes. The crisp, focused interface is as simple and intuitive as it gets and all you need to do to get your Christmas birthday meme game going is a punch line and a background image or video. Start meme-ing today!